The new Writers and Illustrators of the Future Website is now Live!

Our new upgraded Writers and Illustrators of the Future website is now live.

Accessible either from or, the new site has several new features.

A special feature is the description of each of the 29 annual awards events with the specifics of when and where they took place, plus the list of stories and winners and winning artists and a photo gallery from that year’s ceremony.  Many of these photos have not been seen since first taken nearly three decades ago, including A.E. Van Vogt, Ray Bradbury, Roger Zelazny, Forrest Ackerman, and many more.

The full list of writer and illustrator judges, past and present, has been made available with links to a photo and bio for each as well as their website where these exist.

Past writer winners and illustrator winners have likewise been listed, and where we have current information, their name has been converted into a hot link to a bio, photo and any website they have.  An especially nice feature for artist winners is to additionally showcase their art.

When you dig down, you will see that there are several names with no hot links. This means I need your help in locating these people so we can get their current web data and art (for illustrators) so we can create pages for them.

Please have a look and give me your feedback.

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