Illustrators of the Future 4th Quarter Winners

Illustrators of the Future 4th Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 39


And the winners are:

Chris Arias from Costa Rica
Chris Binns from Oregon
April Solomon from California


Michael “Leadeyes” Andrews from Maryland
Dallion Armanth from Pennsylvania
Connor Chamberlain from New Zealand
James Davies from Maryland
Navid Khosroshahi from Iran


Zahra Abdollahi from Iran
Dipesh Aggarwal from Georgia
Mohammad H. Arjmand from Turkey
Michele Baron from Virginia
Vassilios Bayiokos from New Jersey
Robert Blaylock from Virginia
Ariana Bove from Italy
Laurent Cabezas from Florida
Deathstroke from Uzbekistan
Annie Deng from Florida
Duong Tu Do from Vietnam
Rachael Douglass from Tennessee
Aaliyah Ellis from Kentucky
CL Fors from California
Concetta Franciamore from Italy
Silas Goewey from Washington
Arthur Haywood from Pennsylvania
Gregg Hierholzer from California
Clint Lockwood from Rhode Island
Brandan Morris from Florida
Brooke Morris from Florida
Kira Morrison from Florida
Ivy Orozco from Missouri
Max Perez from New Hampshire
Sofija Raso from Montenegro
Emily Stoll from New York
Alana Toigo from Arizona
Ryan Tran from New Jersey
Daniel Um from New York
Emily Xing from Maryland

Honorable Mentions:

Alejandro Aguilar Canela from Maryland
Jada Allen from Georgia
Colin Alston from New York
Fred Andrews IV from Georgia
Aria from California
Yandra Arias from Connecticut
Yasmine Atkins from Utah
Kristen Bain from Georgia
Rosanna Barber from Ohio
Karien Barnes from South Africa
Samantha Barrett-Ling from Montana
Maryam Barzegar from Iran
Katelyn Bjornberg from Utah
Fynn Boylan from Minnesota
Raymond Bringas from California
Michelle Brooks from Maryland
Haley Bryan from Alabama
H. Bunzey from North Carolina
Kyli Burgos from Pennsylvania
Andrea Busi from Italy
Rayana Bystrova from Canada
Claudia Cabral from Canada
Seraiah Carter from Tennessee
Sid Celenza from Texas
Leila Celeste from New Jersey
Joanne C. Chapman from Utah
Wiam Charioui from Pennsylvania
Alina Charles from New York
Alexandra Chudinova from Russia
Maliyah Clark from Ohio
Yvad Coefield from New Jersey
Krista Cooper from Ohio
Reagan Corbett from Utah
Cassandra Correa from New York
Michael Crenshaw from Florida
Lesley Crichton from Florida
Kaitlyn Crumley from Georgia
Larie Dale from Texas
Thu Dang from Texas
Kristopher De Leon from New York
Hollie DeFrancisco from North Dakota
Lily Delperdang from Texas
Shelby Deromie from Texas
Korey Dooley from Oklahoma
Jazmine Dudley from Arkansas
Jane Dunn from Washington
Marina Elia from Michigan
EloGlo from Illinois
Richie Emeruwa from Nigeria
Lukas Engler from Kentucky
Cameron Enzor from California
Sevv Etter from Ohio
Aspen Fox from Texas
Anya Gahan from Georgia
Maura Gaudet from Canada
Nora Getchell from New York
Emma Gfrorer from Texas
Joel Gonzalez from California
Kim Goon from Virginia
Leonidas Goudelis from Greece
Contessa Grant from Wisconsin
Lotus Greene from Michigan
Lucy Hall from Rhode Island
Grace Hamilton from Indiana
Sheriff Hamza from Ghana
Sarah Hardy from Michigan
Sarah Harrison from Pennsylvania
Hillary Hernandez from Texas
Emma Highland from Maryland
Megan Hillaker from Maryland
Peggy Hooper from Oregon
Kiayla Hope from Colorado
Eri Iguchi from California
Jayla Jones from California
Jordeyn Josiah from Alabama
Victoria Juarez-Arrascaeta from Georgia
Ollie Julie from Florida
Elizabeth Juranek from Texas
Andrew Kisler from Pennsylvania
Koki from Texas
Sarah Kubu from California
Kaylee Laverty from Texas
Freya Lee from New York
Lux Lupin from Michigan
Brooke Matthews from Washington
Max from Montana
Steven Maxwell from Ukraine
Todd McCaffrey from Nevada
Madison Mccullough from Kansas
Courtney McWilliams from Pennsylvania
Metal Medusa from Illinois
MH from Washington
Abi Middleton from Virginia
Makenzie Miller from Kansas
Jan Moll from Washington D.C.
T. Montgomery from Kansas
Emily Neale from South Carolina
James Nelson from California
Emilee Newton from Colorado
Crista Nix from North Carolina
Jose Luis Nunez from Texas
Marjona Ochilova from Uzbekistan
Elvis Ogofa from Nigeria
Elizabeth Okunbor from Alabama
Benny Olivo from Texas
Ori from Florida
Taylor Overbey from Louisiana
Abigail Papp from Washington
Bomi Park from South Korea
Annalee Parker from Tennessee
Dejay Pena from Pennsylvania
Jenna Pierson from Kansas
Angelina Pozo Marinho from Florida
Alejandra J. Preciado from California
Jaid Rakhimgaziev from Uzbekistan
Abdurashid Raximberdiev from Uzbekistan
Aaron M. Rimington from Utah
JD Rodriguez from Texas
Madison Rollins from Texas
Brooke Rolocut from Virginia
Naomi Ayo Ross from Georgia
Jose Sanchez from Florida
Marlena Marie Sandoval from Colorado
Jazmin Marie Saunders from Georgia
Leah Sayles from Georgia
Avery Schlicher from North Carolina
Breandan R Scott-Arbuckle from New Mexico
Aidan Silva from Ohio
Amya Simmons from Louisiana
Siramada from Arizona
Kiersten Sleicher from Florida
Jordan Smith from Florida
Sarah Spelker-Wild from Maryland
Alex Stallsworth from Colorado
Caitlin Stevenson from Michigan
Noel Stinson from Washington
Zoe Stone from California
Juanita Sumo from Colorado
Brooke T from Louisiana
Kaya Tallman from Illinois
Rhoda Taylor from Ireland
Jules Taylor from California
Raymond Terrases from California
TNT from California
Rodica Todd from United Kingdom
Zorarch Vanderman from South Carolina
Scout Verdoorn from Michigan
Tse’Kai Walker from Ohio
Michelle Weaver from North Carolina
Anna Weilgart from California
Zazie M. Weldgen from New York
Amy Wethington from South Carolina
Phoenix Wilke from Colorado
Ilah Wilson from Michigan
Blazej P. Wisniewski from Washington
Kai Wissel from Illinois
Sarah Wright from Michigan
Selma-Jane Yavuz from Colorado
May Zheng from New Jersey

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