Illustrators of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners

Illustrators of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 39


And the winners are:

Sarah Morrison from Massachusetts
Ximing Luo from Maryland
Alaya Knowlton from Florida


Irina Ivanova from California
Ashley McLaughlin from Illinois
Sophie Miller from New York
Giovanna Piedimonte from Louisiana
Ethan Scanlan from California


Vassilios Bayiokos from New Jersey
Arya Beltaine from Washington
Chris Binns from Oregon
Robert Blaylock from Virginia
Oliva D’Anna from Texas
Elinor Grochowski from Indiana
Paige Kidkul from Missouri
Megan McLarty from Virginia
Emma Muchow from New York
Cherrie Newman from California
Moses Ogiemwanye from California
Eric Rivera from California
Haidyn Sosalla-Bahr from Nebraska
Madalina Stef from Romania
Olivia Stumin from Ohio

Honorable Mentions:

Zahra Abdollahi from Iran
Amanda Alexander from Pennsylvania
Victor Araujo from Ecuador
Kristen Bain from Georgia
Katherine Barcenez from Texas
Paola Cano from Texas
Alexis Carter from Indiana
Wiam Charioui from Pennsylvania
Alexandra Chudinova from Russia
Caya Crum from Texas
Andriy Dankovych from Ukraine
Marco Defillo from Texas
Keaton Dillard from Texas
LaNicia Ellis from California
Alexandra Ericta from Maryland
Kristen Hadaway from Maryland
Ashia Hilliman from Kentucky
Carolina Hoppmann from South Carolina
Elizabeth Horsman from Georgia
Campbell Howard from California
Hailee Kane from South Dakota
Grace Kegel from Pennsylvania
Erica Kruse from Kentucky
Michelle Lee from Maryland
Sienna Leone from Massachusetts
Sophia Mathew from Minnesota
August Moore-Manakas from New Jersy
Malik Moyer from North Carolina
Zoe Najjar from Colorado
Justice Nelson from Tennessee
Ruby Nelson from Minnesota
Abigail Paradis from Rhode Island
Arthur Jasper Reyes from California
Anna Rossi from Massachusetts
Anjanan Siva from Canada
Lori Talero-Kazandjian from California
Helen Yi from Florida

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