Writers of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners

Writers of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 37


Writers of the Future 2nd Quarter Standings for 2020, Volume 37


Of all the writing contests out there, this one launches careers!


And the winners are:

First Place – Christopher Bowthorpe from Utah
Second Place – Anj Dockrey from Texas
Third Place – Elizabeth Chatsworth from Connecticut



H.L. Baumgardt from Wisconsin
Alicia Cay from Colorado
Jelena Dunato from Croatia
Brandie June from California
Randolph Quiroz from California


Jason A. Adams from Virginia
Debora Godfrey from Washington
C.R. Hodges from Colorado
Nick Marone from Australia
Sean Sexton from North Carolina
Ivan Suazo from California
Nicholas Thomas from Ohio
Rebecca E. Treasure from Texas

Silver Honorable Mentions:

Dustin Adams from New York
Michael Anderson from Michigan
JD Anthony from Oregon
Jasmien Arch from Belgium
Abby Baier from California
Brian Ballard from California
Mark Bilsborough from United Kingdom
B Daniel Blatt from California
Seth Bradford from Virginia
Michael Britton from Utah
Noah Copley from West Virginia
Benjamin DeHaan from Japan
Jen Downes from Australia
Kat Farrow from Utah
Ariana Ferrante from Massachusetts
Jennifer Lesh Fleck from Washington
J.G. Follansbee from Washington
Rebecca Fryar from Arkansas
Carl Gable from Georgia
Donovan Gallaway from Nevada
Maryann Haaser from Indiana
A.R. Henle from Ohio
Benjamin Hewett from Texas
Jared Allen Jackson from Utah
Brian Kerg from Virginia
Roger Ley from United Kingdom
Jon Lotus from Texas
Zoe Mathers from Canada
Denica McCall from Missouri
Connor Mellegers from Canada
Dan Melnick from Indiana
Jeremy Nigro from Australia
Simon Pan from Canada
Andrei Pechalin from United Kingdom
Caroline Poirier from Michigan
Zach Poulter from Utah
J.M. Roberts from Illinois
Mark Taverna from Texas
Stephen Taylor from North Carolina
Andrew Thomson from Oregon
M. Elizabeth Ticknor from Michigan
Crystal Troback from Canada
Amber Velez from Arizona
Shannon Walch from Germany
Burton Weinstein from California
Samantha Weiss from Massachusetts
Rachel Welton from Florida
Deanna Whitlow from California
Luke Wildman from Indiana
January Wren from Michigan
Ramez Yoakeim from Georgia

Honorable Mentions:

Kristen Adams from New York
Linda Maye Adams from Virginia
Jon Adcock from California
L.D. Albano from Washington
Justin Alcala from Georgia
Van Alrik from Idaho
Karen Aschenbrenner from Wisconsin
Genevieve Ann Atwater from Missouri
Hannah Azok from Australia
Tina Back from California
Cameron Bain from New York
M.K. Baker from Ohio
Tom Barbados from Japan
Jay Barnson from Utah
T.Z. Barry from New York
Jason Barthe from Pennsylvania
B.P. Barwick from Indiana
Rachael Bates from Kentucky
Deborah L Bean from Texas
Amitai Ben-Abba from California
Gary Berkson from Maryland
Len Berry from Missouri
John Biggs from Oklahoma
E.M. Bird from Virginia
Charlene Blackwell from Canada
Alexandria Blaelock from Australia
Michael W. Boggs from Philippines
Bret Booher from Indiana
Michael Bordelon from Louisiana
Sierra Branham from Alaska
Brad Brewer from Washington
Zoe Britton from California
Jonathan Bronico from Massachusetts
Janel Brubaker from Oregon
Lauren Buck from Pennsylvania
Lee Burton from Canada
Jeanne Bustamante from Idaho
Cari Buziak from Canada
Cody D. Campbell from Oregon
Katie Cassens from Minnesota
M.C. Chai from New Jersey
Carolyn Chambers Clark from Florida
Jason Daniel Chaplin from New Hampshire
Philip Charter from United Kingdom
Jeremiah Christie from Florida
Christopher Chwang from California
Caleb Clark from Indiana
Douglas Cohen from New York
Catherine J. Cole from Florida
Thom S. Connors from Alaska
David R. Coombs from Canada
E L Cowen from Australia
Crystal Crawford from Florida
Scott Crawford from District of Columbia
Michael Cronin from Connecticut
Sarina Dahlan from California
Cory Daignault from Minnesota
L.H. Davis from Florida
E.J. Dawson from Australia
Naomi Day from Georgia
Jorrit de Klerk from Netherlands
Marco de la Roche from New York
L.G. Dean from California
Anthony Deskins from Indiana
Victoria Dixon from Kansas
Nathan Dodge from Texas
W.H.N. Dunham from Canada
Em Dupre from Florida
Mason Engel from Indiana
Zoe Everett from Minnesota
P.A. Faustino from Maryland
Julia Feuerborn from Missouri
Caitlin Finley from Texas
S.C.A. Fontaine from Spain
Jason D. Francois from United Kingdom
Barbara Friant from Illinois
E. Fritz from South Carolina
Steven Fritz from Maryland
Collin Gian from Tennessee
Melva Gifford from Utah
Cat Girczyc from Canada
Nate Givens from Virginia
Michelle F. Goddard from Canada
Ian Gonzales from Washington
J.T. Gould from South Dakota
William Grace from Colorado
Alan Graham from Florida
Harambee K. Grey-Sun from Virginia
Pam Hage from Netherlands
Kevin P. Hallett from Texas
Dan Hankner from Iowa
Alex Harford from United Kingdom
Andrea J. Hargrove from Pennsylvania
H.V. Hart from Pennsylvania
T.E. Hartley from Arizona
Nicholas Hartunian from Connecticut
N.V. Haskell from Kentucky
Cheyenne Heckermann from Pennsylvania
Christopher Henckel from New Zealand
Jason Herrington from California
Steven Hessling from Indiana
Ross Hildige from Ireland
David M. Hoenig from New York
Ben Holden from United Kingdom
Keith J. Hoskins from Maryland
Drake Hughes from North Carolina
Cathy Humble from Oregon
Samyukta Iyer from Georgia
Levi Jacobs from Colorado
Robert James from New Jersey
Lissa Jensen from Alaska
Erik Johnson from Montana
Kevin Joinville from Illinois
William Paul Jones from California
Robert Jordan from Connecticut
Ronald Kaiser from New Hampshire
Taria Karillion from United Kingdom
Kimberly Kaufman from California
Angela Kayd from Massachusetts
Christopher Keene from New Zealand
Kat Kellermeyer from Utah
Thom Kenison from Utah
Will Emm from Virginia
Katie Kent from United Kingdom
Brandon Ketchum from Pennsylvania
Benjamin Keyworth from Australia
Jace Killan from Arizona
David Kilman from Colorado
Michael Kingswood from California
C. Kip from New York
Anike Kirsten from South Africa
HRT Knight from South Africa
Richard Knuckleman from Arizona
Sinjana Kolipaka from Florida
Sean CW Korsgaard from Virginia
Linda Kravitz from New Jersey
T.S. Krishna from Illinois
Udy Kumra from North Carolina
Jason Lairamore from Oklahoma
Tinh Le from Ohio
Dave Lemel from Wisconsin
Adam Lemma from Pennsylvania
Philip Levin from Mississippi
Molly Likovich from Maryland
Candice Lisle from Utah
Kess M. Little from Washington
Lacey Louwagie from South Dakota
A. Michael Marsh from Arizona
Robert J. McCarter from Arizona
Meyari McFarland from Washington
Agathon McGeachy from Oregon
Kevin McGinn from New York
Sylvia Mclvers from New York
Christopher McManamon from California
Charles Mears from California
Fernando Medici from Brazil
R.A. Meenan from California
Sara Mehdinia from Florida
L.P. Melling from United Kingdom
Lauryn Mercredi from Canada
Annette Meserve from Colorado
A Jennings Meyer from United Kingdom
Lynn Michals from South Korea
Devin Miller from North Carolina
Jeremy Mitchell from Canada
Louise Mitchell from United Kingdom
Judy L Mohr from New Zealand
Gerald Mood from Delaware
Ian Moore from District of Columbia
Cassiopeia Mulholland from Arizona
J. Autumn Needles from Washington
Rey Nichols from North Carolina
Scott Nicholson from California
Kizer Nix from Texas
John Noel from Illinois
Matt Novotny from Colorado
R.A. O’Brien-Malone from Australia
Riley Odell from Colorado
Ari Officer from Illinois
John M. Olsen from Utah
Al Onia from Canada
Jessica Pajak from Maryland
Jax Paperweight from Australia
Georgia Papp from Romania
Jessica Pausche from Iowa
Thomas Perrin from California
Connor Perry from Massachusetts
J.C. Pillard from Colorado
John Post from Arkansas
Tom Prentice from Ireland
Brittany Rainsdon from Idaho
Thomas Redford from Arizona
Esther Magdalena Reed from Colorado
Melanie Reese from Australia
Sonya Rhen from Washington
Nathaniel Roberts from Florida
Cade Romero from California
P.T. Rowland from Florida
Ghost Ryder from Georgia
Manisha Sahoo from India
David Samuels from California
Lindsey Sansonetti from Ohio
Ryan Schmitz from Missouri
Cody Schroeder from Missouri
Ian Schutzman from California
Ashley Elaine Scruggs from Virginia
Salik Shah from India
V. Shalace from California
Victoria Shanks from Kentucky
Michael Sherrin from Massachusetts
Craig Shoemake from Massachusetts
Joseph Sidari from Massachusetts
Sandra Siegienski from Oregon
Avery Simmons from Virginia
Michael Simon from Canada
Nathan Slemp from Michigan
Sara Crocoll Smith from Maryland
Benjamin Smith from Pennsylvania
Johnathan Sorce from South Carolina
Rennie St. James from Virginia
Carolyn Ivy Stein from Tennessee
Vlad Stoiculescu from Romania
M.R. Subias from California
Daniel Tamone from Australia
J.M. Tanenbaum from California
E.M. Taylor from New Mexico
Dominic Teague from United Kingdom
C.A. Tedeschi from Pennsylvania
EJ Tedrow from Virginia
G.J. Terral from Texas
Jude Thaddean from Texas
Niz Thomas from New York
David Thompson from Maryland
Chuck Thompson from South Carolina
Mark Tomlinson from Illinois
ErlyAnne Toomey from Georgia
J.R. Totten from Nevada
EG Tudor from United Kingdom
Roderick Turner from Canada
Timothy Turnipseed from Texas
Amanda Twigg from United Kingdom
Stephanie Uhlenbruck from Montana
Gautam Upadhya from Illinois
Christopher Valdez from Nevada
Kirk Vanderbeek from California
Peter Vohsemer from Canada
Charles Wade from Mississippi
Floyd Walker from Virginia
Krista Wallace from Canada
Jamie Wang from Minnesota
Jenniffer Wardell from Utah
Hannah V Warren from Georgia
Alex Washoe from Washington
A.R.K. Watson from South Korea
Catherine Weaver from California
Madison Welborne from North Carolina
Morgan Welch from United Kingdom
Lee Welling from Australia
Anna Welter from Wisconsin
Ana Wesley from California
Robert Wilkins from California
JM Williams from South Korea
Elisa Winther from Netherlands
Brandy Woldstad from Wisconsin
Chanon Wong from Thailand
Douglas Wu from Connecticut
Michael Wyant Jr. from New York
Sean Young from Nevada
J.E. Zarnofsky from Utah
Vishnu Priya Vemulapalli from India


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