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Writers of the Future Contest – 2nd Quarter 2017 Winners


The judging results are in! And here are the 2nd Quarter 2017 Writers of the Future Contest winners.


Congratulations to you all!



First Place – Vida Cruz from the Philippines
Second Place – A. Henrie Gillett from Texas
Third Place – Eneasz Brodski from Colorado



Robert Bagnall from the United Kingdom
Gary Campbell from California
Steven Fischer from Wisconsin
Benjamin C. Kinney from Missouri
Tyler A. Young from Minnesota


Jeffrey Steven Abrams from Washington
Mark Bilsborough from the United Kingdom
Donald S. Crankshaw from Massachusetts
Noel Dwyer from Illinois
Amanda Helms from Colorado
Kristin Janz from Massachusetts
Carolyn Kay from Colorado
Alejandro Toyofusa Komai from California
Eldridge Stimmel from Oklahoma

Silver Honorable Mentions:

Christopher Baxter from Utah
Rebecca Birch from Washington
Chan Yuk Chi from Singapore
Rui Cid from Portugal
Dean N. D’Amico from Virginia
Paulo Da Silva from Germany
Jason Evans from Illinois
Ian E. Gonzales from Washington
Jeanette Gonzalez from California
Philip Brian Hall from Scotland
Bethany Hanks from Idaho
James A. Hearn from Texas
Morgan G. Howell from South Carolina
Gary J. Hurtubise from Ontario, Canada
K.E. Kuebler from Texas
Robert J. McCarter from Arizona
Shawn McKee from Texas
Daniel K. Morgan from the United Kingdom
Cassiopeia Mulholland from Arizona
Rajev Prasad from California
Christopher Mark Rose from Maryland
Anna Salonen from Finland
Sam Schreiber from New York
David F. Shultz from Ontario, Canada
E.C. Stever from Wyoming
Shawn Swanson from California
Clive Tern from the United Kingdom
Jason Thomas from California
Erin A. Tidwell from Washington
Heather Truett from Mississippi
Roderick D. Turner from Ontario, Canada
Scott Vanyur from Pennsylvania
J. Deery Wray from California
Neil V. Young from California

Honorable Mentions:

R.R. Angell from Maryland
Carina Bissett from Colorado
L.R. Braden from Colorado
Jesse Buerk from New Jersey
James R. Cain from Australia
Juan Pelipe Calle from Florida
Steven Capps from Georgia
John Carey Jr. from Texas
Joanne Chapman from Utah
Michael Connon from the United Kingdom
Scott Forbes Crawford from Washington, D.C.
John Culver II from California
Benjamin DeHaan from Illinois
Nestor Delfino from Ontario, Canada
O.E. Fine from Massachusetts
Margaret M. Fisk from Nevada
Joe Follansbee from Washington
Oliver Fox from Tennessee
Caroline Furlong from Virginia
Melva L. Gifford from Utah
Les Gould from Virginia
Anthony J. Gramuglia from New Jersey
Richard A. Groves from California
Mary-Jean Harris from Ontario, Canada
Diana Fay Hauer from Oregon
Russell Hemmell from United Kingdom
Marc Humphrey from Austria
Rebecca Inch-Partridge from California
Kent. A. Jones from Minnesota
Christopher A. Jos from Alberta, Canada
Jennie J. Keyes from Idaho
Christina Klarenbeek from Ontario, Canada
Shelby Anne Kruse from California
Michelle Kurrle from Victoria, Australia
Mary M. Love from Michigan
Bevis Lowry from British Columbia, Canada
J. Eckert Lytle from Oregon
Bonnie Jean Mah from British Columbia, Canada
LLJ Martin from South Carolina
Perry McDaid from Northern Ireland
Kenneth Meade from Georgia
Devin Miller from North Carolina
Margaret Moller from Minnesota
CJ Montgomery from Texas
Wulf Moon from Washington
Patricia Moussatche from Florida
Mandy Oaks from Tennessee
Rosie Oliver from the United Kingdom
Y.M. Pang from Ontario, Canada
Christopher A. Patterson from Ohio
Kelly Peck from California
Nathan J. Phillips from Queensland, Australia
Jon Plowman from South Africa
Melanie Rees from South Australia, Australia
Nellie Reilly from Oregon
H.L. Reinhold from the United Kingdom
C.B. Rose from Connecticut
Kyle Shepherd from Texas
Tony Silva from California
Robert Anthony Smith from New Jersey
D.A. Xiaolin Spires from New Jersey
Robert N. Stephenson from South Australia, Australia
H.D. Stubbs from Washington
Laura Thurston from Minnesota
Brooke Timothy from Nevada
Ian Watkins from North Carolina
Thomas Michael Welsh from Washington
Corey J. White from Australia
Michael J. Wyant Jr. from New York
Ramez Yoakeim from New South Wales, Australia
Tannara Young from California
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