Writers of the Future 1st Quarter Winners

Writers of the Future 1st Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 37


Writers of the Future 1st Quarter Standings for 2020, Volume 37


Of all the writing contests out there, this one launches careers!


And the winners are:

First Place – Barbara Lund from Utah
Second Place – Sara Fox from Georgia
Third Place – K.D. Julicher from Nevada



Michael Panter from United Kingdom
Anthony Regolino from Pennsylvania
Dominic Teague from United Kingdom
Samantha Weiss from Massachusetts
Cliff Winnig from California


Van Alrik from Idaho
Desmond Astaire from Illinois
S.M. Dziok from Minnesota
Henry Gasko from Australia
Mark Gordon from Florida
Amit Gupta from Connecticut
Russell McConnell from Texas
Tim McLaughlin from Massachusetts
T.A. Simonelli from North Carolina
Galen Westlake from Canada

Silver Honorable Mentions:

A.R.R. Ash from Arizona
Tina Back from California
J.A. Becker from Australia
Scott Birrenkott from Wisconsin
Matt Bosio from Florida
T.E. Bradford from New York
Amanda Brandt from Florida
Jonathan Bronico from Massachusetts
Ted S. Bushman from New York
Alicia Cay from Colorado
David Christiansen from Utah
Crystal Crawford from Florida
Koji A. Dae from Bulgaria
Claire Davon from California
Lance Dean from California
John Derderian from California
Em Dupre from New York
T.A. Fenner from Georgia
D.B. Corsi from North Carolina
Zanna Fong from Canada
Nate Givens from Virginia
Ian Gonzales from Washington
Madelyn Gunn from Illinois
Brian C. Hailes from Utah
Eric Hardman Weigand from California
T.E. Hartley from Arizona
DW Harvey from California
Brian Hinson from New Mexico
Gregory R. Hyde from Colorado
Dave Kavanaugh from Netherlands
Catherine Killackey from United Kingdom
Michael Kingswood from California
Nathan W. Landrum from Kentucky
Willadean Leo from Canada
Eric D. Littlefield from Colorado
B.T. Lowry from Canada
Christine Lucas from Greece
Catherine Lyon from Minnesota
Brad Marshland from California
Corbin Maxwell from California
Charles Mears from California
Dominique Nelson from Florida
Rosie Oliver from United Kingdom
Simon Pan from Canada
Kate Pavelle from Pennsylvania
J.C. Pillard from Colorado
Brittany Rainsdon from Idaho
Angie Rega from Australia
Jared A. Robinson from California
Tina Schroeder from Minnesota
Sean Sexton from North Carolina
Adrian Simmons from Oklahoma
Nathan Slemp from Michigan
M. Elizabeth Ticknor from Michigan
P.K. Torrens from New Zealand
Lydia Weltmann from New Jersey
Luke Wildman from Indiana
Neil Young from California
Sean Young from Nevada

Honorable Mentions:

J.F. Acosta R. from New York
Nicholas P. Adams from Utah
Ashlea Adams from Florida
Jason A. Adams from Virginia
T. Alexander, Sr. from District of Columbia
M.F. Alfrey from United Kingdom
Ella Ananeva from California
Charles Anderson from Canada
Michael Anderson from Michigan
Yabo Anderson from Minnesota
Hartley Anderson from Australia
Sharon S. Anielski from Michigan
J.D. Anthony from Oregon
Julia V. Ashley from Mississippi
Hannah Azok from Ohio
Haneen J. Babbitt from Colorado
Cameron Bain from New York
Matthew Baron from Georgia
Micah D. Bates from Oregon
Christopher Baxter from Utah
Christopher J. Bennem from New York
Jeff Binkley from Alabama
Carina Bissett from Colorado
Harrison Bitzis from Georgia
Tracey Bjorksten from Australia
Jason Black from Hawaii
James Blakey from Pennsylvania
Daniel Blatt from California
Rob Bleckly from Australia
Alexander J. Blum from California
Michael Boggs from Philippines
Brittany Boose from Washington
Wendy BooydeGraaff from Michigan
C. Clayton Bowman from Tennessee
Seth Bradford from Virginia
David Bridge from United Kingdom
Sydney Brightheart from Oklahoma
Michael D. Britton from Utah
Bokerah Brumley from Texas
Tess Burningham from Washington
Chris S. Burns from California
Zachary Cannon from New Mexico
Abby Card from Oregon
R.G. Carpenter from Michigan
Keith Casto from Ohio
Anna Cates from Ohio
Lazarus Chernik from Washington
Carleton Chinner from Australia
Jeremiah Christie from Florida
Kenzis Clair from Arizona
Joe Coates from Australia
Catherine J. Cole from Florida
Alexis Collins from Virginia
Russ Colson from Minnesota
David Costa from Portugal
R.G. Cousins from Canada
C. Thomas Cox from Maryland
Benjamin Crawford from North Dakota
Michael T. Creel from Virginia
R.S. Croft from Indiana
E.J. Cunningham from Utah
Cory Daignault from Minnesota
Kate Dane from Minnesota
Emily Dauvin from Canada
Julie Davis from North Carolina
L.H. Davis from Florida
Mei Davis from Michigan
Christina De La Rocha from Germany
Ligia de Wit from Mexico
Michael DeCarolis from Florida
Nestor Delfino from Canada
Steve Denney from Australia
Victoria Dixon from Kansas
Nic Dobre from Romania
M.A. Dosser from Pennsylvania
Ian C. Douglas from United Kingdom
Arthur M. Doweyko from Florida
Alexander Duhamel from South Korea
A.V. Dutson from Utah
Jenna Eatough from Utah
Emily Edwards from Georgia
Keith Edwards from Texas
Gary Egan from Kentucky
Lorna Eifflaender from United Kingdom
Rachel Elizabeth from Georgia
Matan Elul from Australia
Tim Emery from United Kingdom
Angela England from Canada
Richard James Errington from Connecticut
Frederick Essig from Florida
Ariel Eure from South Carolina
Sofia Ezdina from Russian Federation
Thomas Farringer from Oregon
Suzanne Ferguson from Texas
Dan Michael Fielding from Oregon
Caitlin Finley from Texas
Samuel Finn from Washington
Neil Wesley Flinchbaugh from Texas
James K. Flynn from North Carolina
J.G. Follansbee from Washington
S.C.A. Fontaine from Spain
Adam Fout from Texas
Richard Fox from Nevada
Richard Freeborn from Alabama
Daniel Craig Friend from Utah
Lindsay Fudim from New York
Faraz Gafoor from Florida
Becca Lee Gardner from Utah
Grant M. Gerwatowski from Michigan
Melva Gifford from Utah
Alec Glisson from Illinois
Michelle F. Goddard from Canada
Ilyssa Goldsmith from Arizona
Naomi Goodheart from Connecticut
R. Erik Gorka from Oregon
Gregory Graham from Illinois
Harambee K. Grey-Sun from Virginia
Mary Haaser from Indiana
Pam Hage from Netherlands
Phil Hall from Virginia
Kevin P. Hallett from Texas
Rae Hallstrom from Ohio
Laura Handley from Virginia
Dan Hankner from Iowa
Alex Harford from United Kingdom
Naomi Hatchman from Australia
James A. Hearn from Texas
Cody Hegel from California
Colton Heitzman-Breen from Virginia
Zann Hemphill from Canada
A.R. Henle from Ohio
Michelle Henrie from Utah
Hollis Henry from Trinidad and Tobago
Carlton Herzog from New Jersey
Steven Heumann from Utah
Br. Raban Heyer from Arkansas
Evan Hoffmann from California
Greg Hoover from Missouri
Ken Hoover from New Mexico
Keith Hoskins from Maryland
R.J. Howell from Illinois
Dan Hu from Massachusetts
William Humble from Texas
Cathy Humble from Oregon
Jay Hurteau from New Hampshire
Zala Jam from United Kingdom
Yuri Jang from California
Christopher Allen Jenkins from Hawaii
Kristal M. Johnson from New York
Erik Johnson from Viet Nam
Brandie June from California
Daniel Kamin from Illinois
Kevin Kauffmann from North Carolina
Angela Kayd from Massachusetts
Christopher Keene from New Zealand
Brad Kennedy from Canada
Katie Kent from United Kingdom
Kari Kilgore from Virginia
Aaron Kilgore from Michigan
Jace Killan from Arizona
Anike Kirsten from South Africa
Richard Knuckleman from Arizona
Shawn Kobb from Virginia
Katelynn Laird from Colorado
Samantha Lampman from Michigan
T.D. Larson from South Dakota
Adrian Law from New Mexico
Scott Lee from Colorado
Dave Lemel from Wisconsin
Daxon Levine from Utah
Roger Ley from United Kingdom
Jordan Link from Maryland
Bonner Litchfield from North Carolina
Max Lury from United Kingdom
Erik Lynd from Washington
JS Lyster from Canada
Esther Magdalena Reed from Colorado
Jeremy Mallory from Virginia
Daniel Malossi from New York
Charley Marsh from Minnesota
Django Mathijsen from Netherlands
WW Mauck from Illinois
Christian McCulloch from United Kingdom
Matt McHugh from New Jersey
Erin McInerney from New York
Joshua Harley McKnight from California
Christopher McManamon from California
Kenneth Meade from Georgia
Laura Melcher from Washington
Cassandra Meyer from Kansas
A Jennings Meyer from United Kingdom
Brennan Michael from South Carolina
Anne Miles from Kentucky
Devin Miller from North Carolina
Mikayla Mislak from Maryland
Jeremy Mitchell from Canada
K.R. Monin from Pennsylvania
J.N. Mortell from Massachusetts
Soumya Sundar Mukherjee from India
Evan D. Mullicane from California
Ethan Nahte from Arkansas
C. Patrick Neagle from Oregon
Gem Newman from Canada
Rose Nguyen from Canada
Christy Nicholas from New York
August Nigro from Pennsylvania
Megan Nordquist from Utah
David North-Martino from Massachusetts
David O’Keefe from New York
John M. Olsen from Utah
Al Onia from Canada
Jax D. Paperweight from Australia
Geoff Parker from Michigan
Jerry Parker from California
B.A. Paul from Indiana
George Petit from California
Judith Pettersen from Canada
L.K. Pinaire from Indiana
Aden Polydoros from Arizona
Zach Poulter from Utah
Kathleen Powell from Missouri
Tom Prentice from Ireland
Edward Prestwood from Arizona
Allison W.A. Price from Arkansas
Edward Punales from Florida
Duncan B. Putney from Rhode Island
Jordan Radford from Illinois
Alison L. Randall from Utah
Christina Ranon from Washington
Yoann Re from United Kingdom
Nicole Reavis from North Carolina
Trish Renee from Michigan
Glenn R.C. Reyes from California
Mark Rhodes from South Carolina
Denise S. Robbins from District of Columbia
Joseph C. Romano from Pennsylvania
J.L. Royce from Wisconsin
Max Russell from Colorado
Lynne Sargent from Canada
Jacob Schafer from Oregon
M.M. Schill from Florida
Lyle Schmidt from Nebraska
Tod Schneider from Oregon
Ian Schutzman from California
Lexi Segall from New Jersey
Willow Seymour from Nevada
Joseph Sidari from Massachusetts
Derek Sikkema from Florida
Sara Crocoll Smith from Maryland
Timofey Soloyvev from Russian Federation
Allison Sommers from California
Emily Martha Sorensen from Utah
Andrea St. Pierre from Idaho
Michael Stebbins from California
Carolyn Ivy Stein from Tennessee
Barbara Stoner from Wisconsin
Stephannie Tallent from California
J.M. Tanenbaum from California
Susan Taylor from Oklahoma
G.J. Terral from Texas
M.R. Tevebaugh from Colorado
Carter Thomas from Oregon
Kelly Thomas from California
Niz Thomas from New York
Amity Thompson from Kansas
Patrick Tibbits from Wisconsin
Brooke Tiedt from Missouri
A.M. Todd from Canada
Sylvia Toor from California
Katherine Toran from Maryland
Sam Tovey from United Kingdom
Rebecca E. Treasure from Texas
LC Treeheart from Oregon
Sammie Trinidad from Texas
Christopher Tuthill from New York
Nickolas Urpi from Virginia
Leslie Vedder from Colorado
Peter Vohsemer from Canada
Charles Wade from Mississippi
Emily Marie Wagner from Texas
Jamie Wang from Minnesota
Juliet Warren from New York
David Watson from Alabama
Connie R. Watson from North Carolina
Nicole Wells from Oklahoma
Hannah Whiteoak from United Kingdom
David Whitmarsh from United Kingdom
Mar Wiley from Florida
Sheena Williams from South Carolina
Brad Williamson from Missouri
Elisa Winther from Netherlands
Nick Wisseman from Michigan
Brandy Woldstad from Wisconsin
D.M. Woolston from Nevada
Rebecca Wyldewood from Australia
Tyler Zeoli from New York


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