Writers of the Future 1st Quarter Winners

Writers of the Future 1st Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 36


Writers of the Future 1st Quarter Standings for 2019, Volume 36


Of all the writing contests out there, this one launches careers!


And the winners are:

First Place – Andrew Dibble from Wisconsin
Second Place – F.J. Bergmann from Wisconsin
Third Place – Sonny Zae from Texas



Carina Bissett from Colorado
Paulo da Silva from Germany
K. D. Julicher from Nevada
Brittany Rainsdon from Idaho
Cliff Winnig from California


Hannah Azok from Ohio
Ian Gonzales from Washington
Jennie Keyes from Idaho
Noah Linwood from New Jersey
Jeremy Mallory from Virginia
Clarice Radrick from Florida
Roderick Turner from Canada

Silver Honorable Mentions:

Jay Barnson from Utah
Amitai Ben-Abba from California
T.E. Bradford from New York
E.W. Carlson from Minnesota
Michael Dorman from Germany
Alexander Duhamel from Canada
Adina Edelman from Maryland
Samantha Edelman from Nevada
Joshua Essoe from Maryland
Michael Gardner from Australia
Joshua Grasso from Oklahoma
Hollis Henry from Trinidad and Tobago
Seth Kennedy from California
Geetha Krishnan from India
Angela Lawlor from Indiana
Skylar Nitzel from Colorado
Jerry Parker from California
Liviu Surugiu from Romania
Mark Thomsen from Virginia
Eileen Wiedbrauk from Michigan
Kaitlyn Zivanovich from Europe

Honorable Mentions:

Les Abernathy from Alabama
Jason Adams from Virginia
Ashlea Adams from Florida
Lance Adams from Georgia
Billy Ketch Allen from California
F.D. Arther from West Virginia
Tim Asay from Oregon
Alexis Askew from Georgia
Abby Baier from California
Alexandra Balasa from Texas
Matthew Baron from Georgia
Christopher Baxter from Utah
J.A. Becker from Australia
Kierra Beeson from Illinois
Joe Benet from North Carolina
Ryan Benson from Georgia
Christopher Best from Maryland
Ananyo Bhattacharya from United Kingdom
Jeff Binkley from Alabama
James Blakey from Pennsylvania
Shawna Borman from Texas
Matt Bosio from Florida
Z.T. Bright from Utah
J.D. Brink from Ohio
Jonathan Bronico from Massachusetts
Nathan Buckingham from Arizona
Daniel R. Burkhard from Utah
L.M. Burkhart from Colorado
Brennan C. Caldwell from California
Jack Calverley from United Kingdom
Anne Cameron from Maryland
Sam Chapman from Oregon
Rachel Chimits from Nevada
Justin Chung from New York
Paul Seungoh Chung from Canada
Rui Cid from Portugal
John Coffren from Maryland
Elaine Cohen from Florida
David R. Coombs from Canada
Krishan Coupland from United Kingdom
Ben Credle from Georgia
Clemency Crow from United Kingdom
D. Allen Crowley from Ohio
Sarina Dahlan from California
KM Dailey from California
Patricia D’Angelo from Kansas
L.H. Davis from Florida
Michael DeCarolis from Florida
Ladd DeWinter from Utah
Nathan Dodge from Texas
Peter T. Donahue from New Jersey
Jeff Dosser from Oklahoma
CB Droege from Germany
Steve DuBois from Kansas
Mason Engel from Indiana
Madison Estes from Texas
K.L. Evangelista from Australia
Robert Mitchell Evans from California
J.T. Evans from Colorado
Shamari Evans from New York
Jason Evans from Illinois
Stevie Evers from Alabama
Angelique Fawns from Canada
Caitlin Finley from Texas
Patrick Finley from New York
Jacob Foncea from Alabama
S.C.A. Fontaine from France
Felicia Fredlund from Sweden
John A. Frochio from Pennsylvania
Taylor Garcia from California
Simon R. Gardner from United Kingdom
Jhanys Gardner from Virginia
Garland Gayle from Virginia
Michelle F. Goddard from Canada
J.C.G. Goelz from Louisiana
Barry Goldsmith from Arizona
Colton Goodrich from Utah
Mark A. Gordon from Florida
KR Gordon from California
Les Gould from Virginia
Collette Grace from Texas
Theodora Green from California
Gavina Grendall from California
Austin Gunderson from Washington
Rebecca Guzman from California
Anaïd Haen from Netherlands
Kevin Hallett from Texas
Laura Handley from Virginia
H.J. Harding from Virginia
Charlie Harmon from Illinois
A.W. Harris from Oregon
Angelea Hayes from California
Michelle Henrie from Utah
James Henrik from Sweden
Todd Honeycutt from New Jersey
Aaron Horsager from Ohio
K.R. Horton from Oregon
Phoebe Houser from Pennsylvania
Chip Houser from Missouri
Cathy Humble from Oregon
Bailey Hummel from Texas
Jay Hurteau from New Hampshire
Micah Hyatt from Texas
Kevin Kauffmann from North Carolina
Carolyn Kay from Colorado
Bart Kemper from Louisiana
Brandon Ketchum from Pennsylvania
D.M. Kiely from Florida
Jace Killan from Arizona
Anike Kirsten from South Africa
Emily Kjeer from Minnesota
Jeffrey Kremer from New Jersey
Alex Kropova from Canada
Grace Kueker from Tennessee
M. Kuriel from Virginia
Sarah Kushneryk from Canada
Eli Landes from New York
Elizabeth Langlois from Wisconsin
Alexis Lantgen from Texas
John Leahy from Ireland
Riley Lebowicz from New York
Sussu Leclerc from Ohio
Justin Li from Singapore
Beatrice Lim from New York
Bonner Litchfield from North Carolina
Thomas Logan from Oregon
Colton Long from District of Columbia
Robert Allen Lupton from New Mexico
Angus MacGregor from Australia
Kirk Maile from Canada
Caroline Malgen from Switzerland
A. Michael Marsh from Arizona
Django Mathijsen from Netherlands
Daniel Matusicky from Ohio
Dennis Maulsby from Iowa
Thomas McDaniel from Washington
Megan McGrath from Georgia
Erin McHugh from Illinois
Charles Mears from California
Andrew Medlin from North Carolina
Dan Melnick from Indiana
Lauryn Mercredi from Canada
Michael Middleton from Oregon
Kevin Barry Miller from Canada
Mister Lmouto from Australia
Murtaza Mohsin from Pakistan
Sarah Montagna from New Jersey
Leo Moonrise from Canada
Camille Moore from Maryland
Jonathan Moore from United Kingdom
Russell Morin from Colorado
Aaron Moskalik from Michigan
Caley Mueller from Minnesota
Evan D. Mullicane from California
Kalaivani Narayanan from New Jersey
Christopher Ng from Canada
Linh Nguyen-Ng from Massachusetts
Brent Nichols from Alaska
Joseph Norris from California
Adam O’Connell from United Kingdom
Jessica Oesterle from New York
Sarah Ortega from Texas
Billy Palmer from Florida
Adam Patla from Illinois
Elena Pavlova from Bulgaria
Rachel Pepin from New Hampshire
Barton Perkins from Alabama
George Petit from Delaware
Peter Philleo from Florida
John Post from Arkansas
Joshua Potter from New York
Aelred Powell from Georgia
Kathleen Powell from Missouri
Brooke Prado from California
Rajeev Prasad from California
Jake Reed from California
Devyn Regueira from Florida
D H Richards from Virginia
David Ridd from North Carolina
Travis D. Roberson from New York
Cassie Roberts from Washington
J. Rohr from Illinois
Glenn Rosado from California
SM Rose from Canada
Peter Sartucci from Colorado
Kirtan Savith Kumar from Singapore
Caroline Sciriha from Malta
G.S. Scott from Michigan
Rick Shaw from California
Sophie Sheeder from Iowa
Charles Shell from Virginia
David Shultz from Canada
J Sluys from Texas
Jack Smiles from Pennsylvania
Benjamin Smith from Pennsylvania
Samantha Soard from Georgia
David Sorensen from Virginia
C.L. Spillard from United Kingdom
Michelle Staloff from Florida
Tasha Staples from Colorado
E.C. Stever from Idaho
Nicole Stewart from Utah
Shami Stovall from California
Todd Sullivan from Georgia
Gordon Sun from California
Vincent Sutherland from Arizona
Daniel Szydlowski from Indiana
Corine Tan from California
Tyra Tanner from Utah
M.R. Tevebaugh from Colorado
Kelly Thomas from California
Dan Thurot from Utah
Crystal Trobak from Canada
Andy K. Tytler from United Kingdom
Francisco Velasquez from Mississippi
Scott Pahaku Vilhauer from California
Yaye Viner from Nebraska
Christa Vogt from Colorado
Charles Wade from Mississippi
Matthew Wardell from Canada
R.W. Ware from Maine
Galen Westlake from Canada
Daniel Westmoreland from New Jersey
Kay Katherine White from New Jersey
Robert Luke Wilkins from California
JM Williams from South Korea
Walter L. Williamson from New Mexico
Thomas Woodward from Minnesota
Dane Wooster from Colorado


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