Writers of the Future: A Literary Olympics

A contest created in 1983 by L. Ron Hubbard is today’s most effective means for aspiring writers to break into the publishing world

Hollywood, CA—Before 1983, the odds were stacked heavily against new writers. An aspiring author had to go up against seasoned professionals who had awards, bestsellers and fan followings. Even if a newcomer’s story was superior to that of an established writer, due to marketing considerations a publisher usually chose the familiar name over the unknown. Aspiring authors had an uphill battle with no one to lend them a helping hand.

Even though he became one of the most popular and prolific authors of the twentieth century, L. Ron Hubbard never forgot how tough it can be for the newcomer. Throughout his literary career Hubbard frequently encouraged aspiring writers by offering his advice, serving in writers’ organizations and writing instructional articles.

Thus it was in 1983 that Hubbard endowed and established the Writers of the Future Contest—which leveled the playing field for new writers.

International bestselling author and Writers of the Future Contest judge, Kevin J. Anderson (Dune prequels) stated, “This ambitious and ground-breaking Contest is the equivalent of a ‘literary Olympics’ for aspiring authors eager for that one chance to get their foot in the door.”  There is no entry fee, and the Contest is not open to established pros—only to new writers.

Anderson further noted, “The Writers of the Future Contest offers significant prize money, and a blue-ribbon panel of judges whose names have formed the very core of the science fiction and fantasy genres.” Each year, the winners receive their trophies at a grand awards celebration in incredible venues in places such as Hollywood, the United Nations in New York and Las Vegas.

After several years of enormous success, the Writers of the Future Contest was joined by a sister competition: Illustrators of the Future.  It has likewise served as a beacon to guide new artists.

And the world has paid attention. Winners have gone on to sign book contracts, sell stories to major magazines and appear on awards ballots. Now, for almost three decades, Writers and Illustrators of the Future have discovered and nurtured the new stars of science fiction and fantasy.

For more information go to www.writersofthefuture.com


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