Writers of the Future 4th Quarter Winners

Writers of the Future 4th Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 40


And the winners are:

First Place – Jack Nash from Virginia
Second Place – Tom Vandermolen from Washington
Third Place – Amir Agoora from Connecticut


Theo Carr from Great Britain
Heath Cowled from Australia
Joan Lee from North Carolina
Kathleen Powell from Missouri
Michael Simon from Canada


D Bedell from Florida
Nathan B. Dodge from Texas
Douglas Lee from Arizona
Avery Leventhal from California
Akis Linardos from Indiana
Elizabeth Napier from Great Britain
L. A. Selby from California
Soren M. Wilder from Canada
Chase Williams from Georgia

Silver Honorable Mentions:

K.C. Aegis from California
Nick Aires from Canada
E.S.S. Archer from Canada
Julia V. Ashley from Mississippi
Matt Athanasiou from Illinois
Jen Bair from Wyoming
Gary Battershell from Arkansas
Christopher Baxter from Utah
Michael K. Bazarov from California
Joseph Paul Bernstein from Maryland
Justin A.W. Blair from Florida
Oliver Blakemore from Colorado
Daniel Blatt from California
Gaby Brogan from Great Britain
Travis Burnham from Montenegro
Madeline Byrne from Australia
Daniel M. Cojocaru from Switzerland
Jason P. Crawford from California
Kate Dane from Minnesota
Julia Darcey from Colorado
Emily Dauvin from Canada
SL Davis from Louisiana
Adam Dickson from Canada
Michael Anthony Dioguardi from New York
Victoria L. Dixon from Kansas
Thomas Farringer-Logan from Oregon
Zary Fekete from Minnesota
Myles Fisher from North Carolina
Jennifer Fleck from Washington
Shannon Fox from California
Jocelyne Gregory from Canada
Heidi Hackman from Pennsylvania
TJ Hapney from Florida
Calvin Hardesty from Denmark
Alex Harford from Great Britain
John Harper from New Zealand
Madison Henderson from California
Bethany Hobbs from Iowa
Laura Holley from Utah
C. Zven Houck from California
Chris Jones from Australia
Dave Kavanaugh from Netherlands
Janessa Keeling from Kentucky
Dan Kenner from Idaho
Raj Kumar from Florida
R.J.K. Lee from Japan
Jack Leeds from Great Britain
Annaliese Lemmon from Arizona
C.D. Lombardi from Texas
A.L. Lorch from North Carolina
W.P. Louviere from Oregon
Shiv Majmudar from Ohio
Jack Mangan from Arizona
Ian Martinez-Cassmeyer from Missouri
T.F. Masseti from New York
Allie Kiri Mendelsohn from California
B.T. Mew from Canada
Devin Miller from North Carolina
C.M. Murray from Delaware
John M. Olsen from Utah
Jackie Payson from Florida
C.J. Persson from Sweden
Mike Robinson from California
G.X. Roseberch from Kentucky
Jason Russell from Alaska
Ryan Schmitz from Missouri
Ramya Suresh from Washington
Joel Thomas from California
Mark Tomlinson from Illinois
Spencer Vargas from Missouri
Ana Wesley from California
Kevin West from Germany
K.A. Wiggins from Canada
Daryn Wilde from Ohio
Robert Luke Wilkins from Nevada
Cliff Winnig from California
Quinn Young from Iowa

Honorable Mentions:

Lance Adams from New Mexico
Sarah Allen-Sutter from California
Gregory Amato from Oregon
J.D. Anthony from Texas
L.E. Arnott from Arizona
Karen Aschenbrenner from Wisconsin
H.T. Ashmead from Utah
J. Karl B. from Ohio
Mark Bailey from West Virginia
Cameron Bain from New York
Daniel Gene Barlekamp from Massachusetts
Joshua Bartolome from Canada
H. Baumgardt from Minnesota
Kelly Belmont from Alabama
Calen Bender from Washington
Joe Benet from North Carolina
Ryan Benson from Georgia
GL Bertram from Utah
Marcelo Bighetti from Utah
Dave Blake from Great Britain
James Blakey from Virginia
Sheena Blankenagel from Utah
Rob Bleckly from Australia
Nicole Bloomfield from Hong Kong
Ezekiel James Boston from Nevada
Tyler Bourassa from Canada
ET Boyle from Indiana
Sierra Branham from Utah
A. Brassky from Illinois
Michael D. Britton from Utah
Ananda Broadnax from Georgia
Ren Marshall Brown from California
Eliza Bruemmer from Illinois
Evelyn K. Brunswick from France
Jarrid Cantway from Iowa
Brenda Carre from Canada
C.J. Carter-Stephenson from Great Britain
Brandon Case from Nevada
Alicia Cay from Colorado
Lin Nielsen Cochran from Alabama
David J. Cochrane from Louisiana
Sarah Connell from North Carolina
James Coyle from Ohio
Zaslow Crane from Washington
Stephanie Allen Crist from Wisconsin
S. Donovan Croft from South Carolina
Doug Crowder from California
Sylvia Cumming from California
Genevieve Curry from Washington
Teo Czajka from Poland
Daniel de Lill from Florida
Lance Dean from California
Fabien Delorme from France
John Derderian from California
Aditya Deshmukh from Germany
Anthony Deskins from Florida
Michelle Diaz from Oregon
Ophelia Diaz from Florida
Cray Dimensional from Pennsylvania
N.A. Dokter from Colorado
Cristina dos Santos from North Carolina
O.L. Drake from North Carolina
W.H.N. Dunham from Canada
P. Dupreez from South Africa
Frank Dutkiewicz from Michigan
Jennifer Eatough from Utah
S.U. Edelweiss from Philippines
Adianu Etinose from Virginia
Arvee Fantilagan from Japan
Angelique Fawns from Canada
Justin Fellows from Maryland
Cyrus Amelia Fisher from Washington
CL Fors from California
Kate Foxe from Florida
Joseph Friesen from Canada
John A. Frochio from Pennsylvania
Jason Gallagher from New Jersey
J.J. Galluzzo from Montana
Lilyann Gardner from Missouri
J. R. Garnett from California
Gep Gillis from Washington
Tiina Giocada from Canada
Nate Givens from Virginia
Todd Glasscock from Texas
Ian Gonzales from Washington
Tony Gonzalez from Japan
Jacob Gordner from Pennsylvania
Robin Rose Graves from California
Peter Michael Gray from Great Britain
Nancy Greene from Virginia
Harambee K. Grey-Sun from Virginia
Brian C Hailes from Utah
Lexanne Halama from Tennessee
A. Roger Hammons Jr. from Virginia
Hyrum W. Hanks from Utah
J.D. Harlock from Pennsylvania
Jessamy Harper from Michigan
K.R. Harris from New York
Alex Hawksworth-Brookes from Great Britain
Christopher Henckel from New Zealand
Michelle Henrie from Utah
Louise Herring-Jones from Alabama
Ross C. Higgins from Texas
Rigdon Holmquist from Washington
Yuchen Hong from Singapore
Morgan G. Howell from South Carolina
David A. Hughes from Arkansas
Caleb Huitt from Iowa
Marc Hyden from Wisconsin
Amanda Ilozumba from Nigeria
Taryn Imwalle from Ohio
Shanali Islam from Arizona
Seraphim Isper from Canada
Jared A. Jackson from Florida
Miles Jay from California
S.L. Johnson from Australia
R. A. Johnson from Pennsylvania
William Paul Jones from California
Todd Jones from Michigan
Zathara Jones from Nevada
Kent Jones from Minnesota
Julie Jones from Oklahoma
Douglas Jones from North Carolina
Chris Lee Jones from Great Britain
Toshiya Kamei from Missouri
Vivi Kanari from Greece
Myra Karine from Utah
Hannya Kay from Spain
Angela Kayd from Massachusetts
B.T. Keaton from New Zealand
Geoff Kemp from Australia
Arthur Kerle from Washington
Michael Kingswood from California
Constantine E. Kiousis from Greece
Scott Kircher from Illinois
Isabel Kizer from Georgia
Karen L. Kobylarz from Illinois
Anitha Krishnan from Canada
Chris Krubeck from Colorado
Michael La Ronn from Iowa
Jason Lairamore from Oklahoma
MQ Larue from Maryland
Kathy Latusick from Oregon
Pete Lead from New Zealand
Lara Lee from Texas
J.T. Lewis from Canada
Jessica Li from California
Irene Liang from Texas
C.H. Lindsay from Utah
Darren Lipman from Wisconsin
Dawn Lloyd from Washington
Adrian Loder from Pennsylvania
Tom Lovett from Great Britain
Robert F. Lowell from California
Ian Ludington from Illinois
Chloe Marcus from California
Miles Vinson Marinello from Georgia
Rose Marry from Wisconsin
Peter Martin from Vermont
Breilen Maybee from Michigan
Denica McCall from Missouri
Robert J. McCarter from Arizona
Landon McCaslin from California
Russell McConnell from Texas
Lauren McGuire from Georgia
Parker McIntosh from Oregon
Christopher McMaster from New Zealand
Gabriel Meek from Washington
J.J. Menna from Pennsylvania
Dom Michaels from Idaho
Andrew Michalak from Virginia
Michael Middleton from Oregon
Tristan and Blaise Miranda from California
Paul R. Monarch from Minnesota
Don Money from Arkansas
E.L. Montague from Texas
Samuel Moses from Utah
Chris Moznette from Washington
Jason Mueller from New York
Soumya Sundar Mukherjee from India
Rebecca Murphree from Nevada
Sarahjoy Ndoria from Illinois
AJ Newsom from Maine
BB Nickell from Idaho
Erik Nihil from Louisiana
Tess Elizabeth Ogden from Wisconsin
Akari Okuni from Canada
Spencer Orey from Denmark
Emily Palaiolagou from California
Shean Pao from Oregon
Abhi Para from India
Alita Parke from Montana
Stephen Patrick from Texas
Jacob Perez from California
E.M. Peyton from Utah
Jason Pfister from New York
Blake R. Phillippi from Montana
Brenda Posey from Alabama
Zachary Powers from Colorado
K.R. Queen from Washington
Carlos Ramirez from New Jersey
N.J. Rayne from Ohio
Lee Rector from California
Jeff Alan Rector from California
S.L. Reno from Utah
J.B. Rex from Pennsylvania
Mark Rhodes from South Carolina
K.Z. Richards from Ohio
William Joseph Roberts from Georgia
Daniel Rodrigues-Martin from Minnesota
Marie Q. Rogers from Florida
Glenn Rosado from Florida
Gavin Ross from Canada
Johanna Rothman from Massachusetts
H.E. Salian from Washington
Scott M. Sands from South Australia
Annmarie SanSevero from Arkansas
B.E. Saunders from Australia
Jared Schmitz from Kansas
Hannah Schofield from Great Britain
Joel C. Scoberg from Great Britain
Pierre-Alexandre Sicart from Taiwan
Sandra Siegienski from Oregon
Sandra Skalski from New Jersey
Devin Smith from Utah
Kody Sorensen from Canada
Leah Stacy from West Virginia
Eric Stallsworth from Colorado
Danielle Stonehirsch from Maryland
Shami Stovall from Kansas
Catharine Struss from Washington, D.C.
Govind Suresh from Michigan
Prim Sutchiewcharn from Singapore
Erin L. Swann from Maryland
Daniel Taylor from Idaho
D.J. Thiess from Georgia
Kelly Thomas from California
Dan Thurot from Utah
Indiana Tilford from New Mexico
Banjo Tolcon from Australia
Kelly Toughill from Canada
Ryan Tucker from Georgia
Emma Tull from Virginia
D. Victor Vellard from California
John VZ from Alabama
KT Wagner from Canada
Lea Waits from Georgia
Shannon Walch from Germany
R.W. Wallace from France
J. Watt from Texas
Catherine Weaver from California
Russell Weisfield from Colorado
B.K. Wellman from Montana
Thomas J. West and Kelly Overbay from Maryland
Amy Wethington from South Carolina
Rebecca White from Great Britain
A Wilkins from New Zealand
Jarrod K. Williams from Ohio
Adrienne Wood from Michigan
Nel Wright from Florida
Anna X from South Carolina
Rosie Yang from California
Eve Yang from Texas
A.F. Youngblood from Missouri
Brad Zeiger from Oregon
Shiwei Zhou from Michigan

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    • John Goodwin
      John Goodwin says:

      We only show Honorable Mention and above. If you are not on any of these lists, then you didn’t earn one of the levels of award. You should have received an email explaining this and encouraging you to enter again.

    • John Goodwin
      John Goodwin says:

      We only show Honorable Mention and above. If you are not on any of these lists, then you didn’t earn one of the levels of award. You should have received an email explaining this and encouraging you to enter again.


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