Writers of the Future 4th Quarter Winners

Writers of the Future 4th Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 38


Writers of the Future 4th Quarter Standings for 2021, Volume 38


Of all the writing contests out there, this one launches careers!


And the winners are:

First Place – Desmond Astaire from Illinois
Second Place – Z.T. Bright from Utah
Third Place – Michael Panter from Sweden



C.A. Barrett from Kentucky
Marianne Connolly from Massachusetts
Berkeley Franklin from Oregon
William Grace from Colorado
Rebecca E. Treasure from Texas


Matt Bosio from Florida
Morgan Broadhead from Ohio
Hannah Hoare from Great Britain
Aaron Kilgore from Michigan
Benjamin Kindel from Florida
R.J.K. Lee from Japan
Ryan A. Smith from Delaware

Silver Honorable Mentions:

Michael Ainaire from New Hampshire
Tormod Andersen from California
J.D. Anthony from Oregon
Brandon Scott Argetsinger from New York
Taylor Banks from Virginia
Christopher Baxter from Utah
Anatoly Belilovsky from New York
Melissa Bobe from New York
Bret Booher from Indiana
Grant Bowman from Arizona
Christopher Brown from Alabama
Evelyn K. Brunswick from France
J. Perry Carr from Texas
Keith Casto from Ohio
Alicia Cay from Colorado
M.T. Chambers from Florida
Tania Chiovato from California
Christopher Chwang from California
Finn Clarke from Great Britain
Andrea Clerkin from Great Britain
Spencer Cramer from Missouri
Colson Cruciani from Iowa
James Cummins from Georgia
AJ Cunder from New Jersey
Apu Das from India
Emily Dauvin from Canada
Kevin A. Davis from Florida
Andrea de Wied from Oregon
Michael DeCarolis from Florida
Nicholas Diehl from California
Russell Dillingham from Washington
Michael Dittman from Pennsylvania
Victoria L. Dixon from Kansas
Michael Duda from Ohio
Joshua Dyer from West Virginia
Amanda Falk from Kentucky
Ben Fitzgerald from Connecticut
A.J. Forget from Colorado
Tim Fox from Oregon
Cara Giles from Utah
Nate Givens from Virginia
Michelle F. Goddard from Canada
Ian Gonzales from Washington
Joshua Grasso from Oklahoma
James Green-Armytage from New York
Sam Hallion from Great Britain
David Hankins from Iowa
Michelle Henrie from Utah
Kristopher Horton from California
Steve Husk from Virginia
Sierra July from Florida
Andria Kennedy from Virginia
Hannah Marie Kubiak from Wisconsin
Willadean Leo from Canada
C.D. Lewis from Texas
Morgan Lloyd from Massachusetts
Boo Ludlow from Utah
J.G.P. MacAdam from Oregon
William Mangieri from Texas
Russell McConnell from Texas
Sky McKinnon from Washington
Lance Menthe from California
Vincent Morgan from Canada
Jack Mulcahy from Pennsylvania
Paul Mullen from Scotland
Tahani Nelson from Montana
M.K. Norhawk from New Jersey
R.S. Olivetree from Brazil
Wesley Overholt from Massachusetts
Geoffrey Parker from Michigan
Alex Pickens from North Carolina
Thomas Poldervaart from Netherlands
Beth Powers from Indiana
William Quackenbush from New Jersey
Michelle Rose from Oregon
Michael Rosenstein from Oregon
Robert Russo from Ohio
Christopher Schmitz from Minnesota
Spencer Sekulin from Canada
Chaya Shettigar from Michigan
Lisa Short from Maryland
Jefferson Snow from Utah
Skyler Stallings from Kentucky
James Tanenbaum from California
Niz Thomas from New Jersey
Mark Thomsen from Virginia
Nathan Throop from Utah
James A. Tweedie from Washington
E.J. Vasko from Ohio
D. Victor Vellard from California
J.E. Wallis from Great Britain
Rylann Watts from Oregon
Tyler West from Canada
Kevin West from Germany
Galen Westlake from Canada
David Whitaker from Australia
Brandy Woldstad from Idaho
William R.D. Wood from Virginia
Caroline Woods from California
W. Arthur Wright from Georgia

Honorable Mentions:

Harvey Aberin from New Jersey
J.F. Acosta Rodriguez from New York
King Afrika from South Africa
Stacey Akins from Tennessee
Stefan Alford from US Military
M.F. Alfrey from Great Britain
Bradley Allen from Utah
Van Alrik from Idaho
Catheline Ankunda from Uganda
E.S.S. Archer from Canada
Ardaschir Arguelles from Minnesota
Elocus Arnett from Arkansas
Wilbur Arron from Florida
Kat Asdell from Idaho
A.R.R. Ash from Arizona
Julia Ashley from Mississippi
Daniel C. Atkinson from Georgia
Hannah Azok from Ohio
Robert Bagnall from Great Britain
Jen Bair from Texas
Dawson Vi Balencia from Texas
Jake Barlow from California
Alexander Barrett from Arizona
Chuck Barrow from Ohio
Joshua Bartolome from Canada
JP Behrens from Connecticut
Kasia Beloussov from Canada
Joe Benet from North Carolina
J.W. Benjamin from Hawaii
Ryan Benson from Georgia
Philip Benz from Oregon
Rob Birch from Serbia
Kai Black from New York
Ceci Black from Virginia
Alex Blackthorne from Indiana
Alexandria Blaelock from Australia
P.D. Blake from Great Britain
Oliver Blakemore from Colorado
James Blakey from Virginia
Rob Bleckly from Australia
Russell Blickhan from California
Seth Bohn from Washington
Lori Bonati from New York
Michael Bondies from California
B.A. Boose from Washington
Maya Bose from Illinois
Ezekiel James Boston from Nevada
Deren Bott from Utah
Robert A. Boyd from Washington
Christy Spaulding Boyer from Florida
Mark Braidwood from Canada
R. Bremner from New Jersey
Rodica Bretin from Romania
Timothy Brown from District of Columbia
Quentin Brown from Australia
Ed Buchan from Canada
Kinza Bukhari from Pakistan
Agnes Buratti from Czech Republic
Mike Burke from Armed Forces (AE)
Amy Bush from Illinois
Jeanne Bustamante from Idaho
Gloria Byrd from Indiana
Madi C.H. from Florida
Neftalie Cajuste from Florida
Curtis Campbell from Washington
K.M. Campbell from New Zealand
Al Campbell from Great Britain
Jarrid Cantway from Iowa
Ignacio Carrasco from California
Jeffrey Carter from Utah
Brandon Case from Nevada
Katelyn Cassens from Minnesota
Anna Cates from Ohio
Ankur Chandra from India
Philip Charter from Great Britain
Low Chief from Texas
M.R. Chriest from Washington
Brad Christy from Texas
Stephanie Claggett from Canada
Thomas Clement from France
John Coffren from Maryland
Daniel M. Cojocaru from Switzerland
E.R. Collier from North Carolina
Lee Collins from Alabama
G. Rene Colls from California
Breana Condon from Wisconsin
Kendall Conway from Iowa
A.A. Conway from Great Britain
Benjamin Copple from California
Col Cort from Australia
James Cortese from California
Yelena Crane from Pennsylvania
Crystal Crawford from Florida
Brian Crenshaw from California
Adrian Cross from California
Steven Crow from Massachusetts
Paul Crowe from Great Britain
Marcus Crowe from Arizona
Marco Cultrera from Canada
Sylvia Cumming from California
Dean N. D’Amico from Florida
Kate Dane from Minnesota
Anh Dang from California
Rob Darnell from Michigan
Dionna Dash from Pennsylvania
Simonas Davidavicius from Lithuania
James Davies from Maryland
Audrey Dawn from Washington
Gabriel de Anda from California
Marco de la Roche from New York
J. de Leon from Texas
Benjamin DeHaan from Japan
Abigail Deland from Great Britain
Dennis T. Delaney from Pennsylvania
Robert Delaware from Florida
Christopher DelGuercio from New York
FR di Brozolo from California
Cray Dimensional from Pennsylvania
Michael Anthony Dioguardi from New York
L.E. Doggett from California
Jaclyn Doherty from New York
Sadie Downing from Singapore
Paul Du Preez from South Africa
Frank Dutkiewicz from Michigan
Joseph Dyer from Indiana
Didrik Dyrdal from Norway
Jessica Eaton from Maine
Phoebe Eligon-Jones from New York
Tim Emery from Great Britain
Tula Eriksson Turtiainen from Sweden
Andrew Est from Florida
Christine Estopare from South Carolina
Sofia Ezdina from Russian Federation
Patricia A. Ezell from Georgia
Thomas Farringer-Logan from Oregon
Angelique Fawns from Canada
S.J. Fazekas from Maryland
Brianna M. Fenty from New York
Julia Feuerborn from Kansas
Derek Flake from Missouri
Neil Flinchbaugh from Texas
A.A. Fornax from Australia
Alex Fox from Massachusetts
Douglas Fraley from Delaware
David Francischelli from Minnesota
Klay Frappier from North Dakota
John A. Frochio from Pennsylvania
Krispen Frost from Michigan
Lindsay Fudim from New York
TS Gallows from Arizona
Shelley Gaske from Oregon
Henry Gasko from Australia
J.G. Gatewood from Colorado
Jasmin Gelinck from Netherlands
Sergey Gerasimov from Ukraine
Eric W. Gershman from Vermont
Melva Gifford from Utah
Russell Giles from Utah
KC Gilman from Virginia
Cat Girczyc from Canada
Aster Glass from California
Peter Glazebrook from Great Britain
D.K. Golden from Pennsylvania
W. Goodwin from Colorado
Mark Gordon from Florida
Olivia Gordon from South Carolina
Jaq Green from Colorado
Jude-Marie Green from California
Justin Greer from Utah
Lucy Gregory from Colorado
Rosalie Gloria Gunger from Tennessee
Sarah Haarmann from Missouri
Mary Eliz Haaser from Michigan
Atar Hadari from Great Britain
Ana Haen from Netherlands
Phillip Hall from Virginia
J.C. Hammer from California
Jem Hanan from New York
David Hangman from Estonia
Dan Hankner from Iowa
Alex Harford from Great Britain
J Christopher Harman from Great Britain
Aidan Hass from Azerbaijan
Greta Hayer from Louisiana
Mary Lynn Heath from California
Eileen Heintz from Minnesota
Christopher Henckel from New Zealand
Calvin Henninger from Utah
Soren M. Henry from Canada
Amy Herring from Alabama
HextheDeathLord from South Carolina
Eric John Hildeman from Wisconsin
Alicia Hilton from Illinois
Ben Holden from Great Britain
Doc Honour from Florida
Ken Hoover from New Mexico
Alan Huang from Massachusetts
Randy G. Hughes from Utah
Caleb Huitt from Iowa
Larry Hunt from Arizona
Illuminique from California
Natasha Inwood from Texas
Jared A. Jackson from Florida
Guendolen Jacobs from Virginia
Ron James from Massachusetts
Emily Jane from Massachusetts
Abhilash Jayachandra from India
S.R. Jensen from Idaho
Bob Johnston from Great Britain
Eli Jones from Oregon
Todd Jones from Michigan
Kent Jones from Minnesota
Sean Jones from Colorado
Kohl Jordan from California
Toshiya Kamei from Missouri
Edward Kane from Connecticut
Myra Karine from Utah
Alex Kay from Great Britain
Iulia Keeley from Florida
Seth W. Kennedy from California
Jared Kerr from California
R. W. Kerry from Ohio
Kari Kilgore from Virginia
A.H. Kim from Maryland
Scott Kim from Korea Republic
Snowdon King from Romania
Nicholas Kirkikis from Louisiana
Doyle Knight from Louisiana
TJ Knight from New York
Cailyn Kohn from Wisconsin
Tadayoshi Kohno from Washington
Nic Kolly from Texas
Sean CW Korsgaard from Virginia
Marysia Kosowski from California
James Krake from Michigan
S.E. Kramer from District of Columbia
Stephanie Kraner from Pennsylvania
AC Kraus from California
Mary Rose Kreger from Michigan
Kacie Faith Kress from Tennessee
Micaela Kreuzwieser from Ohio
Kalen Kubik from Kansas
Michelle Kulwicki from Michigan
J G Kyte from Great Britain
Michele Laframboise from Canada
Colin J. Lamb from Washington
E.M. Lamdan from Iowa
Lindsey Lamh from South Carolina
MQ Larue from Maryland
William Layton from Mississippi
Ty Lazar from Canada
Elise Le Bihan from France
Elden Lee from Tennessee
Austen Lee from Oregon
Katie Lee from Great Britain
Becky Leeson from Great Britain
Annaliese Lemmon from Arizona
Hannah Levin from Massachusetts
Morag Lewis from Great Britain
Karen A. Lin from California
Anton Lindoff from Great Britain
Candice R. Lisle from Missouri
Dawn Lloyd from Washington
Jason Loch from Wisconsin
L.C.R. Lohrenz from Texas
Abigail Louie from California
Isaiah Lowe from Washington
Nick Lunzman from Oregon
Sean Mabry from California
Diane Macdonald from Canada
Cameron David Mack from Northern Ireland
Anna Madden from Texas
Maya Magal from Washington
Celine Malgen from Switzerland
Phillip Scott Mandel from Texas
Mark Manifesto from California
L.F. Mankin from Virginia
CL Mannarino from Massachusetts
Roger Mannon from Colorado
John C. Mannone from Tennessee
Lee Mansius from Arizona
James Mapes from Oregon
Charley Marsh from Minnesota
Terrence Martin from California
Melanie Mason from Canada
T.F. Massetti from New York
Django Mathijsen from Netherlands
Marcas McClellan from Hawaii
Kevin McDonald from Utah
Agathon McGeachy from Oregon
Joshua Harley McKnight from California
Jessamin McSwain from Missouri
Mark McWaters from Florida
Kenneth Meade from Georgia
D.R. Medlen from California
Gabriel Meek from Washington
R.A. Meenan from California
Melissa Mendelson from New York
Omni Meraki from Barbados
Dom Michaels from Idaho
Theresa Miller from Idaho
Todd Miller from Georgia
Tannar Miller from Wyoming
Ash Moen from Ohio
Stephen C. Morrison from North Carolina
Aaron Moskalik from Michigan
Evan D. Mullicane from California
Dhasi Mwale from Zambia
Victoria Navarra from Georgia
Shelby Neideen from Wisconsin
Dannielle Nelson from Arizona
Nicholas Nethery from Armed Forces (AE)
Rey Nichols from North Carolina
Waverly X. Night from Washington
August Nigro from Pennsylvania
Jeremy Nigro from Australia
Alice Nord from France
Ari Officer from Illinois
Rosie Oliver from Great Britain
Cody Olson from Iowa
Al Onia from Canada
Miguel Opena from Arizona
Jocelyn P. Osier from Pennsylvania
Darko Paige from Australia
Jerry Parker from California
Samuel Parr from Great Britain
Elena Pavlova from Bulgaria
Nico Pengin from Massachusetts
Shelby Perlis from California
Jason Pfister from New York
Adam Pierce from Washington
J.C. Pillard from Colorado
Christina Polge from North Carolina
Rebecca Ponichtera from Oregon
Rajeev Prasad from California
Ed Prestwood from Arizona
Viraj Puri from India
James Quinn from Kentucky
Randy Quiroz from California
Sallona Ramesh from Germany
Ray Ransom from California
Anaqat Raschid from Maldives
Shawn J. Ratti from Pennsylvania
Thomas Redford from South Dakota
Raymund P. Reyes from Canada
Timothy Reynolds from Canada
Dru Richman from Texas
Joseph Ridgwell from Scotland
Elisabeth Ring from Utah
Solomon Robert from Washington
Dhyane Robinson from Canada
Isana Rochar from Utah
M Rojas from California
Barry Neal Rolen from Oklahoma
James Romag from Colorado
Winter Ross from New Mexico
Sharon Rossing from Virginia
Johanna Rothman from Massachusetts
Brian Rowe from Ohio
Jason Russell from Alaska
Connor Ryan from Massachusetts
Natalie Sage from Virginia
Manisha Sahoo from India
Lorenzo Samuel from Florida
Scott M. Sands from Australia
Cloe Santamaria from Canada
Mike Scherer from North Carolina
John Eric Schleicher from Montana
Marcus Schmidt from California
Jeremy Schnee from Oregon
Melanie Scott-Dela Cruz from California
Carrie Seidler from California
Jaakko Seppala from Florida
James Shade from Colorado
Tim Sharp from Canada
James Sheasby from Canada
Meagan Shelley from Virginia
Hank Shore from South Carolina
Pierre-Alexandre Sicart from Taiwan
Joseph Sidari from Massachusetts
Sandra Siegienski from Oregon
Maurice Silvera from New York
Ihsan Sim from Singapore
Michael Simon from Canada
Cass Sims Knight from Oregon
Jil Sinnes from Luxembourg
Sandra Skalski from New Jersey
Kyeli Sky from Oklahoma
Brad Smith from New York
Mills Smith from South Carolina
Ronni Souers from Colorado
Alex Souza from Brazil
Jerry Spain from Texas
Rishika Srivastava from India
Anthony St. Clair from Oregon
Dane St. George from Pennsylvania
Kelley Stead from Florida
Corey Stedwell from Washington
Reece Steidle from Pennsylvania
Wanda E. Stellar from Tennessee
Malcolm Sterling from Florida
Mason Stevens from Kentucky
Eric Stever from Idaho
Nicle Stewart from Utah
Brian Lyle Stine from Idaho
Wesley Stine from Arizona
Daniel W. Stohel from Oregon
J.V. Sumpter from Oklahoma
Timothy Sutton from Canada
D. R. Sweeney from Florida
Sylvia Telfer from Great Britain
Pierluigi Testerni from Romania
Ryan Michael Thayer from Michigan
Kelly Thomas from California
Jason Thomas from California
Jeffrey D. W. Thompson from Canada
Charles Thompson from South Carolina
Andrew Tomlinson from Great Britain
ErlyAnne Toomey from Georgia
Eugene Tower from Nevada
Steven Trice from South Carolina
Lauren Triola from Virginia
Patrik Tripes from Great Britain
Mackenna Triplett from Washington
Crystal Troback from Canada
Diego Tronca from France
Brandon Trotter from Canada
Renee Troxler from New York
Howard Tseng from Canada
Tobias Turello from Australia
Roderick D. Turner from Canada
Stephanie Turner from Canada
Edgar Ube from California
Sara Valdes from Texas
Shannon Valenzuela from Texas
Davin Vandriel from Kentucky
Vivek Vasan from India
Eleazar Villaflor from Philippines
Alex Vrettos from Great Britain
William P. Walker from Virginia
Charles Walter from Arizona
Jordan Broode Walters from California
Merethe Walther from Georgia
Waverly Wang from Oklahoma
Richard Ware from Maine
Hazel Warlaumont from California
Trisha Watterson from Iowa
Morgan Welch from Great Britain
Aaron Werntz from Texas
Avery Whelan from Estonia
Iris Whelan from Maryland
L. Cyrus Whelchel from Texas
Lee Whensley from Great Britain
P.F. White from New Hampshire
Amanda White from Texas
Liz White from District of Columbia
Kaitlyn Whitten from Washington
Icie Wildes from Ireland
Robert Luke Wilkins from Nevada
Jarrod K. Williams from Ohio
Brad Williamson from Korea Republic
Rei Wolfsohn from New York
Zoe Woodard from California
Mike Wyant, Jr. from New York
Katherine Wyvern from Georgia
Aifos Yeu-Worth from Rhode Island
Salem Yuki from Wisconsin
Brad Zeiger from Oregon


8 replies
  1. Douglas Fraley
    Douglas Fraley says:

    Congratulations to all the winners, finalists, semi-finalists, silver honorable mentions, and honorable mentions. Seeing these lists provides an inkling of the effort, talent, and numbers committed to the enterprise. Respect to all.

    • John Goodwin
      John Goodwin says:

      That’s great, Todd. This puts you in the top ten percentile of those submitting! I wish you continued success with your writing.


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