Writers of the Future 3rd Quarter Winners

Writers of the Future 3rd Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 39


And the winners are:

First Place – David Henrickson from Virginia
Second Place – Jennifer Johnson from Ottawa, Canada
Third Place – Elaine Midcoh from Florida


J.C.G. Goelz from Louisiana
Chloe Macdonald from Utah
Kathleen Powell from Missouri
Eliza Quentin from New Zealand
Cliff Winnig from California


Elaine M. Arthur from New Mexico
Taran Bainter from Missouri
R. Paulo Delgado from Germany
P. Dupree from South Africa
Todd Jones from Michigan
Robert J. McCarter from Arizona
Nathan Slemp from Michigan
Teya Sorenson from Washington
J. R. Totten from Nevada
Robert Luke Wilkins from Nevada

Silver Honorable Mentions:

Brandon Scott Argetsinger from New York
Matt Athanasiou from Illinois
Alexis Aurol from Canada
Hannah Azok from Ohio
Christopher Baxter from Utah
Rick Bennett from Utah
Glenn Bering from Michigan
GL Bertram from California
Carina Bissett from Colorado
Ceci Black from Virginia
Alexandria Blaelock from Australia
James Blakey from Virginia
Spider Blake from Utah
Yasmine Bonatch from Pennsylvania
B.A. Boose from Washington
Seth S. Bradford from Virginia
Sierra Branham from Utah
Michael D. Britton from Utah
Leith Brooks from Colorado
Spearman Burke from Missouri
E.A. Burnett from Ohio
Kody C from California
Riley Card from New York
Brandon Case from Nevada
Joanne C Chapman from Utah
Joe Coates from New Zealand
Noah Copley from West Virginia
Peter Coughlin from New York
Yelena Crane from Pennsylvania
Crystal Crawford from Florida
Jason P. Crawford from California
Jeffrey C Cross from Canada
Raul Caner Cruz from Florida
Jesse Cunningham V from Maryland
Rachael Cupp from Arizona
Kate Dane from Minnesota
Emily Dauvin from Canada
James Dodds from Washington
David R. Downing from New Mexico
Carl Duzett from Utah
Mark English from New Zealand
Kat Falk from Idaho
CL Farley from South Africa
JD Fister from Washington
Ben Fitzgerald from Connecticut
Theresa Flannery from Idaho
Jennifer Fleck from Washington
SL Field from Maryland
CL Fors from California
Monalisa Foster from Texas
Adam Fout from Texas
Katherine Gail from Minnesota
E.H. Gaskins from Colorado
Cara Giles from Utah
Nate Givens from Virginia
Ana Haen from Netherlands
Pam Hage from Netherlands
Kelly Harmon from Maryland
E.K. Hassan from California
Lillian Haynes from Diplomatic Post Office
Christopher Henckel from New Zealand
Michelle Henrie from Utah
Daniel Kamin from Illinois
Kristina Kelly from Indiana
Geoff Kemp from Australia
TJ Knight from New York
Karen L. Kobylarz from Illinois
Nicholas Kotar from New York
Ryan Kunz from Utah
Michael La Ronn from Iowa
M. Scott Lee from Colorado
Dugan Lentz from North Carolina
Willadean Leo from Canada
Karen A. Lin from California
M.N. Lloyd from Massachusetts
Django Mathijsen from Netherlands
Christian McDaniel from Georgia
Job Merkel from California
Devin Miller from North Carolina
Miranda Morrissey from California
Aaron Moskalik from Michigan
John Arthur Neal from Colorado
Jan Nerenberg from Oregon
Kristin Nergaard from Colorado
Kiera Dove Nyland from Utah
J.C. Pillard from Colorado
M.O. Pirson from Belgium
Caitlin Quinn from California
S. A. Raben from Nebraska
Drew Rogers from California
Amanda Sherlock from Florida
Neil Shieldman from Utah
Michael Simon from Canada
Jacob Stilby from Ohio
Preston Mark Stone from Maryland
Ramya Suresh from Washington
Stephannie Tallent from California
Stephan Train from Colorado
Steven Trice from South Carolina
Eric Vonder Haar from California
Kianah Waters from Tennessee
J. Watt from Texas
Catherine Weaver from California
Nathaniel Webb from Maine
Amanda White from Texas
K.A. Wiggins from Canada
Shawn Vincent Wilson from California
Joshua Wilson from California
Elsa Wilson-Cruz from Alaska
Error Writes from Sweden
Danny Yang from New York
Laan Yeung from Maryland
Brad Zeiger from Oregon

Honorable Mentions:

Jeffrey Steven Abrams from Washington
Acestroke from Illinois
Linda Maye Adams from Virginia
Storm Adams from Arkansas
Bill Adams from Indiana
Teresa Aguinaldo from Illinois
Jason Akinaka from Washington
Zannier Alejandra from Great Britain
Van Alrik from Idaho
Jeremy Althof from Hawaii
Archivero from Missouri
Hamlet Arnott from Michigan
Artemis from Canada
Chelsea Aryeetey from California
A.R.R. Ash from Arizona
Seth Atwater Jr. from Missouri
Robert Bagnall from Great Britain
Don Mark Baldridge from Pennsylvania
Samantha Balliet from Canada
Lavender Bardley from North Carolina
Jake Barlow from California
Madeline G. Beaudoin from Michigan
SummerDale Beckstrand from Utah
T.S Beier from Canada
Joe Benet from North Carolina
E.J. Bennett from Maine
Ryan Benson from Georgia
Ian Bentwood from Great Britain
Daniel Blatt from California
Rodney M. Bliss from Utah
Clayton R. F. Bohle from Kentucky
Michael Bondies from Oregon
Robert A. Boyd from Washington
Aria Braswell from New York
Hui T. Brickner from Minnesota
David Bridge from Great Britain
Jennifer Brinn from Virginia
Morgan Broadhead from Ohio
Catherine Brogdon from California
C.E. Brown from Oregon
Daniel R. Burkhard from Utah
Christopher Busch from California
Sandy Butchers from Netherlands
S.K. Byrd from Maryland
Anna Cackler from Puerto Rico
Tanner Call from Maryland
Curtis Lee Cancino from Colorado
Aaron Canton from Utah
Theo Carr from Great Britain
Brenda Carre from Canada
Alicia Cay from Colorado
M.C. Chai from New York
M.T. Chambers from Florida
Samuel Chapman from Oregon
Addie Citchens from Louisiana
John Coffren from Maryland
Emma Cohen from Minnesota
Rick A. Coila from Washington
John Cole from Illinois
D.B. Corsi from North Carolina
Adrian Croft from California
Joshua Crowder from Georgia
Donald Daby from Great Britain
Madeline Dau from Florida
James Davies from Maryland
Kevin A Davis from Florida
Claire Davon from California
Giovanni De Lanoy from Florida
Ligia de Wit from Mexico
Benjamin DeHaan from Japan
Abigail Deland from Great Britain
Devon DeMille from California
Amanda D’Errico from Georgia
Anthony Deskins from Florida
Mary DeVries from Virginia
Cray Dimensional from Pennsylvania
Victoria L Dixon from Kansas
Nic Dobre from Romania
Nathan B. Dodge from Texas
Mira Dover from Virginia
Calliana Duke from Texas
Joshua Dyer from West Virginia
Douglas E Hamilton from Ohio
Jenna Eatough from Utah
Bill Eckel from Oklahoma
George Edwards from Indiana
Thomas Farringer-Logan from Oregon
Angelique Fawns from Canada
Alex Feak from Michigan
Greyson Ferguson from Michigan
Beatriz F. Fernandez from Florida
Samuel Finn from Washington
Dillon Flake from Missouri
Neil Flinchbaugh from Texas
Davalynn Foley from Texas
Shannon Fox from California
Tim Fox from Oregon
Jacob Frazier from Alabama
John A. Frochio from Pennsylvania
Becca Lee Gardner from Utah
Henry Gasko from Australia
RM Gayler from Nevada
Daniel Gedge from Georgia
Jasmin Gelinck from Netherlands
Melva Gifford from Utah
Cat Girczyc from Canada
Peter Glazebrook from Great Britain
Matthew Goldberg from Pennsylvania
Ian Gonzales from Washington
Mark Gordon from Florida
Gary Gould from California
Sandra M. Grayson from Wisconsin
O.V.Greenleaf from California
Justin Gregoire from Florida
H.Y. Gregor from Colorado
Jocelyne Gregory from Canada
Yvonne Gross from Florida
Kat Grunewald from New York
James E. Guin from Mississippi
Allegra Gulino from North Carolina
Colin Hacker from Colorado
Phillip Hall from Virginia
Kaylin Han from New Jersey
Dave Hangman from Spain
H. J. Harding from Virginia
Alex Harford from Great Britain
L.M. Hatchell from Ireland
E. Hawthorne from Texas
James A. Hearn from Texas
Cody Hegel from California
Ivan Helsel from New Hampshire
Amy Herring from Alabama
Reynaldo George Hinojosa Jr. from Michigan
Robert Hoffman from California
Ben Holden from Great Britain
Doc Honour from Florida
Mark Howard from Ohio
Cathy Humble from Oregon
Chris Hunter from Canada
Kelsey Hutton from Canada
Marc Hyden from Wisconsin
Adelehin Ijasan from Scotland
Matt Ingoldby from Great Britain
Guendolen Jacobs from Virginia
Shawn Jacobson from Maryland
Stephan James from Missouri
Gideon Kalve Jarvis from Illinois
Jeepers from California
Jaysee Jewel from Texas
Eva Jobse from Netherlands
R.A. Johnson from Pennsylvania
Eli Jones from Oregon
Kent Jones from Minnesota
William Paul Jones from California
Ron Kaiser from New Hampshire
Angela Kayd from Massachusetts
Jared Kerr from California
Aaron Kilgore from Michigan
Kari Kilgore from Virginia
Hannah Kirk from Alabama
Samantha Kiser from North Carolina
Johnathan Knight from North Carolina
Chris Kok from Netherlands
James Krake from Michigan
Jason Lairamore from Oklahoma
E. M. Lamdan from Iowa
Angela Lancaster from Australia
Mindy Lawrence from Virginia
William Layton from Mississippi
Rachel LeAnn from Maryland
Colt Leasure from California
R.J.K. Lee from Japan
Hermione Lee from Taiwan
Steven T. Lente from Colorado
Tracy Leonard Nakatani from Arizona
P.J. Levy from New York
Mike Lewis from Great Britain
Michelle Liggons from California
Akis Linardos from Great Britain
Anton Lindoff from Great Britain
Bonner Litchfield from North Carolina
Susan Lloyd-Davies from Florida
Morgan Lockhart from Washington
Charlie B. Lorch from France
April Lott from Minnesota
Robert F. Lowell from California
Francesca M.E. from Pennsylvania
Lucas Marcum from Pennsylvania
Nick Marone from Australia
Ian Martinez-Cassmeyer from Missouri
Zoe Mathers from Canada
Daniel Joseph Matusicky from Ohio
S. M. McAfee from Maryland
Russell McConnell from Texas
Morgan McIntyre from Great Britain
Stephen McMurray from Great Britain
Jessamin McSwain from Missouri
J.D. Mitchell from Canada
Daniel K. Morgan from Great Britain
Vincent Morgan from Canada
Michael Morton from Colorado
Hannah Moseley from Minnesota
Elizabeth Napier from Great Britain
Rey Nichols from North Carolina
Ruth Nickle from Arizona
Waverly X Night from Washington
A.R. Nitus from Massachusetts
R. J. Novotney from Wisconsin
Ari Officer from Illinois
Rosie Oliver from Great Britain
B. A. Palmer from Florida
Ryan D Palmer from Massachusetts
Cherise Papa from Texas
Stephen Patrick from Texas
Barbara Patten from Minnesota
Jacob Perez from California
Willem Peters from Canada
Jared Peterson from Utah
Jason Pfister from New York
M.E. Pickett from Virginia
Vicky Pointing from Great Britain
Sara Porcaro from Rhode Island
J.F. Posthumus from Virginia
Beth Powers from Indiana
Ed Prestwood from Arizona
Timothy Reynolds from Canada
Dru Richman from Texas
Dhyane Robinson from Canada
J.F. Acosta Rodriguez from New York
M Rojas from California
Johanna Rothman from Massachusetts
Hannah Rousselot from California
C.A. Rowland from Tennessee
Seth Russell from Kentucky
Max Russell from Oregon
Robert Russo from Ohio
R. Sadeh from Texas
Manisha Sahoo from India
H. E. Salian from Washington
Scott M. Sands from Australia
Braden Savage from Hawaii
John Schleicher from Montana
Marcus Schmidt from California
Adeline J. Schultz from Illinois
Willow Seymour from Nevada
S. E. Sherwood from Australia
Alexis Shrewsbury from California
Pierre-Alexandre Sicart from Taiwan
Joseph Sidari from Massachusetts
Claudio Silvano from Australia
Ihsan Sim from Singapore
Rick Simms from Georgia
Sandra Skalski from New Jersey
Justin Slavinski from Florida
Thomas K. Slee from Australia
Kimberly Smiley from Mississippi
S. Daniel Smith from Virginia
Benjamin Smith from Pennsylvania
Jefferson Snow from Utah
Blake Soder from Idaho
Katlina Sommerberg from Oregon
Ronni Souers from Colorado
J K Stephens from Florida
Jennifer Stuart from South Carolina
Keegan M. Stull from Florida
P.L. Sundeson from Louisiana
Liviu Surugiu from Romania
David Swint from Texas
L.D.B. Taylor from Utah
Hope Terrell from New Jersey
Kelly Thomas from California
Charles Thompson from South Carolina
Evan Thorn from Virginia
P R T Thurston from Great Britain
C. Tindall from Mississippi
Rebecca E. Treasure from Texas
Crystal Troback from Canada
Lauren Tucker from Florida
Annie Tupek from Oregon
Jessie E Turner from Oregon
Owen Tyme from Kansas
Elizabeth van Holland from Illinois
Rene Vecka from Colorado
Phoibe Vega from Florida
Janani Venkat Ramanan from Illinois
Odin Vestch from Canada
John Vicary from Michigan
Lea Waits from Georgia
Terrance Ward from Texas
Brenton Washington from North Carolina
Markus Wessel from Germany
Galen Westlake from Canada
Amy Wethington from South Carolina
Avery Whelan from Estonia
Don Wilburn Jr. from Texas
Mark Wilkinson from Utah
Michael J. Wine from California
Chez Wise from Nevada
Brandy Woldstad from Minnesota
William R.D. Wood from Virginia
Nathan Wood from Germany
Austin Worley from Oklahoma
Mike Wyant, Jr. from New York
Marianne Xenos from Massachusetts
Ramez Yoakeim from Australia

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  1. Dustin Adams
    Dustin Adams says:

    Congrats to the top three! Excited for you (and jealous of)!

    There’s Cliff Winnig again as a finalist. What is that, five? Six? He ever puts out an anthology, I’m buying it on day one…


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