Writers of the Future 3rd Quarter Winners

Writers of the Future 3rd Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 38


Writers of the Future 3rd Quarter Standings for 2021, Volume 38


Of all the writing contests out there, this one launches careers!


And the winners are:

First Place – Lazarus Black from Washington

Second Place – Em Dupre from Florida

Third Place – N.V. Haskell from Kentucky



Cara Giles from Utah
Daniel K. Morgan from United Kingdom
Niz Thomas from New Jersey
Rebecca E. Treasure from Texas
Yelena Crane from Pennsylvania


B. Daniel Blatt from California
Seth Bradford from Virginia
Sylvia Cumming from California
Ron Kaiser from New Hampshire
Mark Minson from Utah
David North-Martino from Massachusetts

Silver Honorable Mentions:

Dustin Adams from New York
K.J. Angelo from Oregon
Desmond Astaire from Illinois
Robert Bagnall from United Kingdom
Christopher Best from Maryland
Justin A.W. Blair from Florida
Bret Booher from Indiana
Matt Bosio from Florida
Michael Britton from Utah
Evelyn K. Brunswick from France
Christopher Busch from California
Michael Capozzi from New Jersey
Alicia Cay from Colorado
Jordan Chase-Young from Australia
Kate Dane from Minnesota
Madeline Dau from Florida
Merle Davenport from Oklahoma
Frank DeCaria from Utah
M.A. Dosser from Pennsylvania
Jenna Eatough from Utah
Ben Fitzgerald from California
Meagan Faye Foley from Florida
Oliver Fox from Tennessee
T. Fully from Colorado
R.M. Gayler from Nevada
Cat Girczyc from Canada
Michelle F. Goddard from Canada
Sam Hallion from United Kingdom
Kelly Harmon from Maryland
DW Harvey from California
Sarah Hawkins from Utah
Christopher Henckel from New Zealand
Alexander Hewitt from United Kingdom
Ann Honebrink from Kentucky
Ife J. Ibitayo from Virginia
William Paul Jones from California
Kent Jones from Minnesota
Taria Karillion from United Kingdom
Nikolas Kerry from Utah
Adam Lemma from Pennsylvania
Tonya Lippert from Oregon
Boo Ludlow from Utah
Corbin Maxwell from California
Devin Miller from North Carolina
Veronica Murphy from Florida
Rey Nichols from North Carolina
Rosie Oliver from United Kingdom
Avery Parks from Texas
Laura Peters from Pennsylvania
M.E. Pickett from Virginia
Keith Proctor from Virginia
Katia Pytel from Minnesota
Bud Robertson from Nevada
Ian Schutzman from California
LA Selby from California
Jessica Staricka from Louisiana
C.E. Stokes from Pennsylvania
Aaric Tan from Singapore
Charles Thompson from South Carolina
Devin Vandriel from Kentucky
Lea Waits from Georgia
L. Cyrus Whelchel from Texas
Ashley Willson from United Kingdom

Honorable Mentions:

Janrae Zedric Abella from Nevada
JS Adams from New Hampshire
Linda Maye Adams from Virginia
Ugochi Agoawike from Canada
A.M. Aikman from Florida
Victory Alexandra from Alabama
Van Alrik from Idaho
Kent Anderson from Utah
Ludy Ansty from New York
J.D. Anthony from Oregon
David Aranas from Canada
Brandon Scott Argetsinger from New York
Andrew Armstrong from New York
Karen Aschenbrenner from Wisconsin
Ellis Ashton from Utah
Matt Athanasiou from Illinois
Hannah Azok from Ohio
Yvonne Badawy from Canada
Heloisa Baena from Brazil
T.L. Bainter from Missouri
Jen Bair from US Military
B. Baird from Virginia
AC Balli from Texas
Will Bangs from Colorado
John Baumgartner from California
Cassandra Beals from Wisconsin
Hannah Beebe from Utah
Calen Bender from Washington
J.W. Benford from California
Len Berry from Missouri
Jozlyn E. Bew from Ohio
John Biglands from United Kingdom
Tommy Mac Bird from Arkansas
Alexandria Blaelock from Australia
James Blakey from Virginia
Rob Bleckly from Australia
Megan Bledsoe from Washington
Kristin Blystone from North Carolina
Devon Bohm from Connecticut
Kennedy Bolton from Georgia
Victor Bondar from New Jersey
B.A. Boose from Washington
Seth Boyce from Missouri
Paddy Boylan from Australia
Chris Bracalante from New Zealand
G. Brady from Texas
Mark Braidwood from Canada
Jason Brannon from Alabama
H.T. Brickner from Minnesota
David Bridge from United Kingdom
Jessa Briggs from Idaho
Z.T. Bright from Utah
T. Alexander Brown, Sr. from District of Columbia
S.C. Burns from Ohio
Shawn Butler from North Carolina
Anna Cackler from United States
Hugh Calveley from New Zealand
Evan Cantor from Colorado
Jarrid Cantway from Iowa
J Meade Carey from Pennsylvania
Ron Carnell from Michigan
J. Perry Carr from Texas
Justin Cartwright from United States
Brandon Case from Nevada
Katelyn Cassens from Minnesota
Jean-Franscois Chenier from Canada
Noah Chase from Oregon
Steve Chatterton from Canada
Amin Chehelnabi from Australia
Isabella Cheung from Canada
Jeremiah Childers from Michigan
Brad Christy from Texas
Sierra Ciafardone from Montana
Megan Cicolello from United States
R.G. Clarke from Pennsylvania
Tirzah Clawson from Georgia
Andrea Clerkin from United Kingdom
David J. Cochrane from Louisiana
Galadriel Coffeen from Alabama
John Coffren from Maryland
John Coming from Ohio
D.B. Corsi from North Carolina
Siena Costanzo from California
Stephanie Cotta from Oregon
Crystal Crawford from Florida
Jason P. Crawford from California
Brian Crenshaw from Ohio
Adrian Croft from Canada
William Crowley from Connecticut
Rebecca Cuthbert from New York
Dean N. D’Amico from Florida
Emily Dauvin from Canada
Kevin A. Davis from Florida
Ruby Davis from North Carolina
Sid Vincente de Castro from Brazil
Marco de la Roche from Spain
Michael DeCarolis from Florida
Conner G. Dejecacion from Texas
Hays Denney from Arkansas
L. de-Pointe-du-Lac from Canada
John Derderian from California
Sarah Devlin from California
Rachel Dib from North Carolina
Justin Dill from Canada
Cray Dimensional from Pennsylvania
Jennifer Douglas from Colorado
CB Droege from Germany
Carolyn Duede from Illinois
Tony Dunnell from Peru
Frank Dutkiewicz from Michigan
Didrik Dyrdal from Norway
B. Easton from Kansas
Tim Emery from United Kingdom
Jon Eno from Texas
H.P. Evans from California
Sofia Ezdina from Russian Federation
Alex Feak from Michigan
Nathaniel Featherson from Ethiopia
Suzanne Ferguson from Texas
S.C. Finn from New York
Stephen Fitterman from Illinois
Neil Flinchbaugh from Texas
Rob Flumignan from Michigan
A.E. Foley from Florida
Kristian Ford from Virginia
David Francischelli II from Minnesota
John Frochio from Pennsylvania
Will G. from Ohio
Andrei Gaceff from Romania
Henry Gasko from Australia
Malik Gay from New York
Amanda Geard from South Africa
Lita Gi from Pennsylvania
Melva Gifford from Utah
Russell Giles from Utah
Nate Givens from Virginia
Joseph Glad from Connecticut
Matthew Goldberg from Pennsylvania
Ian Gonzales from Washington
Jessica Gordon from Georgia
Mark Gordon from Florida
Natascha Graham from United Kingdom
Justin Greer from Utah
Florence Grey from New Jersey
Elayne Griffith from California
YL Gross from Florida
Bryn Grunwald from Colorado
Douglas Gwilym from Pennsylvania
Brad Gyori from New Hampshire
Maryann Haaser from Michigan
Jen Haeger from Michigan
Pam Hage from Netherlands
Stephanie Hall from North Carolina
Phillip Hall from Virginia
Adrian Halpert from Canada
David Hankins from Iowa
Dan Hankner from Iowa
Alex Harford from United Kingdom
Aaron Harmon from New York
Paul Harmon from Arizona
E.R. Harris from California
Michael Heald from Tennessee
Michelle Henrie from Utah
Louise Herring-Jones from Alabama
Alicia Hilton from Illinois
Hannah Hoare from United Kingdom
Evan Hoffmann from California
Eric Honour from Florida
Kenneth Hoover from New Mexico
M.L. Horst from United Kingdom
Mark Howard from Ohio
Monica Huffman from Ohio
David Hughes from Arkansas
RG Hughes from Utah
Drake Hughes from North Carolina
Bethany Hunt from Arkansas
Rebecca Ierullo from Canada
Mitchell Inkley from Utah
Denisa Ispas from France
Rebecca Jamieson from Utah
Kathryn Jankowski from California
K.L. Jardine from New Mexico
Ai Jiang from Oregon
Stephen Johnson from Illinois
Erik Josephson from Illinois
Toshiya Kamei from Missouri
Bobby Jane Karlo from Maryland
Owen Kato from Canada
Kimberly Kaufman from California
Angela Kayd from Massachusetts
Christopher Keene from New Zealand
Kristina Kelly from Indiana
Kari Kilgore from Virginia
Jace Killan from Arizona
Esther Kim from Pennsylvania
Shelby King from Michigan
Robert Frederick King from Washington
Karen L. Kobylarz from Illinois
Tadayoshi Kohno from Washington
S.E. Kramer from District of Columbia
Matt Krueger from Canada
Kalen Kubik from Kansas
Marisa Ladson from Indiana
Alon Lankri from Israel
Jaden Larue from Indiana
James Lawrence from Michigan
Rachel LeAnn from Idaho
Eric Leavitt from Florida
Chloe Lee from New Jersey
Hermione Lee from Taiwan
W.J. Lewis from United Kingdom
Sophia Lewis from California
Clark Lewis from Washington
Harold Limner from Kansas
Karen A. Lin from California
Noah Linwood from New Jersey
Candice R. Lisle from Missouri
Bonner Litchfield from North Carolina
Chelsea Little from Maryland
Hannah Liu from Canada
S.A. Locket from California
Gina Logan from Vermont
John Lytle from Pennsylvania
Edward Mack from Connecticut
Molly MacKenzie from Vermont
Tina Mai from California
Mark Manifesto from California
Samantha Mann from Canada
Emily Manno from New York
Anthony Maranville from United States
Celine Malgen from Switzerland
Nicholas Marconi from Florida
Nick Marone from Australia
Charley Marsh from Minnesota
Robert J. McCarter from Arizona
Noah McCowen from Texas
Agathon McGeachy from Oregon
David McGillveray from United Kingdom
Sky McKinnon from Washington
Joshua McKnight from California
John McLaughlan from Virginia
Joshua Mcleod from Washington
Jessamin McSwain from Missouri
Jenni Meade from Maryland
Stefon Mears from Oregon
Fernando Medici from Brazil
Gabriel Meek from Washington
Tinsley Merriman from Missouri
Ramtin Mesgari from South Africa
Danon Mettle from New Hampshire
Dom Michaels from Idaho
Elaine Midcoh from Florida
George Allen Miller from District of Columbia
Ella Mishne from Israel
Leanne Moffitt from Oklahoma
Murtaza Mohsin from Pakistan
CV Mollee from Canada
S.C. Moore from Virginia
Francesco Moramarco from United Kingdom
Adriana Morgan from France
Kristine Morris from Massachusetts
Susan R. Morritt from Canada
P.S. Nair from Illinois
Jan Nerenberg from Oregon
Cherrie Newman from California
Scott Nicholson from Nevada
Ruth Nickle from Arizona
Julia Nolan from Washington
Aurora Norlund from Arizona
Mandy Oaks from Tennessee
Ivana Akotowaa Ofori from Ghana
Abayomi Ogunwale from Texas
Brynne O’Hare from Illinois
Ariel O’Higgins from Florida
Joshua Omenga from Nigeria
Akis Panagiltis from Greece
Jerry Parker from California
Michael Parsons from Virginia
Stephen Patrick from Texas
Joseph Paul from Maryland
James Penderville from Pennsylvania
Shelby Perlis from California
Isadora H. Petrovsky from California
Alex Pickens from North Carolina
J.C. Pillard from Colorado
L.K. Pinaire from Indiana
Caroline Poirier from Michigan
Kathleen Powell from Missouri
Beth Powers from Indiana
Allison W.A. Price from Arkansas
Dan Prior from Australia
Roshnni Rajkumar from New Hampshire
Ariana Ravitch from New Jersey
T.H. Ray from Texas
Yonathan Reches from Oklahoma
Stuart Reininger from Connecticut
A. C. Rendon from Qatar
S.L. Reno from United States
Dania Revello from Illinois
F.J. Richardson from United Kingdom
David Ridd from North Carolina
Jennifer Roberts from Illinois
Dhyane Robinson from Canada
J. F. Acosta Rodriguez from New York
G.X. Rosberch from Kentucky
Christopher Ross from Florida
Lorenzo Samuel from Florida
Wren Scarborough from Massachusetts
John Eric Schleicher from Montana
Marcus Schmidt from California
Tina Schroeder from Minnesota
Adeline J. Schultz from Illinois
Joel C. Scoberg from United Kingdom
Spencer Sekulin from Canada
Kurt Shoemaker from Texas
Elizabeth Shvarts from New York
Pierre-Alexandre Sicart from Taiwan
Joseph Sidari from Massachusetts
Sandra Siegienski from Oregon
Soren L. Silver-Wolf from Ohio
Avery Simmons from Virginia
Michael Simon from Canada
Aiden Siobhan from North Carolina
Kyeli Sky from Oklahoma
L D Sledge from Florida
Jefferson Snow from Utah
Brooke Sponzo from Massachusetts
I Stanhope from Tennessee
Sebastian Stark from North Carolina
Greta Starling from Massachusetts
M. Kelley Stead from Florida
Carolyn Ivy Stein from New Mexico
R. Thurston Stephens from Taiwan
Eric Stever from Idaho
J.M. Tanenbaum from California
Sophia Tao from Washington
Francine Taylor from Oregon
Ava Teller from Washington
Jude Thaddean from Texas
Kelly Thomas from California
Joel Thomas from California
Natalie Timmerman from Ohio
Dylan Townsend from United Kingdom
Matias Travieso-Diaz from Virginia
Patrik Tripes from United Kingdom
Crystal Troback from Canada
Julie Tuovi from Utah
Roderick D. Turner from Canada
Stephanie Turner from Canada
Edgar Ube from California
Ezri Valtin from Texas
Kirk Vanderbeek from California
J.P. Veilleux from Canada
Amber Velez from Arizona
Warren Vickery from Canada
J.D. Volpe from North Carolina
Heidi Voss from Utah
Rasagna Vuppala from Georgia
Jack Neel Waddell from Arkansas
Jillian Wahlquist from California
Shannon Walch from Germany
AM Walper from Illinois
Ana Wesley from California
Lauren Wesley-Smith from South Africa
Kevin West from Germany
Galen Westlake from Canada
Iris Whelan from Maryland
Dane Whitaker from California
J. Carl White from South Carolina
Robert Luke Wilkins from California
Broden Windsor from Ohio
Cliff Winnig from California
Erika Winterlia from Sweden
Mike Wyant Jr. from New York
Neil Young from California
Tia Zimmerman from Iowa


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  1. Michelle D
    Michelle D says:

    Congratulations to all who entered! Sometimes it is hard to muster the courage to enter, so I congratulate you all for raising your sword (or pen) and charging in head first!


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