Writers of the Future 3rd Quarter Winners

Writers of the Future 3rd Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 37


Writers of the Future 3rd Quarter Standings for 2020, Volume 37


Of all the writing contests out there, this one launches careers!


And the winners are:

First Place – Trent Walters from Missouri
Second Place – Luke Wildman from Indiana
Third Place – Erik Lynd from Washington



C.A. Barrett from Kentucky
Mark Braidwood from Canada
Kent Jones from Minnesota
Marcas McClellan from Hawaii
J.L. Royce from Wisconsin


J.W. Benjamin from Hawaii
Emily Dauvin from Canada
Carl Duzett from Utah
Sean Mabry from California
Brittany Rainsdon from Idaho
Mike Jack Stoumbos from Washington
KT Wagner from Canada
Brandy Woldstad from Wisconsin

Silver Honorable Mentions:

Joseph Ahn from District of Columbia
Robert Bagnall from United Kingdom
Amitai Ben-Abba from California
Kara Bernard from Georgia
Mark Bilsborough from United Kingdom
Mackenzie Bitz from Texas
Matt Bosio from Florida
Michael Boyle from New York
Seth Bradford from Virginia
Maria Burns from Virginia
K.G. Carpenter from Alabama
Jordan Chase-Young from Australia
Alessandra Clarke from Colorado
Michael Coleman from Utah
Riley Cross from New Jersey
Christina De La Rocha from Germany
James Dodds from Washington
R.T. Donlon from New Hampshire
Tiffany Fritz from Arizona
Faraz Gafoor from Florida
Peter Glen from Australia
Pam Hage from Netherlands
Jared Hammer from California
Devin Hanson from California
Nicole Haskell from Kentucky
Cody Hegel from California
Christopher Henckel from New Zealand
Matt Holder from Missouri
Fiona Howland-Rose from Australia
Ronald Humble from Tennessee
Emily Jensen from Utah
Angela Kayd from Massachusetts
Karen L. Kobylarz from Illinois
Nathan Landrum from Kentucky
MQ Larue from Maryland
Adam Lemma from Pennsylvania
Anna Madden from Texas
Nick Marone from Australia
Stephan Mathys from Missouri
Corbin Maxwell from California
Sandra Mazzo from New Jersey
Russell McConnell from Texas
Lauryn Mercredi from Canada
Devin Miller from North Carolina
G.H. Morgan from South Carolina
J.C. Pillard from Colorado
Alicia Pohl from Canada
Kathleen Powell from Missouri
Joseph C. Romano from Pennsylvania
Ian Schutzman from California
Sandra Siegienski from Oregon
Ethan Skarstedt from Utah
Niz Thomas from New Jersey
M. Elizabeth Ticknor from Michigan
Rebecca E. Treasure from Texas
Samantha Weiss from Massachusetts
Robert Luke Wilkins from California
A.P. Worland from Australia
Ramez Yoakeim from Georgia

Honorable Mentions:

Tom Abbott from Utah
Nicholas P. Adams from Utah
Ashlea Adams from Florida
Joshua Aelick from North Carolina
Shoshana Akabas from New York
Van Alrik from Idaho
Ella Ananeva from California
Yabo Anderson from Minnesota
JD Anthony from Oregon
Colleen Apostle from Virginia
Franklin Ard from Alabama
Jay Ashkinos from Oregon
Grayson Atwell from Oregon
Hannah Azok from Ohio
Katerina Bacher from California
Mark Bailen from Arizona
Jennifer Bair from Army Post Office
Christopher Baxter from Utah
SummerDale Beckstrand from Utah
J.W. Benford from California
Lura Bennett from Oregon
Roger Berwick from United Kingdom
Nicole Birley from United Kingdom
Alexandria Blaelock from Australia
P.D. Blake from United Kingdom
James Blakey from Pennsylvania
Rob Bleckly from Australia
Melissa Bobe from New York
Devon Bohm from Connecticut
Catherine Bounds from Indiana
Jacob Brezinski from Pennsylvania
Z.T. Bright from Utah
Jonathan Bronico from Massachusetts
Bailey Burck from New Mexico
Jennifer Bushroe from Arizona
Jack Calverley from United Kingdom
Michael Capozzi from New Jersey
Ron Carnell from Michigan
Alli Carpenter from Colorado
Philo V. Carter III from Utah
Katie Cassens from Minnesota
Alicia Cay from Colorado
Pin Yi Chen from Massachusetts
Dennis Chen from California
Brandon Cheng from Massachusetts
Lazarus Chernik from Washington
Alvin Chua from California
Henry Chung from California
David J. Cochrane from Louisiana
Lee Collins from Alabama
Wenmimareba Klobah Collins from Puerto Rico
John Coming from Ohio
D.B. Corsi from North Carolina
Crystal Crawford from Florida
Brian Crenshaw from California
Chloe Crull from California
Marco Cultrera from Canada
Cory Daignault from Minnesota
Dean N. D’Amico from New Hampshire
Kate Dane from Minnesota
M.J. Dareling from New York
L.H. Davis from Florida
Susannah Dawn from Oregon
Adrian Deasley from United Kingdom
Michael DeCarolis from Florida
EJ Delaney from Australia
Steve Denney from Australia
John Derderian from California
Michael Dioguardi from New York
Victoria Dixon from Kansas
M.A. Dosser from Pennsylvania
Kelsey Drake from Germany
Jenna Eatough from Utah
Keith Edwards from Texas
Jules Eng from California
Jason Evans from Illinois
Stevie Evers from Alabama
Faith Farris from Oklahoma
Constance Fay from Colorado
Alanna Felton from Florida
Carmen Wells Fendt from Wisconsin
Caitlin Finley from Texas
Cassiopeia Fletcher from Nebraska
Neil Wesley Flinchbaugh from Texas
J. Flowers-Olnowich from North Carolina
Carleigh Foutch from Oklahoma
Oliver Fox from Tennessee
Richard Fox from Nevada
Richard Freeborn from Alabama
Jason D. Francois from United Kingdom
John A. Frochio from Pennsylvania
Henry Gasko from Australia
RJ Gardham from United Kingdom
Paige Gardner from North Carolina
Becca Lee Gardner from Utah
Katharina Gerlach from Germany
Michelle F. Goddard from Canada
Travis Goldenthal from New Jersey
Ian Gonzales from Washington
Mark Gordon from Florida
Thomas Griffin from Tennessee
Amit Gupta from Connecticut
Jentina Guy from California
Kwoineh Haba from Georgia
Shelby Haggard from Maine
Phillip Hall from Virginia
Alex Harford from United Kingdom
E R Harris from California
DW Harvey from California
Pat Hauldren from Texas
Dan Helms from Virginia
Michelle Henrie from Utah
Alicia Hilton from Illinois
Brian Hinson from New Mexico
Evan Hoffmann from California
Neal Holtschulte from New Mexico
Ken Hoover from New Mexico
Chip Houser from Missouri
Drake Hughes from North Carolina
Jeffrey Hunt from North Carolina
Patricia A. Jackson from Pennsylvania
Joel Donato Ching Jacob from Philippines
Karen Johnson from Australia
Bob Johnston from United Kingdom
Krystal Kasal from Missouri
Matthew Keefer from Massachusetts
Marsha Kessler from Minnesota
B. Koch from Illinois
Jourdan Lamse from Michigan
Lisa Lane from Oregon
Sussu Leclerc from United Kingdom
Natasha Lee from California
R.J.K Lee from Japan
Y. Len from Arizona
Willadean Leo from Canada
Robert Leonard from Virginia
Joey Liang from Illinois
Brandon M. Lindsay from Japan
Candice R. Lisle from Utah
Kess M. Little from Washington
Dawn Lloyd from Washington
Steven Lombardi from New York
Mitchell Luthi from South Africa
Celine Malgen from Switzerland
Honor Martin from West Virginia
Drew Martyn from United Kingdom
WW Mauck from Illinois
Nicholas Mayfield from Illinois
Beth McCabe from Washington
Robert J. McCarter from Arizona
M.P. McEndree from Minnesota
Agathon McGeachy from Oregon
Joshua McKnight from California
Claire McNerney from California
Cassie Meyer from Kansas
Bruce Meyer from Washington
A. Jennings Meyer from United Kingdom
Dom Michaels from Oregon
Paula Molina Acosta from Maryland
Caleb Monroe from California
Blake Moon from New Mexico
Michael J Moore from United Kingdom
Audrey Moran from Washington
Robert Morella from Georgia
Vincent Morgan from Canada
Daniel Morgan from United Kingdom
J.N. Mortell from Massachusetts
Aaron Moskalik from Michigan
John Arthur Neal from Colorado
Rey Nichols from North Carolina
John Noel from Illinois
David North-Martino from Massachusetts
John O’Hare from United Kingdom
Taya Okerlund from Utah
Jim Okogu from United Kingdom
Kanyinsola Olorunnisola from Nigeria
John Olsen from Utah
Jennifer Ostromecki from New York
J. Tyler Pace from Georgia
Olivia Padilla from New Mexico
Ethan Palmersheim from Texas
Emily Palmisano-Holliday from New Hampshire
Simon Pan from Canada
Kate Pavelle from Pennsylvania
Shelby Perlis from California
Caroline Poirier from Michigan
John Post from Arkansas
Natalie J E Potts from Australia
Zach Poulter from Utah
Beth Powers from Indiana
Rajeev Prasad from California
Zay Preacher from Florida
Tom Prentice from Ireland
Nyssa Rae from Canada
Yoann Re from United Kingdom
Trish Renee from Michigan
Taemumu Richardson from New Zealand
Diane Robinson from Canada
Rob Robson from United Kingdom
Caleb Thomas Rostedt from Australia
Brian Rowe from Ohio
Mahmoud Salameh from New Jersey
Edward Sammons from Florida
Brandon Sanford from Oregon
Tenzin Sangpo from Oregon
Keila Sato from California
Basil Schlegel from Germany
John Eric Schleicher from Montana
Barbara Schreibke from California
Cody Schroeder from Missouri
Adeline J. Schultz from Illinois
Michael Sherrin from Massachusetts
Joellen Shumway from Utah
Joseph Sidari from Massachusetts
Michael Simon from Canada
Nathan Slemp from Michigan
Benjamin Smith from Pennsylvania
Katlina Sommerberg from California
Alexandra Starovoitov from Connecticut
Carolyn Stein from Tennessee
Roni Rae Stinger from Washington
Luke Strom from California
Jarom Scott Strong from Utah
Yejin Suh from New Jersey
Audrey Sun from New Jersey
Thomas Tapper from Sweden
E.M. Taylor from New Mexico
M.R. Tevebaugh from Colorado
Dan Thurot from Utah
Christina Tong from Florida
Katherine Toran from Maryland
Matias Travieso-Diaz from Virginia
SC Turner from Canada
Roderick D. Turner from Canada
Nickolas Urpi from Virginia
Zachary J. Vacek from Texas
David Van Droid from Tennessee
Leslie Vedder from Colorado
Janani Viswanathan from Canada
Shannon Walch from Germany
Derek Ivan Webster from Connecticut
Morgan Welch from United Kingdom
Galen Westlake from Canada
Jeanne Wherley from Ohio
Jacob John White from Pennsylvania
Forrest Will from California
Erin Williams from Vermont
Elsa Wilson-Cruz from Alaska
Caroline Winge from Brazil
Thomas Woodward from Minnesota
Hayley Woolf from New Zealand
Mike Wyant, Jr. from New York
Marissa Yoo from New Jersey
Sam Yoo from Massachusetts
Neil Young from California


4 replies
  1. Urell Odama
    Urell Odama says:

    Congratulations to everyone! We know the big winners are really good… so we should read them. For anyone who is planning to enter the contest for the first time (like me), I think we should also read a couple stories from the ‘Honorables.’ Would that be possible?

    • Erik van Mechelen
      Erik van Mechelen says:

      Hi Urell,

      Would be happy to share my 4th Quarter Honorable Mention–was surprised as I have only started to submit short stories, although I have worked for some time on several.

      Please email me writer@hey.com and mention the contest in your subject line so that I can remember where you came from.

      Best wishes – Erik


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