Writers of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners

Writers of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 40


And the winners are:

First Place – Rose and Alice Robilliard from Great Britain
Second Place – Sky McKinnon from Washington
Third Place – James Davies from Maryland


Joshua Boehman from Maryland
Kent Jones from Minnesota
Morgan McIntyre from Great Britain
Rosie Oliver from Great Britain
Nathan Schachter from New York


Adam Gaffen from Colorado
Christopher Henckel from New Zealand
Ross C. Higgins from Texas
CR Hodges from Colorado
Van Hook from Virginia
Kristina Kelly from Indiana
B.T. Mew from Canada
Jack Nash from Virgiinia
Florence Verdant from South Carolina
K.A. Wiggins from Canada
Marek R. Wilk from Oklahoma
A Wilkins from New Zealand
Mike Wyant, Jr. from New York

Silver Honorable Mentions:

Nick Aires from Canada
Mia Anwar from New York
Brandon Scott Argetsinger from New York
Fraiser Armitage from Great Britain
Cameron Bain from New York
Don Mark Baldridge from Pennsylvania
Chris Balliet from Pennsylvania
S.A. Barrie from Georgia
H. Baumgardt from Minnesota
Joe Benet from North Carolina
J.W. Benford from California
Bret Booher from Indiana
Seth S. Bradford from Virginia
Evelyn K. Brunswick from France
Julie Brydon from California
R.C. Cadigan from California
Tanner Call from Maryland
Aaron Canton from Utah
Richard Cartwright from Tennessee
Brandon Case from Nevada
Madeleine Chae from North Carolina
David Close from Arizona
James Cummins from Georgia
Kate Dane from Minnesota
Emily Dauvin from Canada
Domenic diCiacca from Missouri
Michael Anthony Dioguardi from New York
Victoria Dixon from Kansas
Cristina dos Santos from North Carolina
P. Dupree from South Africa
George Edwards from Indiana
Sofia Ezdina from Russia
Kimberly Finnell-Mulvena from Arizona
Jenn Fir from California
Melva Gifford from Utah
Cara Giles from Utah
Nate Givens from Virginia
Brad A. Halverson from Utah
Danny Hankner from Iowa
Kelly Harmon from Maryland
Rachel Hart from California
Michelle Henrie from Utah
Dylan B. Heron from New Jersey
Marc Hyden from Wisconsin
Jared A. Jackson from Florida
Eli Jones from Oregon
Daniel Kephart from New York
R.A. Krueger from Florida
Melvin Laurel from Texas
Holden Lee from North Carolina
Brianne Linn from Pennsylvania
Darren Lipman from Wisconsin
Shiv Majmudar from Ohio
Ryan T. McFadden from Canada
Stephen McHayle from New Jersey
Tristan and Blaise Miranda from California
Kristin Nergaard from Colorado
Riley Nielson from Utah
John M. Olsen from Utah
Al Onia from Canada
CJ O’Shea from Australia
Jacob Parez from California
Michael Parsons from Virginia
Christopher Pate from Virginia
FS Phelps from Turkey
Gregory Pickett from Connecticut
Kathleen Powell from Missouri
Rajeev Prasad from California
Emilia Pulliainen from Finland
Caitlin Quinn from California
Jeffrey Alan Rector from California
RockOnKitty from Australia
G.P. Sharp from South Carolina
Mary Shaver from Colorado
Sandra Siegienski from Oregon
Cass Sims Knight from Oregon
Sandra Skalski from New Jersey
Thomas K. Slee from Australia
Gideon P. Smith from Massachusetts
C.W. Stevenson from Texas
Eric Stever from Idaho
Julia Sullivan from Ohio
Ramya Suresh from Washington
Patrik Tripes from Czechia
Theresa Tyree from Oregon
J.C. Unitt from Great Britain
Demi Utley from Oregon
Nicole Van Den Eng from Wisconsin
Amalie Wad from Norway
KT Wagner from Canada
Amelia Wallis from Utah
Kylie Wang from California
Russell Weisfield from Colorado
Thomas J. West III from Maryland
Leslie Wibberley from British Columbia
Arther Wick from Belgium
Chase Williams from Georgia
Caleb Williams from Texas
Nick Wisseman from Michigan
Brad Zeiger from Oregon

Honorable Mentions:

Sam A from North Carolina
Acestroke from Illinois
Nikki Ackerman from Arkansas
J.F. Acosta Rodriguez from New York
A.M. Aikman from Florida
Alex Allbright from Utah
Laura Allen from Massachusetts
E.S.S. Archer from Canada
Erol Arguden from Great Britain
Julia V. Ashley from Mississippi
Dawson Balencia from Texas
Alexander Barrett from Arizona
Christopher Baxter from Utah
Von Beckford from Massachusetts
Claire Beeli from California
Ryan Benson from Georgia
Matthew Berkman from Colorado
P.D. Blake from Great Britain
James Blakey from Virginia
Sheena Blankenagel from Utah
Daniel Blatt from California
Rob Bleckly from Australia
Sam Bowden from Ohio
Sierra Branham from Utah
P.K. Brent from Florida
Jennifer Brinn from Virginia
Morgan Broadhead from Ohio
Ali Bronzo from Vermont
Ed Buchan from Canada
F. A. Button from Colorado
Jarrid Cantway from Iowa
Anna Cates from Ohio
Alicia Cay from Colorado
Alessandra Clarke from Colorado
Daniel M. Cojocaru from Switzerland
Sarah Connell from North Carolina
D.B. Corsi from North Carolina
Brian Crenshaw from Ohio
S. Donovan Croft from South Carolina
Adrian Croft from California
Sylvia Cumming from California
Bill Day from New Jersey
Lauren E. De Souza from Utah
John E. DeLaughter from Oklahoma
Michelle Diaz from Oregon
Taskel Dillon from Sweden
Sharon Dodge from New Mexico
Habiba Dokubo-Asari from Nigeria
Malina Douglas from Australia
Aiden Dufort from Missouri
Durmanog from France
Arthur P. Dutton from Colorado
Timothy Dwyer from New Zealand
Terry Ebaugh from Virginia
S.U. Edelweiss from Philippines
Elena Eiss from Pennsylvania
H.A. England from Utah
A.E. Engle from Missouri
Jon Eno from Texas
Robert Esterl from Australia
Falchion from Maine
Thomas Farringer-Logan from Oregon
Angelique Fawns from Canada
Tiffiny Felix from Utah
T.A. Fenner from Georgia
Andrea Ferrari Kristeller from Argentena
Samuel Finn from Washington
Isabel Firster from Kentucky
Rachel Fisher from Florida
Jennifer Fleck from Washington
CL Fors from California
Adam Fout from Texas
Douglas Fraley from Delaware
John A. Frochio from Pennsylvania
Henry Gasko from Australia
RM Gayler from Nevada
Tristan A. Gilmore from Ohio
Tiina Giocada from Canada
Ed Godbois from Massachusetts
J.C.G. Goelz from Louisianna
PR Gomez from Illinois
Jacob Gordner from Canada
Stella Grace from Louisianna
Sandra Grayson from Wisconsin
Yvonne Gross from Florida
William Jack Hahn III from Maine
Phillip Hall from Virginia
David Halpert from Canada
Robert P. Hansen from Iowa
Stephen Hantzmon from Oregon
J. Christopher Harman from Great Britain
Tom Harper Hale from Scotland
Elizabeth Harrow from Ohio
Lesley Hart Gunn from Utah
James Healy from Australia
Ari Heff from Massachusetts
W.O. Hemsath from Minnesota
Katherine Herzog from Illinois
Hannah Hoare from Great Britain
Ariana Hoelscher from Texas
Lloyd Enoch Holland from Great Britain
Laura Holley from Utah
Benjamin T. Hollingsworth from Massachusetts
Drake Hughes from North Carolina
Gregory R. Hyde from Colorado
Illuminique from California
Joyce Jacobo from California
Michael Ray Jacquart from Rhode Island
K.L. Janca from California
Caleb Jennison from Kansas
Renee Jerome from New Mexico
R.A. Johnson from Pennsylvania
Erik Johnson from Viet Nam
William Paul Jones from California
Todd Jones from Michigan
Sean Jones from Colorado
Eden Jones from Utah
Chris Jones from Australia
Gabriela Jorjes from California
Vivi Kanari from Greece
Andrew E. Kane from Germany
Angela Kayd from Massachusetts
B.T. Keaton from New Zealand
Janessa Keeling from Kentucky
Peter Keenan from Texas
Patrick J. Kelly from California
Andria Kennedy from Virginia
Michael Kingswood from California
Jordan Kirton from Great Britain
Amanda Knackstedt from Missouri
Karen L. Kobylarz from Illinois
Sean CW Korsgaard from Virginia
KPF from Texas
N.C. Krueger from Minnesota
Michael La Ronn from Iowa
Jason Lairamore from Oklahoma
Penni Lamont from New Jersey
Rachel LeAnn from Maryland
Dennis Lee from Australia
Annaliese Lemmon from Arizona
Dugan Lentz from North Carolina
J.T. Lewis from Canada
Michelle Liggons from California
Akis Linardos from Germany
Nic Lishko from Colorado
Kevin Liu from Virginia
Nemo Lockeheart from Germany
Benson Lucero from Philippines
Judy Lunsford from Arizona
Chloe Macdonald from Utah
Cay Macres from California
Joan Mabansag from California
William Mangieri from Texas
SK Marre from Connecticut
Charley Marsh from Minnesota
Ben Matson from Ohio
Robert J. McCarter from Arizona
Andrew McCormick from California
L. R. McGary from Massachusetts
Joshua Harley McKnight from California
Allie Kiri Mendelsohn from California
Dom Michaels from Idaho
Michael Middleton from Oregon
Blake Montgomery from New York
Aaron Moskalik from Michigan
Elizabeth Napier from Great Britain
J. Autumn Needles from Washington
Jared Nelson from Florida
Jan Nerenberg from Oregon
Nick Nethery from Armed Forces (AE)
Jason P. Newman from California
Rey Nichols from North Carolina
Alice Nord from France
David North-Martino from Massachusetts
Ronan O’Callaghan from Illinois
William A. Oliver from New Jersey
Stephen Patrick from Texas
B.A. Paul from Indiana
A.J. Payler from California
Jackie Payson from Florida
Nicole Perry from Michigan
Jenny Perry Carr from Texas
C.J. Persson from Sweden
Catheryn Poe from Kansas
Brenda Posey from Alabama
Beth Powers from Indiana
Sean Price from Virginia
Elana Qasem from Illinois
Susan Qrose from Canada
Eliza Quentin from New Zealand
Sean Quinn from New York
Derk Rayborne from Oregon
Iona Remark from New Mexico
S.C. Rey from Utah
Timothy Reynolds from Canada
K.Z. Richards from Ohio
Isabelle Roberge from Canada
Dhyane Robinson from Canada
Joseph Rose from California
J.M. Rosenthal from Alabama
Malcolm Rothery from United Kingdom
Johanna Rothman from Massachusetts
C.A. Rowland from Tennessee
Heather Rutkowski from Florida
Manisha Sahoo from India
Edward Sammons from Florida
Scott M. Sands from Australia
Cameron Sauder from Canada
Marcus Schmidt from California
Alex Schneider from Pennsylvania
Joel C. Scoberg from Great Britain
V. Shalace from California
Neil Shieldman from Utah
Sam Shipp from Texas
Claudio Silvano from Australia
Lisa Silverthorne from Nevada
Catherine Simpson from Virginia
Nathan Slemp from Michigan
S. Daniel Smith from Virginia
Morgan Standish from Canada
Louie Steiner from Maryland
J K Stephens from Florida
Philip D. Stern from New York
Sarah Stevens from Indiana
Nathan Steward from Great Britain
Alex Sultan from Canada
P.L. Sundeson from Louisianna
Liviu Surugiu from Romania
Erin L. Swann from Maryland
Frank Talaber from Canada
John Taloni from California
Gabriel Tannini from New York
Sophia Tao from Washington
Clint Taylor from Utah
Simon Terhaag from Jordan
Hope Terrell from Nevada
Mike Terry from Utah
Joel Thomas from California
Melissa Tolliver from Texas
Mark Tomlinson from Illinois
Thomas Tortorich from Missouri
Eugene Tower from Nevada
Crystal Troback from Canada
Brandon Trotter from Canada
Annie Tupek from Oregon
Stephanie Turner from Canada
Kay Vaindal from New York
Allen Vale from Arizona
Rowan Elizabeth Van Lare from Rhode Island
Christian Vincent from Pennsylvania
Lea Waits from Georgia
Shannon Walch from Germany
R.W. Wallace from France
Gib Wallis from Texas
Joseph Charles Walter from Georgia
Charles Walter from Arizona
Eric Wampler from Wisconsin
Laura Ware from Florida
W.D. Warren from North Carolina
J. Watt from Texas
Catherine Weaver from California
Morgan Welch from Great Britain
B.K. Wellman from Montana
Aaron Werntz from Texas
Kevin West from Germany
Amy Wethington from South Carolina
Terron Wharton from Missouri
Daryn Wilde from Ohio
Jade Wildy from Australia
Robert Luke Wilkins from Nevada
Mark Wilkinson from Utah
Jarrod K. Williams from Ohio
T.D. Wilson from Ohio
Paul Wilson from Ohio
Jonah Witte from Maryland
Nathan Wood from Germany
Anna X from South Carolina
Mbali Xabela from South Africa
Quinn Young from Iowa
Lauren Zarama from Massachusetts

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  1. Chase Williams
    Chase Williams says:

    Thank you so much WOTF and Galaxy Press for the Silver Honorable Mention this quarter! Congratulations to all of the amazing Writers. I look forward to reading the next anthology.


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