Writers of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners

Writers of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 36


Writers of the Future 2nd Quarter Standings for 2019, Volume 36


Of all the writing contests out there, this one launches careers!


And the winners are:

First Place – Katherine Livingston from Oklahoma
Second Place – Zack Be from Maryland
Third Place – Tim Boiteau from Michigan



Angela Clawson from Utah
Nathan Dodge from Texas
Austin Gragg from Missouri
James A. Hearn from Texas
Andrea Kriz from Massachusetts


T.E. Bradford from New York
Grant Gerwatowski from Michigan
Kevin P. Hallett from Texas
Jenica Jessen from California
M.H. Lee from Colorado
A.J. Lee from Oregon
Blazej Szpakowicz from British Columbia, Canada
Luke Wildman from Indiana
Michael J. Wyant Jr. from New York

Silver Honorable Mentions:

Robert Bagnall from United Kingdom
Christopher Baxter from Utah
M.K. Beutymhill from California
K.R. Borne from Pennsylvania
Matt Bosio from Florida
L. R. Braden from Colorado
Jennifer Bushroe from Arizona
Jack Calverley from United Kingdom
C.A. Carey from Oklahoma
D.C. Carlisle from Arizona
Erin Casey from Iowa
Chan Yuk Chi from Singapore
Cory Daignault from Minnesota
Michael DeCarolis from Florida
Max Dosser from North Carolina
Michael Duda from Ohio
Jason Fernandes from Pennsylvania
Kathryn Francia from New York
Robert Hawkins from Texas
Antoine J. Hayes from Maryland
Greg Hoover from Missouri
Aaron Horsager from Ohio
Nick King from New Mexico
Rachel LaDue from Connecticut
Jourdan Lamse from Michigan
Caroline Manley from Ohio
E.L. Ratliff from Washington
Spencer Sekulin from Ontario, Canada
Nathan Slemp from Michigan
Benjamin Tyler Smith from Pennsylvania
Gabrielle Thurman from Arkansas
Dan Thurot from Utah
Merethe Walther from Georgia
Helena White from Connecticut
Robert Luke Wilkins from California
Tannara Young from California

Honorable Mentions:

Nicholes P. Adams from Utah
Marek Frederick Alfrey from United Kingdom
Mads Alvey from Kentucky
Sara Amis from Georgia
Michael Anderson from Michigan
Jennie Anderson from Idaho
Jasmine Arch from Belgium
Steve Arensberg from Texas
Brandon Argetsinger from New York
Julia V. Ashley from Mississippi
I.R. Astorga from Spain
T.L. Bainter from Missouri
Brendan Ball from Russia
Hope Barajas from Colorado
C. A. Barrett from Kentucky
J.I. Baydoun from Michigan
Hilda Beal from Virginia
Amitai Ben-Abba from California
John Biggs from Oklahoma
Justin A.W. Blair from Florida
James Blakey from Pennsylvania
A. Branham from Texas
Marlin Bressi from Pennsylvania
Michael D. Britton from Utah
Jane Brolf from British Columbia, Canada
Jonathan Bronico from Massachusetts
Nathan Buckingham from Arizona
Brian Alan Carlson from Alabama
Logan Cason from North Carolina
K.J. Chaves from Oregon
Dennis Chen from California
Jean-Francois Chenier from British Columbia, Canada
Dantzel Cherry from Texas
Rachel Chimits from Colorado
David Christiansen from Utah
Jeremiah Christie from Paraguay
Carrie Clickard from Florida
Cary S. Collins from Georgia
Mike Core Tez from Ontario, Canada
Danielle Coty from Michigan
Krishan Coupland from Scotland
E.A. Crawley from Washington
Sarina Dahlan from California
Emily Dauvin from Saskatchewan, Canada
L. H. Davis from Florida
Lance Dean from California
Alya Demina from Germany
Andy Dibble from Wisconsin
Russell Dillingham from Washington
Mira Dover from Virginia
Arthur Doweyko from Florida
Alexander Duhamel from Canada
Frank Dutkiewicz from Michigan
Claire Ellis from Texas
Mason Engel from Indiana
Robert Mitchell Evans from California
R.G. Everly from Virginia
Kaitlin Felix from Switerland
Suzanne Ferguson from Texas
Jonathan Fesmire from California
Neil Wesley Flinchbaugh from Illinois
Zanna Fong from Ontario, Canada
S.C.A. Fontaine from France
Tim Fox from Oregon
Rhyanne Fritz from Arizona
John A. Frochio from Pennsylvania
Michael Gardner from Australia
PK Gardner from North Carolina
Sergey Gerasimov from Ukraine
Katharina Gerlach from Germany
Rebecca Giansante from California
Melva Gifford from Utah
Nate Givens from Virginia
Barry M. Goldsmith from Arizona
Ilyssa Goldsmith from Arizona
Ian Gonzales from Washington
Les Gould from Virginia
Carl Grafe from Idaho
G. Gray from Northern Ireland
Jordyn Grist from Illinois
Jon Gunnarsson from Germany
Maryann Elizabeth Haaser from Indiana
Pam Hage from Netherlands
Doug Hamilton from Ohio
Laura Handley from Virginia
Alex Harford from United Kingdom
JJ Harlan from Washington
DW Harvey from California
Russell Hemmell from Scotland
Peggy Hendry from Arizona
Michelle Henrie from Utah
R.W. Hodgson from Ontario, Canada
R. J. Howell from Illinois
Scott Hughey from Idaho
Cathy Humble from Oregon
Lynde Iozzo from Colorado
Jared Allen Jackson from Utah
Matthew J. Jarvis from British Columbia, Canada
A. Jennings Meyer from United Kingdom
Sean Jones from Colorado
Kent Alan Jones from Minnesota
K.D. Julicher from Nevada
Brandie June from California
Isabelle Jurasz from Illinois
Breelyn Karno from Massachusetts
Carolyn Kay from Colorado
Simone Kern from Texas
Kari Kilgore from Virginia
Jace Killian from Arizona
David Kilman from Colorado
Michael Kingswood from California
Shawn Kobb from Virginia
TJ Koker from California
Jeffrey Kremer from Ohio
M. Kuriel from Virginia
Jason Lairamore from Oklahoma
A. Humphrey Lanham from Oregon
Alon Lankri from Israel
Alexis Lantgen from Texas
Morag Lewis from United Kingdom
Justin Li from Singapore
Kelly Lindell from Connecticut
Bonner Litchfield from North Carolina
Barbara Lund from Utah
Hank Lyne from Netherlands
Jeremy Mallory from Virginia
E.H. Mann from Victoria, Australia
Karl Mann from Alberta, Canada
Charlie Marsh from Minnesota
Robert J. McCarter from Arizona
Shea McCollum from California
Andrew McCormick from California
Sylvia Mcivers from New York
Lynn Michals from Virginia
McKenna Miller from New York
Devin Miller from North Carolina
Dennis Mombauer from Sri Lanka
G.H. Morgan from South Carolina
Aaron Moskalik from Michigan
Soumya Sundar Mukherjee from India
John OConnell from Kentucky
Alex Olson from New York
Mike Olson from Wisconsin
V.L. Percy from Arizona
Peter Philleo from Florida
Zach Poulter from Utah
Mihica Anushree Prashant from Dubai
Helen Qian from Maryland
Milana Quezada from California
Jordan Radford from Illinois
Brittany Rainsdon from Idaho
Jake Reed from California
Angela Rega from Australia
N. Reilly from Oregon
Timothy Reynolds from Alberta, Canada
William Joseph Roberts from Georgia
Noah Ronquillo from Louisiana
Edward Sammons from Florida
Eric Schieber from North Carolina
M.M. Schill from Florida
Cody Schroeder from Missouri
Madd Shaddox from Arkansas
Sandra Siegienski from Oregon
S.W. Smith from Florida
Ariel Smith from South Carolina
Rebecca Smith from Tennessee
Taliyah St. James from New Mexico
Andrea St. Pierre from Idaho
Jessica Staricka from Minnesota
Viktor Steele from Utah
E.C. Stever from Idaho
Brooklyn Stewart from North Carolina
Lillian Sturhahn from Colorado
Xariffa Suarez from Texas
Liviu Surugiu from Romania
Jesse Swafford from Oregon
Nick Sweeney from United Kingdom
Katie Tally from North Carolina
M.R. Tevebaugh from Colorado
M. Elizabeth Ticknor from Michigan
Julianna Totten from Nevada
Rebecca E. Treasure from Texas
Roderick D. Turner from Ontario, Canada
Paul Douglas Waddell from Tennessee
Krista Wallace from British Columbia, Canada
Susan Watkins from Oregon
Jesse Weiner from Colorado
Esther Eleanna Weissman from Maryland
CE White from Georgia
JM Williams from Korea
Chris Winspear from Australia
Nick Wisseman from Michigan
Thomas Woodward from Minnesota
Ramez Yoakeim from Georgia
Neil Young from California
Vivi from Illinois


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