Writers of the Future 1st Quarter Winners

Writers of the Future 1st Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 40


And the winners are:

First Place – Stephannie Tallent from California
Second Place – Galen Westlake from Canada
Third Place – John Schleicher from Montana


Gabriel Burch from Oklahoma
Theo Carr from Great Britain
Samuel Chapman from Oregon
Marc Hyden from Wisconsin
Neil Young from California


J.D. Anthony from Texas
Jen Bair from Wyoming
Yasmine Bonatch from Pennsylvania
Yelena Crane from Pennsylvania
Russell Giles from Utah
Austin Gunderson from Utah
Soren M. Henry from Canada
Gregory R. Hyde from Colorado
Jake Kyer from Colorado
Nick Petrou from Australia

Silver Honorable Mentions:

Jon Adcock from California
Ashley Agbay from Illinois
Michael Ainaire from New Hampshire
Gregory Amato from Oregon
Frasier Armitage from Great Britain
Matt Athanasiou from Illinois
Stirling Avis from Oklahoma
Chris Balliet from Pennsylvania
Christopher Baxter from Utah
Lou J. Berger from Colorado
Oliver Blakemore from Colorado
Daniel Blatt from California
Seth S. Bradford from Virginia
Michael D. Britton from Utah
Leith Brooks from Colorado
Evelyn K. Brunswick from France
R.C. Cadigan from California
Autumn Canter from Maryland
Aaron Canton from Utah
A. Kristina Casasent from Texas
Brandon Case from Nevada
Alicia Cay from Colorado
Megan Cicolello from Massachusetts
Gio Clairval from Italy
Tyler Clark from California
Daniel M. Cojocaru from Switzerland
Rachael Cupp from Arizona
Kate Dane from Minnesota
James Davies from Maryland
Kelton Davis from Texas
G.L. Dearman from Florida
OB Dewey from California
Taskel Dillon from Sweden
Nathan B. Dodge from Texas
Mira Dover from Virginia
Arthur M. Doweyko from Florida
Drake from North Carolina
Bryce Easton from Kansas
Emily Ensign from Utah
Joey Erickson from Wisconsin
Shannon Fox from California
Melva Gifford from Utah
Nate Givens from Virginia
Monica Goertzen Hertlein from Canada
H. Y. Gregor from Colorado
Karissa Harlow from Arizona
James A. Hearn from Texas
Michelle Henrie from Utah
Hannah Hoare from Great Britain
C. E. Hoffman from Canada
Ken Hoover from New Mexico
C. Zven Houck from California
William R. Humble from Texas
Lenore James from California
R.A. Johnson from Pennsylvania
Erik Johnson from Vietnam
Sean Jones from Colorado
Eli Jones from Oregon
Dave Kavanaugh from Netherlands
Scott Kircher from Illinois
Karen Kobylarz from Illinois
Anitha Krishnan from Canada
Ryan Kunz from Utah
Jason Lairamore from Oklahoma
Rachel LeAnn from Maryland
Karen Lin from California
Akis Linardos from Greece
Darren Lipman from Wisconsin
M.N. Lloyd from Massachusetts
Margaret Mateya from Pennsylvania
Russell McConnell from Texas
S. Daniel McPhail from Oklahoma
Allie Kiri Mendelsohn from California
Dom Michaels from Idaho
Jen Mierisch from Illinois
A.M. Misterska from Great Britain
E.L. Montague from Texas
Aaron Moskalik from Michigan
Elizabeth Napier from Great Britain
J. Autumn Needles from Washington
Jan Nerenberg from Oregon
Spener Nitkey from New Jersey
B.A. Palmer from Florida
Jenny Perry Carr from Texas
C.J. Persson from Sweden
Hannah Polanco from Utah
Rajeev Prasad from California
Emilia Pulliainen from Finland
Michael Quinn from Maryland
J.M. Ransom from Florida
K.Z. Richards from Ohio
Rosalyn Robilliard from Great Britain
Wren Scarborough from Massachusetts
J.H. Schiller from Ohio
Ian Schutzman from California
Anna Seipert from Utah
Maggie E. Sennesael from Idaho
J Broc Sewell from South Korea
Neil Shieldman from Utah
Sandra Siegienski from Oregon
Lisa Silverthorne from Nevada
Sandra Skalski from New Jersey
Preston Mark Stone from Maryland
Andrew Sutherland from Great Britain
Kate Swenson from Washington
Amadea Tanner from Maryland
Sophia Tao from Washington
SL Tine from Delaware
Thomas Tortorich from Missouri
Stephanie Turner from Canada
J. Watt from Texas
T.D. Wilson from Ohio
Nick Wisseman from Michigan

Honorable Mentions:

Irie Aburto from Washington
Sinclair Adams from California
Linda Maye Adams from Virginia
Nicholas P. Adams from Florida
Brandon Scott Argetsinger from New York
KC Aria from Massachusetts
A.R.R. Ash from Arizona
Eli Asher from North Carolina
C.L. Ayres from Washington
Hannah Azok from Ohio
Robert Bagnall from Great Britain
Don Mark Baldridge from Pennsylvania
Rachael Bates from Kentucky
Micah Bates from Oregon
John Jeepers Baumgartner from California
Gaabriel Becket from Oregon
Aharon Benelli from Israel
J.W. Benford from California
Rick Bennett from Utah
Ryan Benson from Georgia
Joseph Paul Bernstein from Maryland
Teagan Bernstein-Meachum from Illinois
John Biggs from Oklahoma
P.D. Blake from Great Britain
B. Smitty Blanchard from Utah
Rob Bleckly from Australia
Rodney M. Bliss from Utah
Victor Bondar from New Jersey
Nathan Bowen from Great Britain
Sierra Branham from Utah
Rodica Bretin from Romania
Jennifer Brinn from Virginia
Ria Bulthuis from Colorado
Daniel R. Burkhard from Utah
Christopher S. Burns from California
Liz Busby from Utah
M.R. Buttars from Missouri
Roland Byrd from Utah
Madi C.H. from Florida
Tanner Call from Maryland
DJ Camden from New Zealand
Brenda Carr from Canada
Julian Michael Carver from Pennsylvania
Katie Cervenec from Kentucky
Ellie Chang from U.S. Military
Quiana Chase from Utah
M.R. Chriest from Washington
David R. Christiansen from Utah
John Coffren from Maryland
Amy Coles from Montana
Derek Coller from Washington
Jillian Collette from New York
Lee Collins from Alabama
Sarah Connell from North Carolina
A.R. Cook from Washington
Howard Cooper from Canada
Brian Crenshaw from Ohio
S. Donovan Croft from South Carolina
Adrian Croft from Canada
James D. Crofts III from Utah
Sylvia Cumming from California
Karen Darger from California
Emily Dauvin from Canada
Kevin A. Davis from Florida
Mikaela Day from New Jersey
Robert DePree from Florida
Michelle Diaz from Oregon
Adam Dickson from Canada
Cray Dimensional from Pennsylvania
Victoria L. Dixon from Kansas
Zachary Doggett from Washington
Shea Dunlop from Vermont
Joshua Dyer from West Virginia
Keegen Dzurko from Pennsylvania
Jennifer Eatough from Utah
Terry Ebaugh from Virginia
George Edwards from Indiana
Jason Elliott from Tennessee
Karen Engelsen from Minnesota
Alex English from Illinois
Mark English from New Zealand
Eric Esquivel from California
Angelique Fawns from Canada
Zary Fekete from Minnesota
Shanice Felix from Georgia
Jenn Fir from California
Sam Fletcher from Hawaii
Neil Flinchbaugh from Texas
James Flynn from North Carolina
Tim Ford from Canada
Tim Fox from Oregon
Jason D. Francois from Great Britain
Joseph Friesen from Canada
John A. Frochio from Pennsylvania
Adam Gaffen from Colorado
Shelley Gaske from Oregon
Henry Gasko from Australia
Mike Ghere from Ohio
Cat Girczyc from Great Britain
Peter Glazebrook from Great Britain
Michelle Goddard from Canada
Matthew Goldberg from Pennsylvania
Ian Gonzales from Washington
Robin Rose Graves from New York
Xavier Gray from Michigan
Sandra Grayson from Wisconsin
Hannah Greer from North Carolina
Kat Grunewald from New York
Douglas Gwillyn from Pennsylvania
Phillip Hall from Virginia
Florence Hallford from Illinois
David Hangman from Spain
Danny Hankner from Iowa
Mark Hansen from Utah
James Hanzelka from Utah
Alex Harford from Great Britain
J.D. Harlock from Lebanon
J Christopher Harman from Great Britain
Kelly Harmon from Maryland
D.R.R. Hatch from Utah
Christopher Henckel from New Zealand
Anja Hendrikse Liu from California
Madeleine Herbst from Texas
Ben Holden from Great Britain
Rebekah Holladay from Idaho
Sam Hollis from Great Britain
Doc Honour from Florida
Eloise Hopkinson from Great Britain
Drake Hughes from North Carolina
Marshal A. Hunter from Washington
Zina Illuminique from California
Joe Jablonski from North Carolina
Joyce Jacobo from California
Guendolen Jacobs from Virginia
Hall Jameson from Washington
Phil Janowski from Michigan
Caleb Jennison from Kansas
S.R. Jensen from Idaho
Joel Thomas from California
William Paul Jones from California
Todd Jones from Michigan
Ben Jones from Canada
Toshiya Kamei from Missouri
Vivi Kanari from Greece
Taria Karillion from Great Britain
Al Kay from Idaho
Angela Kayd from Massachusetts
Christopher Keene from New Zealand
Katie Kent from Great Britain
Eleftherios Keramydas from Greece
Michael Kingswood from California
Constantine E. Kiousis from Greece
Amanda Knackstedt from Missouri
Danielle Krage from Great Britain
Hannah Marie Kubiak from Wisconsin
Michael La Ronn from Iowa
Toni LaGree from Montana
Ezra Lamdan from Iowa
Michael Lansbury from Mexico
Eric Lard from California
Ray LeCara Jr from Washington
Hermione Lee from Taiwan
M. Scott Lee from Colorado
P.J. Levy from New York
Michelle Liggons from California
C.H. Lindsay from Utah
Candice R. Lisle from Missouri
Dawn Lloyd from Washington
Eicher Lockwood from Iowa
Rachel Loertscher from Washington
Robert F. Lowell from California
Fiona Lu from California
Charles Maclay from Wisconsin
Brooke Magalis from Virginia
Marcus Mann from Washington
Melissa Marion from California
Peter Martin from Vermont
Ian Martinez-Cassmeyer from Missouri
T.F. Massetti from New York
Robert J. McCarter from Arizona
Marcas McClellan from Hawaii
David McGillveray from Great Britain
Sky McKinnon from Washington
Manjula Menon from California
Devin Miller from North Carolina
K.L. Mozden from Washington
Soumya Sundar Mukherjee from India
Jack Mulcahy from Pennsylvania
Owen Nandez from Michigan
Rey Nichols from North Carolina
BB Nickell from Idaho
Dana Nisewarner from West Virginia
R.J. Novotney from Wisconsin
Mandy Oaks from Tennessee
John M. Olsen from Utah
Joshua Uchenna Omenga from Nigeria
Spencer Orey from Denmark
Albert O’Toole from Canada
Cherise Papa from Texas
Jacob Perez from California
M.H. Perry from Illinois
Willem Peters from Canada
Blake R. Phillippi from Montana
Claire Phillips from California
R.E. Pierce from California
Violet Piper from New York
C.M. Poirier from Michigan
Mat Poll from Canada
Allison W. A. Price from Massachusetts
Otilia Pricope from Romania
Gabriel Lukas Quinn from Oregon
Caitlin Quinn from California
Susmita Ramani from California
Adrian Rayner from Great Britain
S.E. Reed from Florida
S.L. Reno from Texas
Jeff Richards from Great Britain
William Joseph Roberts from Georgia
J.M. Roberts from Illinois
Daniel Rodrigues-Martin from Minnesota
J.F. Acosta Rodriguez from New York
Marie Q. Rogers from Florida
Michael Rosenstein from Oregon
Johanna Rothman from Massachusetts
Brian Rowe from Ohio
Max Russell from Oregon
Robert Russo from Ohio
T. James S from Nebraska
SueFred Sabia from Connecticut
Manisha Sahoo from Indiana
Edward Sammons from Florida
Aili Sanchez from Massachusetts
Scott M. Sands from Australia
Nate Schachter from New York
Marcus Schmidt from California
Adeline J. Schultz from Illinois
Nick Scicchitano Jr. from Pennsylvania
Joel C. Scoberg from Great Britain
Adam B. Shaeffer from Washington
G.P. Sharp from South Carolina
Zachary Sherman from Ohio
Hank Shore from North Carolina
Joseph Sidari from Massachusetts
Brian Sigmon from Tennessee
Michael Simon from Canada
Charmaine Smith from California
Katlina Sommerberg Sommers from Oregon
J K Stephens from Florida
P.L. Sundeson from Louisianna
Ramya Suresh from Washington
Kai Swanson-Dale from Oregon
Ed Teja from New Mexico
Hope Terrell from New Jersey
Mireille Theriault from Canada
Kelly Thomas from California
Evan Thorn from Virginia
Mark Tomlinson from Illinois
Crystal Troback from Canada
Roderick D. Turner from Canada
Owen Tyme from Kansas
William VanderHorst from Georgia
Chris Vannes from Ohio
Alexandra Variyah from Georgia
Janani Venkat Ramanan from Illinois
Sotto Voce from Singapore
Eric Vonder Haar from California
Amalie Wad from Norway
KT Wagner from Canada
Shannon Walch from Germany
R.W. Wallace from France
W.D. Warren from North Carolina
Justin D.R. Washburn from Canada
Catherine Weaver from California
B. K. Wellman from Montana
Markus Wessel from Germany
Kevin West from Germany
Thomas J. West III from Maryland
Philip White from Utah
P.F. White from New Hampshire
Connor Whiteley from Great Britain
K.A. Wiggins from Canada
James K. Wight from Great Britain
Jade Wildy from Australia
Robert Luke Wilkins from Nevada
Mark Wilkinson from Utah
Jarrod K. Williams from Ohio
Chase Williams from Pennsylvania
Walter L. Williamson from New Jersey
P.S.C. Willis from Great Britain
Cliff Winnig from California
Elizabeth Wither from Canada
Adrienne Wood from Michigan
Mike Wyant, Jr. from New York
Ann Wycoff from California
Anna X from South Carolina
Mbali Xabela from South Africa
Rebecca Xi from Pennsylvania
Danny Yang from New York

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      John Goodwin says:

      Finalists receive personalized notes. What is recommended is to join the Writers of the Future Forum where past winners participate and help other writers.


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