Writers of the Future 1st Quarter Winners

Writers of the Future 1st Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 39


And the winners are:

First Place – Samuel Parr from Great Britain
Second Place – Spencer Sekulin from Canada
Third Place – L.H. Davis from Florida


Abigail Corfman from New York
Cat Girczyc from Canada
Sean CW Korsgaard from Virginia
Ian Schutzman from California
Wanda E. Stellar from Tenneessee


Micah Bates from Oregon
Alexander Blum from California
Thomas A Ciccarone from Connecticut
Jim Henderson from Colorado
Nyx Kain from Canada
L.A. Myles from Oregon
Tim Rangnow from Texas
Kevin West from Germany
Mike Wyant, Jr. from New York
Leah Yacknin-Dawson from Texas

Silver Honorable Mentions:

Les Abernathy from Alabama
Ell Allan from California
Abigail Anklam from Virginia
Frasier Armitage from Great Britain
Matt Bille from Colorado
P.D. Blake from Great Britain
Rob Bleckly from Australia
Melissa Bobe from New York
Bret Booher from Indiana
Seth S. Bradford from Virginia
Ian Brentwood from Great Britain
David Bridge from Great Britain
Michael D. Britton from Utah
Vern Buzarde from Texas
Gary Campbell from California
Jarrid Cantway from Iowa
Brandon Case from Nevada
Jeff Cassell from Georgia
Alicia Cay from Colorado
Maureen Chude from Canada
Bella Chung from Virginia
Noelia Colon from New York
A.A. Conway from Great Britain
A.R. Cook from Illinois
Howard Cooper from Canada
Peter Coughlin from New York
Denise Crittendon from Nevada
Jeff Cross from Canada
James Cummins from Georgia
Merle Davenport from Oklahoma
R. Paulo Delgado from Germany
Rachel Dib from North Carolina
Amanda Dier from Florida
A.M. Entracte from Great Britain
Neil Flinchbaugh from Texas
Alex Fox from Massachusetts
Jason D. Francois from Great Britain
Logan Garner from Oregon
Jasmin Gelinck from Netherlands
Sergey Gerasimov from Ukraine
Nate Givens from Virginia
H.Y. Gregor from Colorado
Thomas J. Griffin from Tennessee
Mary Eliz Haaser from Michigan
Colin Hacker from Colorado
Anaïd Haen from The Netherlands
Pam Hage from Netherlands
J.A. Haigh from Australia
Phillip Hall from Virginia
James A. Hearn from Texas
Michelle Henrie from Utah
Ken Hoover from New Mexico
Porter Huddleston from Colorado
Drake Hughes from North Carolina
Marissa James from Oregon
William Paul Jones from California
Todd Jones from Michigan
Kent Jones from Minnesota
Eli Jones from Oregon
Daniel Kamin from Illinois
Karen L. Kobylarz from Illinois
Jake Kyer from Colorado
J G Kyte from Great Britain
Michele Laframboise from Canada
MQ Larue from Maryland
Daniel Lengeman from Pennsylvania
Mike Lewis from Great Britain
Candice R. Lisle from Missouri
Steven Lombardi from New York
Anna Madden from Texas
Mark Manifesto from California
Nick Marone from Australia
Django Mathijsen from Netherlands
Ryan T. McFadden from Canada
Cassie Meyer from Kansas
Dom Michaels from Idaho
Eugenia Montsaroff from Washington
Jack Mulcahy from Pennsylvania
Rosie Oliver from Great Britain
B. A. Palmer from Florida
Barbara Patten from Minnesota
Philip Peerce from Kentucky
C.J. Persson from Sweden
Chris Pettett from Australia
Alex Pickens from North Carolina
J.C. Pillard from Colorado
Thomas Poldervaart from Netherlands
Zach Poulter from Utah
Kathleen Powell from Missouri
Beth Powers from Indiana
Ed Prestwood from Arizona
K.E. Radke from Nevada
D E Raine from Australia
Timothy Reynolds from Canada
Jennifer Robertson from Nevada
Glenn Rosado from Florida
G.X. Rosberch from Kentucky
Benjamin Sargent from Massachusetts
Mike Scherer from North Carolina
John Eric Schleicher from Montana
Marcus Schmidt from California
Cody Schroeder from Missouri
L.A. Selby from California
Pierre-Alexandre Sicart from Taiwan
Avery Simmons from Virginia
Wendy Simpson from Delaware
J K Stephens from Florida
Blake Stone-Banks from Colorado
Joseph Storey from Utah
Keegan M. Stull from Florida
Liviu Surugiu from Romania
Kai Swanson-Dale from Oregon
Hope Terrell from New Jersey
Marissa Tian from Texas
Rebecca E. Treasure from Texas
Clare Tremblay from New York
Crystal Troback from Canada
Catalino Vega from Florida
Lauren Voeltz from Minnesota
Lea Waits from Georgia
Amanda White from Texas
L A Wibberley from Canada
Robert Luke Wilkins from Nevada
Neal Williams from Colorado
Jarrod K Williams from Ohio
Elsa Wilson-Cruz from Alaska
Phil Yeatman from Australia
Brad Zeiger from Oregon

Honorable Mentions:

L H Adams from North Carolina
J S Adams from Great Britain
King Afrika from South Africa
Lujain Almahdi from California
Jeremy Althof from Hawaii
S.R. Anand from India
Tormod Andersen from California
J.D. Anthony from Oregon
Brandon Scott Argetsinger from New York
Van Arlik from Idaho
A.R.R. Ash from Arizona
Matt Athanasiou from Illinios
Charlie Atkinson from Canada
Omri Avrech from Israel
Hannah Azok from Ohio
Robert Bagnall from Great Britain
Caitlyn Bailey from Arizona
Jen Bair from Texas
Paul Bancroft from Australia
E. R. Barr from Illinios
Alexander Barrett from Arizona
Rachael Bates from Kentucky
Baumgartner from Oregon
Joe Benet from North Carolina
E.J. Bennett from Maine
Ryan Benson from Georgia
Glenn Bering from Michigan
Ojo Bishop from Montana
Elizabeth Black from Utah
Ceci Black from Virginia
Oliver Blakemore from Colorado
James Blakey from Virginia
Michael Bondies from California
B.A. Boose from Washington
William Boulanger from Washington
Leith Brooks from Colorado
Jesse M Burns from Florida
Kendell Burress from Colorado
Jack Calverley from Great Britain
A.J. Campbell from Missouri
Natia Campton from Missouri
Michael Capozzi from New Jersey
J. Meade Carey from Pennsylvania
J. Perry Carr from Texas
Julian Michael Carver from Pennsylvania
Keith Casto from Ohio
Anna Cates from Ohio
Amin Chehelnabi from Australia
Christopher Cherrwin from California
Isabella Cheung from Canada
Colleen Christi Willett from New Jersey
Megan Cicolello from Massachusetts
Emma Cohen from Minnesota
Daniel M. Cojocaru from Switzerland
Marianne Connolly from Massachusetts
Travis Lee Cooper from Texas
D.B. Corsi from North Carolina
Yelena Crane from Pennsylvania
Jason P. Crawford from California
Crystal Crawford from Florida
Todd Creel from Virginia
S. Donavan Croft from South Carolina
Jan Cronos from New York
Adrian Cross from Canada
Paul Crowe from Great Britain
Sean Cudeck from Minnesota
Rebecca J Cuthbert from New York
Apu Das from India
Dionna Dash from Pennsylvania
James Daubert III from Virginia
Emily Dauvin from Canada
James Davies from Maryland
Kevin A Davis from Florida
Dorothy de Kok from South Africa
Marco de la Roche from New York
Michael DeCarolis from Florida
Abigail Deland from Great Britain
John E. DeLaughter from Oklahoma
Robert Delaware from Florida
John Derderian from California
Adam Dickson from Canada
Nathan B. Dodge from Texas
L. E. Doggett from California
R.T. Donlon from New Hampshire
Cristina dos Santos from North Carolina
David R. Downing from New Mexico
Maximillan Drayton from Indiana
Michael Duda from Ohio
Jenna Eatough from Utah
Tim Emery from Great Britain
Jon Eno from Texas
Angelique Fawns from Canada
Alex Feak from Michigan
Zary Fekete from Minnesota
Sarah Fender from Massachusetts
Marco Figaroa from New Jersey
CL Fors from California
Tim Fox from Oregon
Shannon Fox from California
John A. Frochio from Pennsylvania
Krispen Frost from Michigan
S.F. Fury from Idaho
Adam Gaffen from Colorado
TS Gallows from Arizona
Becca Lee Gardner from Utah
Jean-Paul Garnier from California
Henry Gasko from Australia
Ezry George from Singapore
Andre K. George from Colorado
Eric Gershom from Vermont
Russell Giles from Utah
Cara Giles from Utah
KC Gilman from Virginia
Peter Glazebrook from Great Britain
Matthew Goldberg from Pennsylvania
Ian Gonzales from Washington
Mark Gordon from Florida
J. Reid Graham from Great Britain
G. Gray from Great Britain
Lucy Gregory from Colorado
Jentina Grey from California
Alice Grizz from Colorado
Yvonne Gross from Florida
C.S. Hadebe from South Africa
Sam Hallion from Great Britain
Doug Hamilton from Ohio
James Hancock from Great Britain
Dave Hangman from Spain
David Hankins from Iowa
Alex Harford from Great Britain
Cody Hegel from California
Ivan Helsel from New Hampshire
Christopher Henckel from New Zealand
Alicia Hilton from Illinios
Ariana Hoelscher from Texas
Rebekah Holladay from Idaho
Eric Honour from Florida
James Hoover from California
Jeffrey James Hoy from California
Steven Husk from Virginia
Joe Jablonski from North Carolina
Avery Jarrell from South Carolina
Ryan T. Jenkins from Virginia
Kristian Jensen from Canada
Renee Jerome from New Mexico
Monica Johnson from Canada
Bob Johnston from Great Britain
Joshua Jones from Texas
S. K. from Canada
Toshiya Kamei from Missouri
Andria Kennedy from Virginia
JD Kerr from Utah
Jared Kerr from California
Michael Kingswood from California
Ika Koeck from Malaysia
Kelsey Kottapu from Illinios
S.E. Kramer from Washington D.C.
Kalen Kubik from Kansas
Jason Lairamore from Oklahoma
Mari LaRoche from Ohio
William Layton from Mississippi
Rachel LeAnn from Idaho
Colt Leasure from California
Conrad Ledebuhr from Wisconsin
Hermione Lee from Taiwan
Annaliese Lemmon from Arizona
Steven T Lente from Colorado
Akis Linardos from Greece
Ariana LoCascio from Connecticut
Celine Low from Singapore
Theodore Lowry from Canada
Kristina Lowther from Virginia
Judy Lunsford from Arizona
Sean Mabry from California
Mark Macedo from California
Daniel Maidman from New York
Michelle Majumdar from Colorado
William Mangieri from Texas
CL Mannarino from Massachusetts
Fancy Margaret from Rhode Island
Brittany Mars from New York
Andrew McCormick from California
Mord McGhee from South Carolina
Lauren McGuire from Georgia
Stephen McHayle from New Jersey
Sky McKinnon from Washington
Joshua Harley McKnight from California
Gabriel Meek from Washington
Allie Kiri Mendelsohn from New York
Job Merkel from Maryland
Evan Mielke from Washington
Jen Mierisch from Illinios
Anne C Miles from Kentucky
Shayla Moffatt from Canada
Vincent Morgan from Canada
Jason Mueller from New York
Soumya Sundar Mukherjee from India
Morell Mullins from Arkansas
Jan Nerenberg from Oregon
Roxanna Donnelly Newslund from Tennessee
AJ Newsom from Maine
Rey Nichols from North Carolina
Jeremy Nigro from Australia
Toshihisa Nikaido from Japan
Fara Odunlami from New Jersey
Ari Officer from Illinios
Lillian Oldham from Utah
E.S. Oliver from Colorado
John M. Olsen from Utah
Al Onia from Canada
Cherise Papa from Texas
Geoffrey Parker from Michigan
Jason Pfister from New York
M.E. Pickett from Virginia
Kilayla Pilon from Canada
Kenneth Pimentel from France
Larry Pinaire from Indiana
Matt Poll from Canada
Rebecca Ponichtera from Oregon
Susan Qrose from Canada
R. Ramey Guerrero from Texas
Carlos Ramirez from New Jersey
S.E. Reed from Florida
Juliana Rew from Colorado
Isabelle Rhodes from New York
D.C. Riemer from Indiana
Scott Ritter from Canada
Meg Robinson from California
Estelle Rodgers from Massachusetts
Drew Rogers from California
Michael Rosenstein from Oregon
Manisha Sahoo from India
Scott M. Sands from Australia
Chenfan Schjelderup-Li from Utah
Jared Schmitz from Kansas
Sandra Siegienski from Oregon
Cass Sims Knight from Oregon
Laura Sink from Ohio
Megan Snow from Nebraska
Anthony St. Clair from Oregon
Michael J. Stanton from Tennessee
Roni Stinger from Washington
Todd Sullivan from Georgia
Alex Sultan from Canada
Alexander Templeton from Virginia
Kelly Thomas from California
P R T Thurston from Great Britain
Lauren Triola from Virginia
Dashiell Tucker from New York
Annie Tupek from Oregon
Stephanie Turner from Canada
Roderick D. Turner from Canada
James A. Tweedie from Washington
Owen Tyme from Kansas
Mehgohn Ehinikir Ursukalu from Iowa
Demi Utley from Washington
Allen Vale from Arizona
K. Venhat from Florida
Jack Neel Waddell from Arkansas
Shannon Walch from Germany
Lauren Walker from North Carolina
Hazel Warlaumont from California
Rylann Watts from Oregon
Cathleen Weng from Alabama
Aaron Werntz from Texas
Tyler West from Canada
Galen Westlake from Canada
Tyler Whatley from Canada
Iris Whelan from Maryland
L. Cyrus Whelchel from Texas
Dane Whitaker from Utah
K.A. Wiggins from Canada
JM Williams from Armed Forces
J.D. Wilson from West Virginia
Elliot M. Wilson from Massachusetts
William R.D. Wood from Virginia
Jonathan Worlde from West Virginia
Sierra Young from Georgia
Hao Daniel Zhang from New York
Elias Van Zimmer from Germany
Katarina Zurar from Texas
LadyofLagrena from Serbia

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