Writers of the Future 1st Quarter Winners

Writers of the Future 1st Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 38


Writers of the Future 1st Quarter Standings for 2021, Volume 38


Of all the writing contests out there, this one launches careers!


And the winners are:

First Place – Mike Jack Stoumbos from Washington
Second Place – Brittany Rainsdon from Idaho
Third Place – J.A. Becker from Australia



Jason D. Francois from United Kingdom
Gregory Hyde from Colorado
Thomas Tapper from Sweden
Rebecca E. Treasure from Texas
Robert Luke Wilkins from California



Kenneth A. Baldwin from Utah
Alicia Cay from Colorado
A.V. Dutson from Utah
Peter Griffin from United Kingdom
Christopher Henckel from New Zealand
Jan Nerenberg from Oregon
Jade Visos-Ely from Kansas
Merethe Walther from Georgia
Dane St. George from Colorado


Silver Honorable Mentions:

Linda Maye Adams from Virginia
Dustin Adams from New York
Katelyn Allred from Utah
Kasey Anderson from Utah
Brandon Scott Argetsinger from New York
John Arkwright from Georgia
Hannah Azok from Ohio
Jen Bair from Armed Forces Post Office
C.A. Barrett from Kentucky
Amitai Ben-Abba from Israel
J.W. Benjamin from Hawaii
Mark Bilsborough from United Kingdom
Kaitlyn Black from California
Daniel Blatt from California
Matt Bosio from Florida
Mark Braidwood from Canada
Jacob Brezinski from Pennsylvania
Ron Carnell from Michigan
Jade Chin from Maryland
Christopher Chwang from California
John Coming from Ohio
Crystal Crawford from Florida
Ted Cross from New York
Jesse Cunningham from Maryland
Koji A. Dae from Bulgaria
Cory Daignault from Minnesota
Mei Davis from Michigan
L. H. Davis from Florida
Edmund de Wight from Nevada
Lance Dean from California
G. L. Dearman from Florida
Michael DeCarolis from Florida
FR di Brozolo from California
Victoria Dixon from Kansas
Mira Dover from Virginia
Wade Dunham from Canada
Rob Earle from Washington
Jennifer Lesh Fleck from Washington
J.G. Follansbee from Washington
Nate Givens from Virginia
Todd Glasscock from Texas
Michelle F Goddard from Canada
Austin Gragg from Missouri
Maria Greer from Montana
Jentina Grey from California
Dan Hankner from Iowa
Kelly Harmon from Maryland
Michelle Henrie from Utah
Louise Herring-Jones from Alabama
Benjamin Hewett from Texas
Alicia Hilton from Illinois
Brian Hinson from New Mexico
Ben Holden from United Kingdom
Ken Hoover from New Mexico
Jake Huckaby from Ohio
Pamela Jeffs from Australia
Scott Jensen from Idaho
Ronald Kaiser from New Hampshire
Andria Kennedy from Virginia
R.J.K. Lee from Japan
Adam Lemma from Pennsylvania
Steven Lombardi from New York
Sara Lunardi from United Kingdom
Robert J. McCarter from Arizona
David McGillveray from United Kingdom
Audrey McLennan from California
Elaine Midcoh from Florida
Devin Miller from North Carolina
Theresa Miller from Idaho
Francesco Moramarco from United Kingdom
Laura Morton from Washington
Luke Nolby from Minnesota
J. Northcutt Jr. from North Carolina
Rich Novotney from Wisconsin
Ari Officer from Illinois
Joe Olson from Nebraska
Al Onia from Canada
Hannah Peterson from New York
Larry Pinaire from Indiana
Beth Powers from Indiana
Ed Prestwood from Arizona
Sonya Rhen from Washington
Reuben Rivers from New York
Sierra Robinson from California
A.E.N. Russell from Indiana
Michael Scherer from North Carolina
Ian Schutzman from California
Joseph Sidari from Massachusetts
Sandra Siegienski from Oregon
Blake Soder from Iowa
Eric Stever from Idaho
Rennie St. James from Virginia
Carmine Tedeschi from Pennsylvania
M. Elizabeth Ticknor from Michigan
Kevin Topp from Illinois
John Eric Vona from Florida
Nestor Walters from California
Kevin West from Germany
Cliff Winnig from California


Honorable Mentions:

Ingmar Albizu from Pennsylvania
Van Alrik from Idaho
Yabo Anderson from Minnesota
B. Kent Anderson from Utah
J.D. Anthony from Oregon
Elaine M Arthur from New Mexico
Karen Aschenbrenner from Wisconsin
Desmond Astaire from Illinois
Marissa Atkirk from Utah
Jessica Atwater from Missouri
Tina Back from California
Robert Bagnall from United Kingdom
Daniel Barlekamp from Massachusetts
Alexander Barrett from Arizona
Patrick Barry from Pennsylvania
Micah Bates from Oregon
H. Baumgardt from Wisconsin
Josh Beals from Georgia
Melissa Beaty from Tennessee
J.W. Benford from California
Rick Bennett from Utah
Lura R. Bennett from Oregon
David Berger from New York
Len Berry from Missouri
M.K. Beutymhill from California
E.M. Bird from Rhode Island
Scott Birrenkott from Wisconsin
Tracey Bjorksten from Australia
Ceci Black from Virginia
Lazarus Black from Washington
Kiley Black from California
Charlene Blackwell from Canada
Spider Blake from Utah
Oliver Blakemore from Colorado
Rob Bleckly from Australia
Megan Bledsoe from Washington
Diana Blount from Georgia
Michael Boggs from Philippines
Bret Booher from Indiana
Dipanjan Bosu from India
Adam Box from Texas
Seth Bradford from Virginia
Fern Brady from Texas
Sierra Branham from Utah
Simone Braunstein from Maryland
Z.T. Bright from Utah
Michael D. Britton from Utah
A. E. Bruns from Mississippi
Harman Burgess from Australia
Claire Burke from California
Daniel R. Burkhard from Utah
Maria Burns from Virginia
Chris S. Burns from California
Paul Butler from New York
Elliot R Cagle from Tennessee
Jack Calverley from United Kingdom
Alex Campana from New Jersey
Evan Cantor from Colorado
Jarrid Cantway from Iowa
Abigail Card from Oregon
D.B. Carr from United Kingdom
J. Perry Carr from Texas
Al Case from California
Anna Cates from Ohio
Sheila Chambers from Florida
Tiare Chen-Wong from California
Rachel Choi from South Korea
Kimberly Chua from Missouri
R.G. Clarke from California
David J. Cochrane from Louisiana
John Coffren from Maryland
Lee Collins from Alabama
Guillermo Rene Colls from California
A.A. Conway from United Kingdom
Troy Earnest Cooper from Texas
Elwood Corbin from New Jersey
Brian Crenshaw from California
Lyndsey Croal from United Kingdom
Emily Crook from Utah
Adrian Cross from Canada
J.B. Cross from Maryland
Marco Cultrera from Canada
James Cummins from Virginia
Kate Dane from Minnesota
Kathleen Danielson from Minnesota
Madeline Dau from Florida
Emily Dauvin from Canada
Kevin Arthur Davis from Florida
Kelsey Day from North Carolina
Marco de la Roche from New York
Daniel de Lill from Florida
T M DeFrench from Indiana
Alissa DeLaFuente from Washington
Iain Delaney from Canada
Jennifer Della’Zanna from Maryland
John Derderian from California
Justin Dill from Canada
Yorgo Douramacos from Indiana
Brittany Maylun Du Bois from Maryland
Senor Odter Dubless from Colorado
Alexander Duhamel from South Korea
R.J. El from North Carolina
Tim Emery from United Kingdom
Mason Engel from Indiana
Miles English from Utah
Jason Evans from Illinois
Patricia Ezell from Georgia
Kat Farrow from Utah
Alison Feather from Canada
Suzanne Ferguson from Texas
Dan Michael Fielding from Minnesota
Caitlin Finley from Texas
Charles Floyd from Georgia
Amanda Foley from Florida
Bryanna R.K. Ford from Canada
CL Fors from California
Adam Fout from Texas
Jennifer Friedl from Indiana
Andrei Gaceff from Romania
Pablo Garcia-Matthews from Texas
Becca Lee Gardner from Utah
Henry Gasko from Austria
Melva Gifford from Utah
Russell Giles from Utah
Cat Girczyc from Canada
Lore Gladwine from Georgia
Lilla Glass from Washington
Peter Glen from Australia
Ian Gonzales from Washington
Mark Gordon from Florida
JB Granger from Maryland
Mark Gregory from Netherlands
Thomas J. Griffin from Tennessee
Paul Grussendorf from West Virginia
Maryann Haaser from Michigan
Kwoineh Haba from Georgia
Anaid Haen from Netherlands
Phillip Hall from Virginia
Scot Hanson from Idaho
Alex Harford from United Kingdom
NV Haskell from Kentucky
Pat Hauldren from Texas
Alison Hayes from Canada
James A. Hearn from Texas
Cody Hegel from California
Alexander Henage from Utah
Hollis Henry from Trinidad and Tobago
JP Heroman from Australia
Steven Heumann from Utah
Alicia Hilton from Illinois
Evan Hoffmann from California
Richard Max Holley from California
Ann Honebrink from Kentucky
Elizabeth Hooper from Utah
Matthew House from North Carolina
R. G. Hughes from Utah
Drake Hughes from North Carolina
Cathy Humble from Oregon
Jeffrey Hunt from North Carolina
Tehnuka Ilanko from New Zealand
Patricia A. Jackson from Pennsylvania
Christopher Jenkins from Hawaii
Kyle Jepson from Massachusetts
Carol Johnson from California
Patty Nichole Johnson from Illinois
J. L. Jones from Maryland
Sean Jones from Colorado
William Paul Jones from California
Daniel Kamin from Illinois
Joshua Kapusinski from California
Dave Kavanaugh from Netherlands
Angela Kayd from Massachusetts
John Keane from United Kingdom
Peter Keenan from Texas
D A Kelly from Nevada
Jesse Kemmerer from West Virginia
David Kernot from Australia
Brandon Ketchum from Pennsylvania
Benjamin Keyworth from Australia
Jace Killan from Arizona
Michael Kingswood from California
Amber Kite from United Kingdom
Douglas S. Knight from Virginia
Nathan R. Knowles from Washington
Karen L. Kobylarz from Illinois
Ian Kole from Pennsylvania
Sean Korsgaard from Virginia
S.E. Kramer from District of Columbia
Matt Krueger from Canada
Kalen Kubik from Kansas
Nathan W Landrum from Kentucky
Chuck Lang from North Dakota
Jarrett Langford from Netherlands
MQ Larue from Maryland
Sussu Leclerc from United Kingdom
Ceri Lenahan from Netherlands
Felix Levay from United Kingdom
Mike Lewis from United Kingdom
Christopher F. Lewis from Utah
Sara Light from Illinois
Tonya Lippert from Oregon
Candice R. Lisle from Missouri
Eric Littlefield from Colorado
Dawn Lloyd from Washington
David Lopez from Iowa
Jon Lotus from Texas
Ania Lukashevich from Greece
Judy Lunsford from Arizona
John Lytle from Pennsylvania
Sean Mabry from California
Anna Madden from Texas
Celine Malgen from Switzerland
Daniel Malossi from New York
Roger Mannon from Colorado
Nicholas Marconi from Florida
Perin Marolia from India
Cole Martin from Canada
T.F. Massetti from New York
L. Matlock from Missouri
Ryan McCann from Australia
Marcas McClellan from Hawaii
Guy McDonnell from New Mexico
Oscar McNary from Washington
Cassandra Meyer from Kansas
Dom Michaels from Idaho
Audrey Mihalik from Ohio
Anne C. Miles from Kentucky
Mari Molen from California
Liam Montague from California
Vincent Morgan from Canada
J.N. Mortell from Massachusetts
Aaron Moskalik from Michigan
Soumya Sundar Mukherjee from India
L.A. Myles from Oregon
Deborah J. Natelson from Montana
Rey Nichols from North Carolina
Scott Nicholson from California
Jeremy Nigro from Australia
Toshihisa Nikaido from Japan
Julia Nolan from Washington
Lawrence Nysschens from California
Mandy Oaks from Tennessee
R. A. O’Brien from Australia
David O’Keefe from New York
Taya Okerlund from Utah
Mike Olson from Wisconsin
Neil O’Nova from Texas
Jennifer Ostromecki from New York
Amanda Pampuro from Colorado
Simon Pan from Canada
Kelly Parrish from Georgia
Kate Pavelle from Pennsylvania
Elena Pavlova from Bulgaria
Emily Pearce from Arizona
Rachel Perry from Idaho
C. J. Peterson from Maryland
Andrew Piazza from Pennsylvania
M.E. Pickett from Massachusetts
Dominic Pistritto from Virginia
Robert Porteoue from Australia
Kathleen Powell from Missouri
Rajeev Prasad from California
Jonathan Pratt from Canada
Judith Pratt from New York
Tom Prentice from Ireland
Alayna Puckett from Georgia
Aaryan Pugazendhi from New Jersey
Shane Raben from Nebraska
Matthew Raska from Ohio
August Reeves from Michigan
Angie Rega from Australia
S. L. Reno from Texas
Timothy Reynolds from Canada
F J Richardson from United Kingdom
Julian Richardson from United Kingdom
Bradley Riethmuller from Australia
Frank Riley from California
William Joseph Roberts from Georgia
J. F. Acosta Rodriguez from New York
Lynette Roggenbuck from Washington
Martin Rohde from Australia
SM Rose from Canada
Luana Rose from Arizona
Michael Rosenstein from Oregon
Brian Rowe from Ohio
C.A. Rowland from Virginia
Emily Rowley from Utah
J.L. Royce from Wisconsin
Edward Sammons from Florida
Brandon Sanford from Washington
Tricia Sankey from Missouri
Jay Schatz from New York
Claire Scherzinger from Washington
M.M. Schill from Florida
John Eric Schleicher from Montana
Lyle Schmidt from Nebraska
Cody Schroeder from Missouri
Kylie Scott from California
Benjamin Sehmel from Washington
Spencer Sekulin from Canada
William Shadbolt from New Jersey
V. Shalace from California
Mark Shamer from Florida
Peter Sharrai from Virginia
Hank Shore from South Carolina
Lisa Short from Maryland
Masha Shukovich from Utah
Joellen Shumway from Utah
Pierre-Alexandre Sicart from Taiwan
Candi Lyn Siemens from Washington
Michael Simon from Canada
Guy Arthur Simpson from Spain
Cass Sims-Knight from Oregon
Robert Smith from New Jersey
Benjamin Smith from Pennsylvania
Katlina Sommerberg from Oregon
Ronald Soule from Texas
Samwise Spain from North Carolina
Amy Spaughton from United Kingdom
Michael Spears from North Carolina
C L Spillard from United Kingdom
Anthony St. Clair from Oregon
I. Stanhope from Tennessee
Kimberly Starr from Utah
M. Kelley Stead from Florida
BE Stefanko from Washington
Carolyn Ivy Stein from Tennessee
Tim Sturk from Sweden
Diana Sun from New York
D.R. Sweeney from Florida
Mark Taverna from Texas
Clint Taylor from Utah
G.J. Terral from Texas
Niz Thomas from New Jersey
Dan Thurot from Utah
Crystal Troback from Canada
Lael Tucker from New Mexico
Tom Tugwell from Australia
Roderick D. Turner from Canada
Amy Hammack Turner from North Carolina
Gautam Upadhya from Illinois
Nickolas Urpi from Virginia
William Zackery VanderHorst from Georgia
Amber Velez from Arizona
Samuel Vierra from North Dakota
Jack Neel Waddell from Arkansas
Baylee Wagner from New Hampshire
Shannon Walch from Germany
Leif Wallsby from Sweden
Charles Walter from Arizona
Jenniffer Wardell from Utah
Kassan Warrad from Florida
David Watson from Alabama
Mark Webb from Utah
Jesse Weiner from Colorado
Burton Weinstein from California
Stephen Wendell from France
Aaron C. Werntz from Texas
Ana Wesley from California
Markus Wessel from Germany
Galen Westlake from Canada
Iris Whelan from Maryland
Krystal White from Florida
J.D. Wilson from West Virginia
Adele Winston from United Kingdom
Erika Winterlia from Sweden
I. Woods from North Carolina
Thomas Woodward from Minnesota
Mike Wyant Jr. from New York
Neil Young from California
Sean Young from Nevada
Kathryn Young Seidemann from Oregon
Sebastian Zeltzer from Arizona


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  1. Scot
    Scot says:

    Thanks for running such a great contest and for helping all these aspiring writers (myself included) to grow!

  2. M.R. Lucas
    M.R. Lucas says:

    Thank you to the WotF staff and crew for this contest.

    Congratulations to all the winners and participants.


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