Writers & Illustrators of the Future Workshop Week
2023 – Day 1

Contributed by Jody Lynn Nye

The writer winners arrived today from the UK, Canada, and across the US to Los Angeles International Airport. They were met at the Loews Hollywood Hotel by Joni Labaqui, Meliva Koch, John Goodwin, Emily Goodwin, Jody Lynn Nye, Tim Powers, and the staff of Author Services. After some chatting in the lobby, they checked into their rooms, then were whisked away to Ralph’s Supermarket to pick up supplies and snacks for the coming week.

After dinner, the winners assembled in the Elysian Park conference room. They were given copies of L. Ron Hubbard’s coffee-table book of essays and T-shirts with this year’s cover art from Tom Wood of a dragon made of fire, and invited to help themselves to more Hubbard books on display on a table at one side of the room.

John Goodwin introduced himself and welcomed the winners. He laid out the structure for the week, referring to the schedule of events. He also talked about the anti-harassment policy of the Writers and Illustrators of the Future. No one is permitted to critique anyone else for their race, gender or gender expression, ethnicity, political leanings, nationality, or any other identifiable characteristic. The Contest is based on mutual respect and understanding. He introduced Emily Goodwin, who talked about publicity and other facets of the events to come. They introduced Meliva Koch, Jason Toth, and Claude Sandoz, who will be photographing and creating promotional videos throughout the week.

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