Writer Winners – 2nd Quarter

Writers of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners
Finalists, Semi-Finalists and Honorable Mentions


Congratulations to you all!


First Place – Stewart Baker of Oregon
Second Place – Ryan Row of California
Third Place – R.M. Graves of London, England


James Beamon of Virginia
Christian Carter-Stephenson of Isle of Wight, England
Rachelle Harp of Texas
K.D. Julicher of Nevada
Christoph Weber of Nevada


Julia Ashley of Mississippi
Rebecca Birch of Washington State
Frank Bruno of New Hampshire
Jennifer Campbell-Hicks of Colorado
Ronda Healy of Ohio
Kristin Janz of Massachusetts
Patrick MacPhee of Ontario, Canada
Doug Souza of California

Silver Honorable Mentions:

Alexis Avenal of New York
Bret Carter of Colorado
Matthew Chambers of Asia
Vicky Chen of California
Belinda Christ of Oklahoma
Brandon Crilly of Ontario, Canada
Austin DeMarco of Pennsylvania
John Haas of Ontario, Canada
Warren R. Henke of Washington
Miriah Hetherington of Washington
Gama Ray Martinez of Utah
Yaasha Moriah of Vermont
Ali Nouraei of United Kingdom
K.A. Rundell of Washington
Shawn Scarber of Texas

Honorable Mentions:

Michael Baez of Puerto Rico
Scott Birrenkott of Wisconsin
Hilary B. Bisenieks of California
Marty Bonus of United Kingdom
R.W. Byrum of Pennsylvania
Thomas K. Carpenter of Missouri
Kari Caster of Illinois
Brigid Collins of Michigan
Misty A. Crihfield of Colorado
Ladd DeWinter of Utah
Jonathan Dunsky of Netherlands
Richard H. Durisen of Indiana
Nathan Ehret of British Columbia, Canada
Raymund Eich of Texas
Sara Fardi of Colorado
Ron S. Friedman of Alberta, Canada
H.L. Fullerton of New York
Rollin Gentry of Alabama
Daniel Gerber of Washington
Gareth Gray of Oxford, United Kingdom
Jen Haeger of Michigan
Brian C. Hailes of Utah
Shane Halbach of Illinois
Philip Brian Hall of Stirlingshire, United Kingdom
Fraser Hannah of British Columbia, Canada
Sean Hazlett of California
Vernon Hedrick of Wyoming
Chuck Heintzelman of Washington
Holly Heisey of Pennsylvania
Joseph Hurtgen of Indiana
Kevin Ikenberry of Colorado
Joe Iriate of Florida
Raven Jakubowski of New York
J.R. Johnson of Ontario, Canada
Kent Jones of Minnesota
Mike Kern of Maryland
Travis O. Knight of New York
Michael Kortes of Ontario, Canada
Jacob M. Lambert of Alabama
Stephen Lawson of Kentucky
C.G. Leclair of Ontario, Canada
Ella J. Lombard of Massachusetts
Carl Lonnquist of Minnesota
J. Eckert Lytle of Oregon
Tim Major of Oxford, United Kingdom
S.H. Mansouri of California
Samuel Marzioli of Oregon
Steve Matney of Utah
Robert J. McCarter of Arizona
R.A. Meenan of California
Stephen Merlino of Washington
Michael A. Michel of Oregon
Sean Monaghan of New Zealand
Aaron Moskalik of Michigan
Nina Niskanen of Finland
Brandon Nolta of Idaho
Julie Nordeen of Washington
Jeff Pfaller of Illinois
Chris Phillips of Ohio
Steve Rodgers of California
Dan Rosen of Minnesota
C.R. Rowenson of California
Daniel Roy of Quebec, Canada
Yasmine R. Shahar of Nevada
Leife Shallcross of Australia
Karissa Sluss of North Carolina
M.L. Steele of Florida
David Steffen of Minnesota
Eldridge Stimmel of Oklahoma
Philip Suggars of Brighton, United Kingdom
Rhiannon Taylor of Illinois (also former Illustrators of the Future Winner)
Sarah Tytler of New York
David Versace of Australia
G.M. Whitley of South Carolina
Justin Williams of Texas
Jay S. Willis of Ohio
Filip Wiltgren of Sweden
Robert Wilson of Kentucky
Nick Wisseman of Michigan
Christen Wissler of California
William R.D. Wood of Virginia
Michael D. Young of Utah
Neil V. Young of California


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