L. Ron Hubbard Golden Pen Award Winner: Andrew Dykstal
L. Ron Hubbard Golden Brush Award Winner: Aliya Chen 


First Quarter

  1. “A Harvest of Astronauts” by Kyle Kirrin
  2. “A Certain Slant of Light” by Preston Dennett
  3. “The First Warden” by Kai Wolden

Second Quarter

  1. “Dark Equations of the Heart” by David Cleden
  2. “Release from Service” by Rustin Lovewell
  3. “Dirt Road Magic” by Carrie Callahan

Third Quarter

  1. “Untrained Luck” by Elise Stephens
  2. “An Itch” by Christopher Baker
  3. “Are You the Life of the Party?” by Mica Scotti Kole

Fourth Quarter

  1. “Thanatos Drive” by Andrew Dykstal
  2. “Super-Duper Moongirl and the Amazing Moon Dawdler” by Wulf Moon
  3. “The Damned Voyage” by John Haas

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