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L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 22

“Introduction” by Algis Budrys

“The Sword from the Sea” by Blake Hutchins
Illustrated by Nathan Taylor

“Broken Stones” by Judith Tabron
Illustrated by Alex Y. Torres

“Advice to the Word-Weary” by L. Ron Hubbard

“Games on the Children’s Ward” by Michail Velichansky
Illustrated by Miguel Rojas

“Evolution’s End” by Lee Beavington
Illustrated by Melanie Tregonning

“The Red Envelope” by David Sakmyster
Illustrated by Laura Jennings

“Art is a Journey” by Bob Eggleton

“Schroedinger’s Hummingbird” by Diana Rowland
Illustrated by Daniel Harris

“On the Mount” by David John Baker
Illustrated by Tamara Streeter

“Eight Things New Writers Need to Know” by Robert J. Sawyer

“Life on the Voodoo Driving Range” by Brandon Sigrist
Illustrated by Katherine Hallberg

“At the Gate of God” by Joseph Jordan
Illustrated by Eldar Zakirov

“Are We at the End of Science Fiction” by Orson Scott Card

“Balancer” by Richard Kerslake
Illustrated by James T. Schmidt

“The Bone Fisher’s Apprentice” by Sarah Totton
Illustrated by Kim Feigenbaum

“Tongues” by Brian Rappatta
Illustrated by Ozzie Rodriguez

“The Year in the Contests” by Algis Budrys