L. Ron Hubbard Golden Pen Award Winner: Meredith Simmons
L. Ron Hubbard Golden Brush Award Winner: Andy B. Clarkson 


First Quarter

  1. “An Idiot Rode to Majra” by J. Simon
  2. “Black Box” by Janet Barron
  3. “A Familiar Solution” by Marguerite Devers Green

Second Quarter

  1. “The Plague” by A.C. Bray
  2. “Time out of Mind” by Everett S. Jacobs
  3. “Brother Jubal in the Womb of Silence” by Tim Myers

Third Quarter

  1. “Marketplace of Souls” by David Lowe
  2. “Dreams and Bones” by Eric M. Witchey
  3. “The Sharp End” by Kelly David McCullough

Fourth Quarter

  1. “Magpie” by Meredith Simmons
  2. “Ten Gallons a Whore” by Anna D. Allen
  3. “God Loves the Infantry” by Greg Siewert

Published Finalists

“Lucretia’s Nose” by Philip Lees

“T.E.A. and Koumiss” by Steven C. Raine

“Life Eternal” by Bob Johnston

“Interrupt Vector” by Robert B. Schofield

“El Presidente Munsie” by Tony Daley

“Hello and Goodbye” by Michele Letica


Carlo Arellano

Emilia Avdeyeva

Ane M. Galego

Amanda Anderson Gannon

Andy B. Clarkson

Barry Cote

Dwayne Harris

Andy Justiniano

Ed Thompson

Lee White

Yanko Yankov

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