L. Ron Hubbard Golden Pen Award Winner: Scott Nicholson
L. Ron Hubbard Golden Brush Award Winner: Yuri Chari 


First Quarter

  1. “Blade of the Bunny” by Jim Hines
  2. “The One-Eyed Man” by Gregory Janks
  3. “My Son, My Self” by Amy Sterling Casil

Second Quarter

  1. “The Vampire Shortstop” by Scott Nicholson
  2. “Bearing the Pattern” by G. Scott Huggins
  3. “A Man More Ordinary” by Manfred Gabriel

Third Quarter

  1. “By Other Windings” by Franklin Thatcher
  2. “The Unbound” by Nicole Montgomery
  3. “Out of the Blue” by Ron Collins

Fourth Quarter

  1. “The Great Wizard Joey” by W.G. Rowland
  2. “The Price of Tea in China” by David W. Hill
  3. “Great White Hunter” by Don Solosan


Paul Butler

Yuri Chari

James Matt Frantz

Robert G. Kmiec

Lukasz Laskowski

Julia Armstrong Murphy

Igor Pogodin

Ludmila Ryabets

Scott Schomburg

Lee Seed

Tomislav Tomic


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