L. Ron Hubbard Golden Pen Award Winner: Brian Wightman
L. Ron Hubbard Golden Brush Award Winner: Paul Marquis 


First Quarter

  1. “Literacy” by Stefano Donati
  2. “The Dragon and the Lorelei” by Carla Montgomery
  3. “Red Moon” by Scott M. Azmus

Second Quarter

  1. “The Dhaka Flu” by Richard Flood
  2. “Conservator” by Steven Mohan, Jr.
  3. “Agony” by Ladonna King

Third Quarter

  1. “Nocturne’s Bride” by Brian Wightman
  2. “Broken Mirror” by David Masters
  3. “Waiting for Hildy” by Chris Flamm

Fourth Quarter

  1. “Spray Paint Revolutions” by J.C. Schmidt
  2. “Red Tide, White Tide” by T.M. Spell
  3. “Faller” by Tim Jansen

Published Finalists

“Jenny with the Stars in Her Hair” by Amy Sterling Casil

“Cyclops in B Minor” by Jayme Lynn Blaschke

“Silent Justice” by Maureen Jensen

“Metabolism” by Scott Nicholson

“The Disappearance of Josie Andrew” by Ron Collins


Dionisios Fragias

Rob Hassan

Christopher Jouan

István Kuklis

John Lock

Paul Marquis

Sherman McClain

John Philo

Eric L. Winter

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