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L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 12

“Introduction” by Dave Wolverton

“Dead Faces” by Edwina Mayer
Illustrated by Kenneth Scott

“After the Rainbow” by Fruma Klass
Illustrated by Brett Hess

“Reflection in Period Glass” by S.M. Azmus
Illustrated by Gary McCluskey

“The Savant Death Syndrome” by Jerry Craven
Illustrated by Kent Martin

“The Manuscript Factory” by L. Ron Hubbard

“Ploughshares” by M.W. Keiper
Illustrated by Ivan Gregov

“Tempering Day” by Darren Clark Cummings
Illustrated by Lionel Baker II

“His Best Weapon” by Arlene C. Harris
Illustrated by Konstantin Sheverdin

“Eyes of Light” by Richard Flood
Illustrated by Lionel Baker II

“Science Fiction and Fantasy Art: Three Keys” by Paul Lehr

“Requiem for a Deathwatcher” by Carrie Pollack
Illustrated by Oleg Dergatchov

“The Unhappy Golem of Rabbi Leitch” by Russell William Asplund
Illustrated by Heidi Taillefer

“A Report from the Terran Project” by Scott Everett Bronson
Illustrated by Patrick Stacy

“Devil’s Advocate” by Syne Mitchell
Illustrated by Kent Martin

“Narcissus Rising” by Roge Gregory
Illustrated by Richard Moore

“Quixchotol” by E. Robertson Rose
Illustrated by Gary McCluskey

“The Heart of the Matter” by Doug Beason

“In the Elephant’s Graveyard, Where Space Dances with Time” by Sue Storm
Illustrated by Patrick Stacy

“Grail’s End” by Callan Primer
Illustrated by Anatoly Pristypa

“About the Writers and Illustrators of the Future” by Dave Wolverton