1995 • Volume 11

This was the first of two years in which the annual Awards ceremony was held at the Destiny Theater, Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas. The ceremony took place on Friday, June 16, 1995. Story Musgrave, the only astronaut to fly on all five space shuttles, was one of the presenters at the ceremony. Along with Master of Ceremonies Jim Meskimen, he helped prepare the annual time capsule.

The 1995 writers’ workshop was held at Rice University. Prior to the Awards event, winners and guest speakers were treated to a tour of the Johnson Space Center and Mission Control. A special space symposium featured NASA representatives Joseph P. Loftus, Dr. Wendell Mendell, Dr. Yoji Kondo and astronaut Story Musgrave as well as science fiction authors Kevin J. Anderson, Algis Budrys and Larry Niven.