L. Ron Hubbard Golden Pen Award Winner: Julia H. West
L. Ron Hubbard Golden Brush Award Winner: Dale Ziemianski 


First Quarter

  1. “Sea of Chaos” by Julia H. West
  2. “Ghost Woman” by Gordon R. Menzies
  3. “The Last Blade” by Elisa Romero-McCullough

Second Quarter

  1. “Rosita’s Baby” by Beverly Suarez-Beard
  2. “Harpbreak” by Melissa Lee Shaw
  3. “The Witch’s Cat” by Ann Miller Jordan

Third Quarter

  1. “Merchant Trust” by Susan Urbanek Linville
  2. “Not Worth Fixing” by Brian Plante
  3. “Ears” by Steve Rissberger

Fourth Quarter

  1. “Patient’s End” by J.F. Peterson
  2. “Burnt Offerings” by Shira Daemon
  3. “Oh, Jungleland” by Grant Avery Morgan

Published Finalists

“Final Jeopardy” by William J. Austin

“A Portion for Foxes” by Brook West


Mike DeWeese

Dan Duncan

Ted Guerin

Dave Hartman

Stefan Kasabov

Crystal H. Marvig

Steve Munsinger

Csaba Olajos

Victor Preyer

John Stevens

Scott Werner

Dale Ziemianski

Andrew Kokorin

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