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L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 10

“Introduction” by Dave Wolverton

“… Never See His Like Again” by Frank Kelly Freas

“Schrödinger’s Mousetrap” by Alan Barclay
Illustrated by Steve Centeno

“Where Memories Go” by Lauren Fitzgerald
Illustrated by Frank Savino

“Magic out of a Hat” by L. Ron Hubbard

“Silicon de Bergerac” by W. Eric Schult
Illustrated by Mike Aspengren

“A Few Tips on the Craft of Illustration” by H.R. Van Dongen

“An Anniversary to Remember” by Frederik Pohl

“Achilo” by D.E. Lofgran
Illustrated by Valeriy Aleksandrovich Mavlo

“Winter’s Cycle” by Ron Ginzler
Illustrated by Mano Sotelo

“To a Writer Just Starting Out” by Robert Silverberg

“Storm Jumper” by James Gladu Jordan
Illustrated by George M. Harris

“Kidswap” by Sheila Hartney
Illustrated by Jeffrey M. Swan

“The Key to Making Your Characters Believable” by A.C. Crispin

“A Handful of Stones” by Mark Schimming
Illustrated by Valeriy Aleksandrovich Mavlo

“The Healer” by Susan J. Kroupa
Illustrated by Jana Komarek

“After the War is Over” by Dan Gollub
Illustrated by David C. House

“The Bridge to Over There” by C. Ellis Staehlin
Illustrated by Frank Savino

“Getting Down to Business” by Jennifer Roberson

“And Abel Begat…” by Audrey Lawson
Illustrated by Stephen J. Crowley

“Seekers” by Bruce Hallock
Illustrated by Audrey Vasilievich Kazmin

“R for Character” by Jack Williamson

“The Writers of the Future Decade” by Dave Wolverton