L. Ron Hubbard Golden Pen Award Winner: Karawynn Long
L. Ron Hubbard Golden Brush Award Winner: Denis Martynec 


First Quarter

  1. “M” by Lisa Maxwell
  2. “Fire” by Elizabeth E. Wein
  3. “Ghosts of the Fall” by Sean Williams

Second Quarter

  1. “Adjusting the Moon” by Karawynn Long
  2. “The Dictates” by Vaughn Heppner
  3. “Lady’s Portrait, Executed in Archaic Colors”
    by Charles M. Saplak

Third Quarter

  1. “An Afternoon with George” by Steve Duff
  2. “The Witchin’ Man” by Douglas Jole
  3. “Memorease of Tommy” by Pete D. Manison

Fourth Quarter

  1. “Entropy, and the Strangler” by Eric Flint
  2. “Messages” by Stoney Compton
  3. “A Child’s Handful of the Moon” by David Phalen

Published Finalists

“The Children China Made” by Tom Drennan

“The Monitor” by John Richard DeRose

“Borealis” by D. A. Houdek

“Cinders of the Great War” by Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury

“Los Muertos” by Lisa Smedman


Sebastijan Camagajevac

Anthony Carpenter

Gary Davis

Brian Lee Durfee

Jessie J. Flores

Yuri Galitsin

Sergei Khristosenko

Denis Martynec

Jody C. McMurrian

Lubov Nicolaeva

Mike Roberts

William Sala

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