L. Ron Hubbard Golden Pen Award Winner: James C. Glass
L. Ron Hubbard Golden Brush Award Winner: Sergey Poyarkov 


First Quarter

  1. “Georgi” by James C. Glass
  2. “Seventeen Short Essays on the Relationship Between Art and Science” by Michael C. Berch
  3. “Hopes and Dreams” by Mark Andrew Garland

Second Quarter

  1. “The Trashman of Auschwitz” by Barry H. Reynolds
  2. “Yarena’s Daughter” by Terri Trimble
  3. “The Cab Driver from Hell in the Land of the Pioux Hawques” by Allen J.M. Smith

Third Quarter

  1. “Sensations of the Mind” by Valerie J. Freireich
  2. “A Plea for Mercy” by Öjvind Bernander
  3. “Balanced Ecology” by William Esrac

Fourth Quarter

  1. “Relay” by Michelle C. Levigne
  2. “A Plumber’s Tale” by Merritt Severson
  3. “Crow’s Curse” by Michael H. Payne

Published Finalists

“Pandora’s Box 2055” by David Hast

“The Raid on the Golden Horn” by Don Satterlee

“An Exultation of Tears” by Ross Westergaard


Rob Alexander

Christopher C. Beau

Thomas Denmark

Charles Doughtery

Harold J. Fox

Peter H. Francis

Michael Grossman

Sergey Poyarkov

James S. Reece

Rob Sanford

Ferenc Temil Temesvari

Lawrence Allen Williams

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