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L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 7

“Introduction” by Algis Budrys

“Georgi” by James C. Glass
Illustrated by Thomas Denmark

“A Plumber’s Tale” by Merritt Severson
Illustrated by Sergey V. Poyarkov

“Seventeen Short Essays on the Relationship Between Art and Science” by Michael C. Berch
Illustrated by Christopher C. Beau

“Search for Research” by L. Ron Hubbard

“Relay” by Michelle C. Levigne
Illustrated by Rob Alexander

“Hopes and Dreams” by Mark Andrew Garland
Illustrated by James S. Reece

“Pandora’s Box 2055” by David Hast
Illustrated by Rob Sanford

“My Advice to the Undiscovered” by Ray Aldridge

“The Trashman of Auschwitz” by Barry H. Reynolds
Illustrated by Harold J. Fox

“The Cab Driver from Hell in the Land of the Pioux Hawques” by Allen J.M. Smith
Illustrated by Michael Grossman

“The Difference” by Frank Frazetta

“Yarena’s Daughter” by Terri Trimble
Illustrated by Charles Doughtery

“You, Yourself, Are a Delight, and It Is Only Your Work That Is Overwrought or Lacking in Affect or Clichéd or Drearily Jejune” by Karen Joy Fowler

“Sensations of the Mind” by Valerie J. Freireich
Illustrated by Lawrence Allen Williams

“The Raid on the Golden Horn” by Don Satterlee
Illustrated by Lawrence Allen Williams

“It is Just Good Business” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith

“A Plea for Mercy” by Öjvind Bernander
Illustrated by Rob Sanford

“Balanced Ecology” by William Esrac
Illustrated by Ferenc Temil Temesvari

“Writing and Selling Your First Novel” by Dave Wolverton

“An Exultation of Tears” by Ross Westergaard
Illustrated by Ferenc Temil Temesvari

“Crow’s Curse” by Michael H. Payne
Illustrated by Peter H. Francis

“Why We’re Glad to Be Here” by Algis Budrys

“A Note” from Frank Kelly Freas