L. Ron Hubbard Golden Pen Award Winner: James Alan Gardner
L. Ron Hubbard Golden Brush Award Winner: Derek Hegsted 


First Quarter

  1. “The Children of Crèche” by James Alan Gardner
  2. “The Magician” by Michael I. Landweber
  3. “Dancing with Dinosaurs” by Charles D. Eckert

Second Quarter

  1. “Water” by John W. Randal
  2. “Flutterbyes” by Jo Etta Ledgerwood
  3. “A Foreign Exchange” by Matthew Wills

Third Quarter

  1. “A Branch in the Wind” by Bruce Holland Rogers
  2. “Riches Like Dust” by Scot Noel
  3. “Under Glass” by David Carr

Fourth Quarter

  1. “The Vintager” by James Gleason Bishop
  2. “Kansas City Kitty” by Michael L. Scanlon
  3. “Winter’s Garden” by Sharon Wahl

Published Finalists

“The Bookman” by David Ira Cleary

“The Dive” by James Verran

“Eulogy for Lisa” by Jason Shankel

“Red Eyes” by Stephen Milligan

“The Scholar of the Pear Tree Garden” by Annis Shepherd

“Mothers of Chaos” by Pete D. Manison


Beryl Bush

Kevin Dzuban

Kelly Faltermayer

Jeff Fennel

Derek Hegsted

Allison Hershey

Kevin Hopkins

Daniel S. Oman

Peggy Ranson

Timothy Standish

Ruth Thompson

Timothy Winkler

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