L. Ron Hubbard Golden Pen Award Winner: Dave Wolverton


First Quarter

  1. “Time and Chance” by Eric M. Heideman
  2. “The Very Last Party at #13 Mallory Way”
    by L.E. Carroll
  3. “In the Sickbay” by R.V. Branham

Second Quarter

  1. “Jacob’s Ladder” by M. Shayne Bell
  2. “The Language of the Sea” by Carolyn Ives Gilman
  3. “Old Mickey Flip Had a Marvelous Ship” by Lori Ann White

Third Quarter

  1. “Living in the Jungle” by Martha Soukup
  2. “No Pets” by Tawn Stokes
  3. “Monsters” by Jean Reitz

Fourth Quarter

  1. “On My Way to Paradise” by Dave Wolverton
  2. “Long Knives” by J.R. Dunn
  3. “A Little of What You Fancy” by Mary Catherine McDaniel

Published Finalists

“Resonance Ritual” by Paula May

“A Day in the Life” by Christopher Ewart

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