L. Ron Hubbard Golden Pen Award Winner: Robert (Reed) Touzalin


First Quarter

  1. “The Book of Time” by Camilla Decarnin
  2. “A Sum of Moments” by Laura E. Campbell
  3. “Dream in a Bottle” by Jerry Meredith & D.E. Smirl

Second Quarter

  1. “Mudpuppies” by Robert Touzalin (Robert Reed)
  2. “Redmond” by Kenneth Schulze
  3. “The Cinderella Caper” by Sansoucy Kathenor

Third Quarter

  1. “In the Smoke” by Howard V. Hendrix
  2. “All You Can Eat!” by Don Baumgart
  3. “They That Go Down to the Sea in Ships” by Marina Fitch

Fourth Quarter

  1. “The Old Organ Trail” by Bridget McKenna
  2. “The Helldivers” by Parris ja Young
  3. “Click” by Ray Aldridge

Published Finalists

“Beast” by Jon Gustafson

“The Trout” by Marianne O. Nielsen

“Welcome to Freedom” by Jay Sullivan

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