First Quarter

  1. “Arcadus Arcane” by Dennis J. Pimple
  2. “The Ebbing” by Leonard Carpenter
  3. “A Step Into Darkness” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Second Quarter

  1. “Tiger Hunt” by Jor Jennings
  2. “A Way Out” by Mary Frances Zambreno
  3. “Anthony’s Wives” by Randell Crump

Third Quarter

  1. “Shanidar” by David Zindell
  2. “The Two Tzaddicks” by Ira Herman
  3. “Tyson’s Turn” by Michael D. Miller

Published Finalists

“One Last Dance” by Dean Wesley Smith

“Without Wings” by L.E. Carroll

“Recalling Cinderella” by Karen Joy Fowler

“Measuring the Light” by Michael Green

“The Land of the Leaves” by Norma Hutman

“In the Garden” by A.J. Mayhew

“The Thing from the Old Seaman’s Mouth” by Victor L. Rosemund

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