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L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 1

“About L. Ron Hubbard” by Algis Budrys

“Introduction” by L. Ron Hubbard

“On Shaping Creativity” by Algis Budrys

“Tyson’s Turn” by Michael D. Miller

“A Step into Darkness” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

“Tiger Hunt” by Jor Jennings

“A Writer’s Beginnings” by Robert Silverberg

“In the Garden” by A.J. Mayhew

“Arcadus Arcane” by Dennis J. Pimple

“Recalling Cinderella” by Karen Joy Fowler

“The Ebbing” by Leonard Carpenter

“What Are You Doing Here?” by Theodore Sturgeon

“The Land of the Leaves” by Norma Hutman

“Anthony’s Wives” by Randell Crump

“The Thing from the Old Seaman’s Mouth” by Victor L. Rosemund

“Without Wings” by L.E. Carroll

“On Science Fiction” by Jack Williamson

“Shanidar” by David Zindell

“One Last Dance” by Dean Wesley Smith

“Measuring the Light” by Michael Green

“A Way Out” by Mary Frances Zambreno

“The Writer’s Life and Uniqueness” by Roger Zelazny