Birthing Stories: Five in Thirty-Five by Brittany Rainsdon

I’m Brittany. I’m a nurse. I’m also a mom. I just had a baby. And I got my fourth quarter entry in for the Writers of the Future Contest while working around giving birth.

Writer or Author? How to start a story playing with a question…

Writers of the Future winner and author, Scott Parkin, talks about how to start a story as a key element in establishing things to write about.

Advice to the Word-Weary by L. Ron Hubbard

He wanted, he claimed, an article in which there was a great deal of sound advice about writing and a number of examples.

History of Helping New Writers by Algis Budrys

Novice writers who hoped to learn his storytelling and story-selling skills often consulted L. Ron Hubbard for advice. He was happy to offer suggestions and so he began sharing his hard-earned experience with creative writing students.

Writers of the Future Taps Kary English as New First Reader

The L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Contest would like to welcome Kary English as the new first reader for contest entries!

One Foot in Front of the Other by Wulf Moon

One writer’s journey of persistence on becoming a writer. And how Writers of the Future has helped him stay the course despite a number of falls.

Writers of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 35

The judging results are in! And here are the 2nd Quarter 2018 Writers of the Future Contest winners.

How to Impress an Editor by Frederik Pohl

What goes through an editor’s mind when he reads a story by an aspiring writer? In this article written by Frederik Pohl in 1987 for Writers of the Future volume 3, he is about to tell you.…

Some Important Facts You Should Know About Writers & Illustrators of the Future

The Writers of the Future Contest began in 1984 and the companion Illustrators of the Future Contest followed 5 years later. Both have grown to become the largest merit competitions of their kind in the world.

L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future a National Bestseller 4 Years in a Row

Nearly 100 aspiring writers and artists have realized a major accomplishment over the past 4 years as winners in the Writers & Illustrators of the Future Contests — when the book they were published in, L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, became a national bestseller.