3rd Quarter Illustrators of the Future Winner – Quinlan Septer from Ada, MI

Quinlan Septer from Ada, MI is one of the three winners of the 3rd quarter for the 26th annual Illustrators of the Future contest.

3rd Quarter Illustrators of the Future Winner – Choong Yoon from Korea

Originally from Korea, Choong Nyung Yoon now lives in New York, NY as he pursues a career in art. Here are the three pieces that have guaranteed an all-expense trip to Hollywood this coming April.

3rd Quarter Illustrators of the Future Winner – Alex Brock from Tucson, AZ

Alex Brock from Tucson, AZ is one of 3 winners for the 3rd Quarter Illustrators of the Future Contest.

The contest is now in its 26th year and has provided the means for many illustrators to find a platform with which to get themselves made known. It has proven very successful.

The winners for the 3rd quarter Illustrator Contest were recently made known and here is the winning art from one of the three winners, Alex Brock, who hails from Tucson, AZ.

Recent survey shows WOTF provides hope for future

We recently did an online survey for our Writers of the Future newsletter and I thought I would share some of the results of that survey with you.

The question: What is your favorite online newsletter?

Yours. It gives me hope for the future. A single piece of appropriate advice or anecdote can brighten my week. I particularly enjoy anything that relates to winners publishing full novels and making their dreams come true.

This is the only ‘newsletter’ I read, because it helps me make deductions and improve in my own art and writing with advice from actual artists and writers, which I don’t have in my life to learn from.

Sometimes the WotF stories tie everyday realities with the ‘what if’s of the universe in an entertaining way. There is a difference between reading something that just sinks a person in a never ending fantasy that you can’t ‘take anything home’ from and a story that opens your eyes, giving you new perspectives, new knowledge, new potential abilities/goals. Some of the WotF stories have the latter. That is invaluable in society.
The stories, the contest both interest me and I own a number of Writers of the future editions.

I absolutely love them (the WotF email newsletter), especially the new format. Stories + advice + being able to see the art properly = YAY!!

I like reading the articles by successful writers the most and then I like the space opera stories the next.

I have read and enjoyed WotF 30. That interests me in buying other volumes.

I have at least five or so, they are great shift in story telling subjects. Short, easy to follow.

The stories pretty much keep me buying each volume.

It’s the perfect way to find an interesting new author.

I’ve always bought them because I like to see the latest good science fiction stories picked by your talented judges.

I can’t think of anything that would make it more appealing.

I always buy them because I’m still submitting to the contest and want to see what is winning these days. If I was not submitting I would still buy the books because the stories in WotF are some of the most interesting and satisfying to read of all the English language short fiction being published these days.

I enjoy the stories themselves, the variety of styles. Skip those that don’t appeal to me. And learn from the ones I do read. I am always learning as an author.

I love these collections when I travel.

Great stories, great cover illustration.

To see the stories that won the contest and gain inspiration.
I buy it for the stories, illustrations, and writing advice.

I loved vol.30. I’ll be sure to buy the next one.
Thank you for the wonderful support of new writers.
Keep up the good work. Your messaging is friendly and you make it less dismal to be an aspiring sci fi writer (or a writer, or whatever it is a person is when they write all their lives but still haven’t sorted out fiction publication). Anyhow, Joni, you seem lovely and it’s heartening.

I enjoy most of the messages you send & would like this continue.
Participating in the surveys, the inspirational emails and Joni’s warmth makes me feel part of a community. I think you’re doing a great job.

You have done an extraordinarily good job of promoting this book. It is only a matter of time until Writers of the future becomes the model and shining example of new marketing for publishing.
Keep up the encouragement and good work.

Just to encourage you to keep up the great work! You inspire many aspiring writers and provide a great service to the genre writing and reading communities.

I like the larger format. The 30th edition is awesome. Please keep this fantastic, critical contest going.

It’s a great service you run, encouraging writers.

Thank you for holding contests.

You guys are awesome! Thank you so much!

Keep up the great work! You are a vital part of the industry, and

I am proud to submit stories most quarters.

This contest really matters. Don’t mess with it.

I think Writers of the Future is pretty great as it is and always enjoy reading the yearly book.

Please keep supporting new authors. It’s a tough world out there.

Keep up the GREAT job. I look forward to entering your contests every time I hear about them in hopes to someday win my first contest.

I find the contest amazingly personable despite how many entrants you must receive.

Just keep on keepin’ on! Thank you for this awesome opportunity for all writers.

I love the WotF contest. I hope to win it some day.

Keep up the excellent work.

I really enjoy the book, artwork and stories. just need more of them.


Writers of the Future Volume 31 will be held at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre

Writers of the Future Volume 31 to be released at Ebell Theatre on April 12, 2015

The L. Ron Hubbard Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contests announced that the Hubbard Achievement Awards event celebrating the winners to be published in Writers of the Future Volume 31 will be held at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre, on Sunday, April 12, 2015 at 6:30 PM.

The announcement is being made to provide an opportunity for any science fiction and fantasy fans to plan for and attend the Hubbard Achievement Awards—one of the three major events celebrating the genre, the other two being the Hugo and the Nebula Awards—as there are only 1,200 seats and the hall has been full each of the years the event has been held there.

Throughout the Contests’ 31-year history, over 650 writers and illustrators have been recognized as winners. “What’s amazing to me is that a good 60 to 70% of winners go on to successful careers,” says New York Times’ best-selling author Anderson (Dune prequels, Seven Suns series). “You could call it ‘The American Idol’ for writers—long before there ever was such a show.”

The Writers of the Future writing contest was initiated by L. Ron Hubbard in 1983 to provide a means for aspiring writers to get that much-needed break. Due to the success of the Writing Contest, the companion Illustrators of the Future Contest was created in 1988.

The writing contest was created by L. Ron Hubbard to provide “a means for new and budding writers to have a chance for their creative efforts to be seen and acknowledged.” Based on its success, its sister contest, Illustrators of the Future was created five years later to provide that same opportunity for the aspiring artist.

The 348 past winners of the Writing Contest have published 838 novels and nearly 4,000 short stories. They have produced 27 New York Times bestsellers and their works have sold over 50 million copies.

The 276 past winners of the Illustrating Contest have produced over 4,500 illustrations, 356 comic books, graced 594 books and albums with their art and visually contributed to 36 TV shows and 46 major movies.

To see last year’s awards ceremony, go to

To RSVP for the Hubbard Achievement Awards contact Joni Labaqui at 323-466-3310.

3rd Quarter Illustrator Winners Announced

The 3rd Quarter winners of the 26th year of the L. Ron Hubbard Illustrators of the Future Contest were announced today.


Alex Brock of Arizona
Quinlan Septer of Michigan
Choong Nyung Yoon of Korea, currently of New York

“This was another very strong quarter, lots of talented illustrators are entering,” said contest judge Cliff Nielsen. “This year has been exceptional.”

As winners, they are awarded a week long intensive workshop, an awards ceremony and are also published in the annual L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future. Alex, Quinlan and Choong will also receive a cash prize for their win this quarter.

A Grand Prize winner is announced at the annual awards ceremony and is selected by another panel of judges. They will all now compete with the winners from the other quarters, twelve winners in all, for the grand prize of $5,000.00.

Writers of the Future has Entrants from Around the World

A review if Writers of the Future Contest entrants for volume 31 found entrants from around the world, regardless the primary language spoken.

When the Contest was originally envisioned by L. Ron Hubbard, its stated purpose was, in his own words, “I initiated a means for new and budding writers to have a chance for their creative efforts to be seen and acknowledge.” And that purpose has not wavered, with aspiring writers from around the planet now entering the Contest.

While it is to be expected that a majority of the entries would come from the United States, followed by Canada, Australia/New Zealand and the UK, what was surprising was the number of additional countries, including those where English is not the primary language, which had a surprising number of entries.

Country % of Total Entries
United States 80%
Canada 5%
Australia/New Zealand 2%
UK 1.6%

Country Total Entries
India 49 entries
South Africa 24
Germany 17
France 12
Ireland 11
Japan 9
Greece 7
Italy 7
Denmark 6
Jamaica 5
Kenya 5

And this was followed by dozens of additional countries with less than 5 entries each. Between both Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contests, we have now received entries from over 170 countries around the world.


Volume 32 Competition Has Now Begun!

It is hard to believe that competition for Writers of the Future Volume 31 is now completed and we have begun receiving entries for volume 32.

This competition, started in 1983, has become the single greatest resources for aspiring writers to make their break in the publishing world. Even writers who have not won the competition have seen a significant boost to their career due to Writers of the Future.

At Writers of the Future Volume 29 release event, one of the Mars Rover prototypes was driven over Rob Sawyer.

At Writers of the Future Volume 29 release event, one of the Mars Rover prototypes was driven over Rob Sawyer.

Case in point, Robert Sawyer. When I first met Rob after TorCon2 when he won his first Hugo, I introduced myself to him and asked if he had heard of Writers of the Future. He went on to tell me how he had entered the contest regularly as a novice and one day received a 3-page critique from Contest judge Algis Budrys. Rob took the critique to heart, made the changes suggested which turned his short story into a novel which he sold. He was thus disqualified for further Contest entry. It was shortly after this that Rob became one of the Contest’s esteemed judges and has remained so to this day.


Final quarter deadline approaching – 27 hours remaining

For anyone planning to enter the 4th quarter for Writers or Illustrators of the Future, the deadline is tomorrow night (30 Sept) at midnight. You have about 27 hours to submit.

You can either have your entry postmarked by 30 September, or you can upload onto by midnight tomorrow night.

History of Writers of the Future Judges

I am not sure how well known the full list of our current and past judges are, so I thought I would list them all out for you here:

Writers of the Future Judges
Kevin J Anderson
Dr. Doug Beason
Dr. Gregory Benford
Ben Bova
Algis Budrys
Ramsey Campbell
Orson Scott Card
Hal Clement
Eric Flint
Stephen Goldin
Brian Herbert
Frank Herbert
Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Dr. Yoji Kondo
Anne McCaffrey
Todd McCaffrey
Rebecca Moesta
C.L. Moore
Larry Niven
Andre Norton
Nnedi Okorafor
Frederik Pohl
Dr. Jerry Pournelle
Tim Powers
Mike Resnick
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Robert J. Sawyer
Dr. Charles Sheffield
Robert Silverberg
Dean Wesley Smith
Theodore Sturgeon
John Varley
K.D. Wentworth
Sean Williams
Jack Williamson
Gene Wolfe
Dave Wolverton
Roger Zelazny