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How to Impress an Editor by Frederik Pohl

What goes through an editor’s mind when he reads a story by an aspiring writer? In this article written by Frederik Pohl in 1987 for Writers of the Future volume 3, he is about to tell you.…

The Fine Distinction Between Cooks and Chefs

A lot of people want to give you writing advice. I’ve felt it—trust me, I’ve been there. During my long years trying to break in as a writer, I felt that I never lacked for someone jumping in to tell me how this writing thing had to be done.

Orson Scott Card

If you say the words “Ender’s Game” to most people, their minds will often automatically jump to Orson Scott Card, the author of the classic science fiction novel. Yet that’s just a chip off the tip of the iceberg that is Card’s incredible writing career.