Writer Winners – 3rd Quarter

Announcing the Writers of the Future 3rd Quarter Writer Winners, Finalists, Semi-Finalist and Honorable Mentions

Writer Winners – 2nd Quarter

Writers of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners Finalists, Semi-Finalists and Honorable Mentions   Congratulations to you all! Winners: First Place – Stewart Baker of Oregon Second Place – Ryan Row of California Third Place – R.M. Graves of London, England Finalists: James Beamon of Virginia Christian Carter-Stephenson of Isle of Wight, England Rachelle Harp of […]

The Practice of Writing

I first heard about the Writers of the Future contest in 2012, when I went to a writers workshop and two women I met in the class told me about it. I’d been writing about three years at that point (focused exclusively on novels), and had only written two short stories in my life.

Dreaming Up Fabulous Places

Picture me: I’m nine years old, lying on my back beneath the skylight in my bedroom, rough carpet biting into my shoulders. I’m reading The Hobbit, enthralled. It’s summer. My mom is somewhere downstairs, yelling for me to get outside and play. I pretend I don’t hear her.

From Stray Dog to Bestseller

Zu’ar is the antagonist in my short story “The God Whisperer.” He’s violent. He’s territorial. He displays aggression towards other gods, and he shows open contempt for the “man” of his house. He’s also a former stray, in desperate need of a caring home.

The Win

It was 2009 when I first entered the Writers of the Future (WotF) Contest with my short story, “Apostate,” a tale that takes place, interestingly enough, in the same universe as my winning story, “Switch.” I told the fellow writers of my critique group, “This is the story that’s going to win,” and I believed […]

Writers of the Future Vol 31 a National Bestseller

The latest edition in the Writers of the Future anthology hit Publishers Weekly‘s Sci Fi bestseller list at #7 on their w/e July 6, 2015. This official makes all 13 of our published writer winners and 12 illustration winners national bestsellers!

A Bit of History

Over three decades ago the first Writers of the Future Awards ceremony took place at the famous Chasen’s restaurant in Beverly Hills, California on February 6, 1985. Present were Ray Bradbury, Robert Silverberg, Theodore Sturgeon, Jack Williamson, Dr. Gregory Benford, Roger Zelazny and A.E. van Vogt…

Tennis, Anyone?

What does tennis have to do with writing? Well, for bestselling author, Nnedi Okorafor, it provided one of her greatest lessons as a writer.

WotF Workshop – Day 2

Day Two started out bright and early—we were set to meet at 9:00am in the lobby and I know the writers were all excited to be there because everyone was early. Dan Davis admitted he had arrived nearly an hour early. Tim Powers asked him why he would be so early.