Doug Souza, author of “The Armor Embrace”

Doug Souza hails from Modesto California. He is a teacher of young children, a father, and a person in the process of discovering that he’s become a gifted writer. His story “The Armor Embrace,” published in the 33rd Annual Writers of the Future anthology, puts all of these traits…

Writers of the Future Workshop 2017 – Day 6

Saturday is essentially a “Cavalcade of Stars.” For the winners, this means that today they don’t have to go anywhere except the classroom, but about every hour or so a new judge stops by to give them something new to think about (luckily, the brains of the winners are infinite storage cells for all the […]

Writers of the Future Workshop 2017 – Day 5

The group is dragging a bit today. If you’ve read yesterday’s blog, you’re not surprised by this. It’s been a couple jam-packed days and late nights in a row. “I think I hit a wall today,” said Ziporah Hildebrandt (2nd place, Q4). Of course, you couldn’t tell it by the way she went about the […]

Writers of the Future Workshop 2017 – Day 4

Welcome to Due Date Thursday. Stories are to be turned in no later than 4:00 PM. No exceptions. That’s the tough news. The super-cool news is that this is also Writer-Meets-Illustrator Thursday, meaning that after the work is done, each writer is going to finally see their stories as interpreted through the eyes of a […]

Writers of the Future Workshop 2017 – Day 3

A subdued tension hangs in the air this morning. Yesterday’s conversations about craft have been absorbed, and the collection of this year’s winners have spent the night with the knowledge of their story objects working their way into their psyches. They’ve shared moments. They’ve gotten comfortable with each other. This morning they know the learning […]

2nd Quarter Writers of the Future Winners

  Writers of the Future 2nd Quarter Winners, Finalists, Semi-Finalists and Honorable Mentions   Congratulations to you all! Winners: First Place – Doug Souza from California Second Place – Emeka (Walter) Dinjos from Nigeria Third Place – Stephen Lawson from Kentucky Finalists: Mary Garber from Florida JT Gill from Virginia Lynn Kilmore from North Carolina […]

1st Quarter Illustrators of the Future Winners

Here is the list of the 1st Quarter Illustrators of the Future Contest Winner — Congratulations to all the winners!

Writers of the Future 4th Quarter Honorable Mentions

The last quarter of the Writers of the Future Contest was one of our largest on record and it shows in the extensive list of Honorable Mentions for the quarter that ended on September 30th, 2015…

Writer Winners – 4th Quarter

The 4th and final Quarter of the Writers of the Future Contest have just been announced and you can find the winners here.

A Writer’s Schedule

Writing Tips #6 in the Series “Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty.” ― Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse: Dune I could submit to Writers of the Future, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to actually write! Or… I could be a writer if I only had the […]