Kary English & Megen Nelson – A Winning Pair

Today we are spotlighting author Kary English, whose fantasy short story “Poseidon’s Eyes” is one of over a dozen award-winning titles in 2015 edition of Writers of the Future.

Author & Artist’s Creative Efforts

In addition to hosting the Writers and Illustrators of the Future winners who come to Los Angeles for the week-long workshop and awards celebration, I get to meet all these new and upcoming writers and artists. Steve Pantazis is one of the writer winners for his story “Switch.”

Rebecca Moesta

Writers of the Future Judge Rebecca Moesta has helped an entire generation embrace reading through her Junior Jedi Knights and Young Jedi Knights series, considered some of the foundation stories of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

New Story Inspires Award-Winning Art

Michael T. Banker is one of our award-winning authors featured in the latest edition of L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 31. He currently lives in New York City where he works as an actuary in a life insurance company. Subway rides into and out of Manhattan are generally spent either with his nose in a book or furiously scribbling down notes for a story. Not a terribly interesting existence. But that’s the trick of stories, isn’t it?

Conquest of Space – Easy, According to William Pomerantz, VP Virgin Galactic

William Pomerantz, VP for Special Projects at Virgin Galactic was our keynote speaker this year and he brilliantly and very enthusiastically made every winner, judge and guest in attendance want to get on the next Virgin Galactic spaceship to the stars and beyond. Man’s innate inclination to go to the stars is, of course, not […]

Scott R. Parkin – There Is No Looking Back

Scott should get a Guinness World Record for most finalist wins in the history of the contest. With 40 entries in 25 years, he earned 5 finalist wins when this year, he finally made it into the top three in the 2nd quarter with his story “Purposes Made for Alien Minds.”

Dave Dorman – A Legend in the Star Wars Universe

You may not know this but back when there was no Illustrators of the Future Contest, we commissioned artists to illustrate the winning stories. That was when we first came into contact with Dave Dorman—he illustrated “Rachel’s Wedding” in Writers of the Future Volume V, published in 1989.

Read a Lot. Write a Lot. Submit a Lot. Repeat

Read a Lot. Write a Lot. Submit a Lot. Repeat

This is the best advice I can give you. And as it is it, it is not my advice—it is from Sharon Joss, this year’s grand prize winner of the Writers of the Future Contest.

Dave Wolverton & Star Wars

Dave Wolverton, also known as David Farland, is our Coordinating Judge and first reader, as is widely known. He is also the co-instructor in our annual writers workshop for winners of the Writer Contest. Dave’s career started in 1987 when he won the grand prize award in the…

31 Years

Well, the annual awards event is over—by all consent, the best celebration we’ve had in our 31 years—and we have now had a whole week to get back to our normal functions.

So we thought . . .