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Kevin J. Anderson — A Powerful and Prolific Legacy

Kevin J. Anderson–known by millions for his work on major properties such as The X-Files, Batman and Superman, Star Wars, and Dune, to say nothing of his independent titles.

Zach Chapman & Trevor Smith – Creating Across Reality

Zach Chapman’s story, “Between Screens,” is a reality-bending jaunt into the life of a teenage boy who becomes increasingly unmoored by slap-dash jaunts across the galaxy.

Martin Shoemaker Teams Up with International Artist Tung Chi Lee

Martin L. Shoemaker likes to consider himself as a “writer with a lucrative programming habit.” Coming from over three decades of programming, writing, and teaching …

Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Kristine Kathryn Rusch is one of the most prolific writers in the world today, writing under numerous pseudonyms such as Kristine Grayson (for her romance) and Kris Nelscott (for her mysteries). She’s an international bestseller and has global acclaim with works spanning 14 countries and 13 languages.

Author, Tim Napper & Artist, Quinlan Septer

When Tim Napper first got the call that he was a Writers of the Future winner, he start arguing with me—refusing to believe it!

Cliff Nielsen – A Life of Dreams

Today spotlights prolific book illustrator and comic book artist Cliff Nielsen, who has been an Illustrators of the Future judge since 2007. He had this to say about the role when he took it on: “Through this competition, L. Ron Hubbard’s great legacy of supporting young creative talents is without equal in the world today.”

Auston Habershaw – Conjurer of Stories

Today’s feature is on Auston Habershaw, one of the 13 winners in the newly released Writers of the Future Volume 31 published by Galaxy Press. Auston has a sense of humor—which is obvious to anyone who has read his blog or his award-winning story “A Revolutionary’s Guide to Practical Conjuration.” His story is set in […]

Now Available – Writers of the Future Volume 31

For everyone who has been following our blog, you know that today is a very special day for the Writers and Illustrators of the Future Winners who are published in the latest anthology. Today is not only International Star Wars Day (May the 4th Be With You), it is also the official release of Volume 31 of this bestselling anthology.

Daniel J. Davis and Alex Brock

Although some of the winning stories contain a sense of humor, it isn’t often that one wins that is humorous. But, that’s exactly what Daniel J. Davis’ story is and here is the story behind what inspired him to write it.

Sean Williams

Bestselling author, Sean Williams has been referred to as “the premier Australian speculative fiction writer of the age.” And to readers around the world, he is a wordsmith who continues to entertain and enthrall them with his stories.