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How My Life as a Young Mom Makes My Fiction Powerful

Writers of the Future winner Elise Stephens found that conquering being a young mom enabled her to create a career as an author.

Motivation, What If, and a Growing Fire

Writers of the Future winner John Haas on losing and then regaining the dream to be a writer and how he rebuilt that fire.

The Future of Short Stories: A New Year’s Resolution

The future of science fiction short stories and fantasy short stories looks brighter than ever. Find out how this applies to you in the New Year!

Tell Me a Story by Larry Niven

I can’t tell you how to write, not in a thousand words. I’ve been telling what I know as fast as I learned it for twenty-two years. My collaborators now know everything I do. I’ve spoken on panels and published articles on writing. Is there anything left to say?

Analyzing What to Write

When you decide to write a novel, screenplay, or any tale at all, there are a number of things you should look at. In this article, New York Times bestselling author David Farland covers the points to analyze before writing a story.

Grounding Your Reader

One reader asked me to discuss a bit about what I call “grounding” the reader. Quite simply, grounding is the fine art of letting the reader know what is going on. You need to focus on some basics…