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How My Life as a Young Mom Makes My Fiction Powerful

Writers of the Future winner Elise Stephens found that conquering being a young mom enabled her to create a career as an author.

Motivation, What If, and a Growing Fire

Writers of the Future winner John Haas on losing and then regaining the dream to be a writer and how he rebuilt that fire.

You Gotta Work For It

How Writers of the Future helped an aspiring writer find his voice and become a professional.

The Jump

Winning Writers of the Future. Sometimes you might be scared to jump. Sometimes it’s better to leap anyway.

Jennifer Ober Following Her Passion for Fantasy Art

How one artist became less of a little fish in a big pond with her fantasy art.

24 Things

24 things that I’m still excited about after winning Writers of the Future. As someone who entered 47 times, I can tell you, it was sooo worth it! Don’t give up!

Art Workshop

Famous artists share their secrets on art and the business of illustration with the Illustrators of the Future winners at the exclusive art workshop.

Writers Workshop

Get a glimpse of the exclusive Writers of the Future workshop—one of the most intensive boot camps for new writers, delivered by Science Fiction masters.

“View from a Hill”

A tribute to Writers of the Future winner Walter Dinjos, a Nigerian writer, published in L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 33.

Never Give Up!

Read how Preston Dennett never gave up on his dream of being a science fiction writer. Now, after entering the contest 47 times, and numerous honorable mentions later, his dream is coming true.