Day 5 – Writers of the Future Volume 32 Workshop

Workshop day five began with the writers gathering to critique the three 24-hour stories that they read the night before. Tim and Dave kicked everyone out who wasn’t a writer-winner to make sure the environment was as non-intimidating as possible. Once the critiques were through, the writers received a quick run-down on agents, and then […]

Day 4 – Writers of the Future Volume 32 Workshop

Day four began with the writers scrambling to finish their 24-hour stories before the final deadline at 4pm sharp…

Day 2 – Writers of the Future Volume 32 Workshop

Day two of the workshop began bright and early heading out at 9 AM. Once the writers were gathered in the hotel lobby, they were ushered down Hollywood Blvd and traipsed across the Walk of Fame…

Finding the Meaning in Art – My Story

A few weeks before I got the call telling me that I’d won a place in Illustrator’s of the Future, I’d been considering giving up. On college, on my dream, on everything.

Rob Prior, International Award-Winning Artist, Named as Judge for Contest

International Award-Winning Artist, Rob Prior, Named as Judge for Worldwide Illustration Contest

Illustrator Judge – Gary Meyer

While an Illustrators of the Future judge since 2013, Gary Meyer’s legacy goes back to 1960, when he launched on an artistic career spanning mediums such as painting, illustrating, graphical art, and sculpture.

Cliff Nielsen – A Life of Dreams

Today spotlights prolific book illustrator and comic book artist Cliff Nielsen, who has been an Illustrators of the Future judge since 2007. He had this to say about the role when he took it on: “Through this competition, L. Ron Hubbard’s great legacy of supporting young creative talents is without equal in the world today.”

Now Available – Writers of the Future Volume 31

For everyone who has been following our blog, you know that today is a very special day for the Writers and Illustrators of the Future Winners who are published in the latest anthology. Today is not only International Star Wars Day (May the 4th Be With You), it is also the official release of Volume 31 of this bestselling anthology.

Daniel J. Davis and Alex Brock

Although some of the winning stories contain a sense of humor, it isn’t often that one wins that is humorous. But, that’s exactly what Daniel J. Davis’ story is and here is the story behind what inspired him to write it.