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Illustrators of the Future Welcomes Award-Winning Artist Craig Elliott as its Newest Judge

Sometimes a little bit of just the right kind of advice from an experienced mentor can make the world of difference to someone starting on their art career.

The Future of Hollywood Success Rests in the Hands of the Writers of the Future

It’s no wonder that Hollywood’s future is seen to reside with the winners of L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future.

Wotf Workshop – Day 3

The writers reported to ASI at 9am this morning and hung out downstairs in the illustrator’s workshop room while the illustrators themselves took a tour of the L. Ron Hubbard Library and the Writers & Illustrators of the Future Hall upstairs.

Scott Parkin and Martin L. Shoemaker discussed last night’s homework about suspense and what made it different from simply having tension, which made an unusual segue into a secondary conversation of Scott’s lovely radio voice.

WotF Workshop – Day 2

Day Two started out bright and early—we were set to meet at 9:00am in the lobby and I know the writers were all excited to be there because everyone was early. Dan Davis admitted he had arrived nearly an hour early. Tim Powers asked him why he would be so early.