Now Available – Writers of the Future Volume 31

For everyone who has been following our blog, you know that today is a very special day for the Writers and Illustrators of the Future Winners who are published in the latest anthology. Today is not only International Star Wars Day (May the 4th Be With You), it is also the official release of Volume 31 of this bestselling anthology.

Writers of the Future Volume 31

Writers of the Future Volume 31

To celebrate this special day, we wanted to give our heartiest congratulations to the talented winners who are what makes the anthology so unique. For factually, it is the creative talents of the new writers and artists who enter and those that win that has made these Contests the outstanding success that they are.

This year we have a baker’s dozen—an even 13 stories—from the new writers. That is, 12 winners plus one published finalist selected by the Coordinating Judge and editor, David Farland. As per the Contest tradition, we paired up each one of the winning writers with one of the Illustrators of the Future winning artists to do the illustration for their story. So, here they are:

Sharon Joss, this year’s Golden Pen Award winner and author of “Stars That Make Dark Heaven Light” and artist Choong Yoon.

Michael T. Banker, author of “Wisteria Melancholy” and Golden Brush Award winning artist Michelle Lockamy.

Krystal Claxton, author of “Planar Ghosts” and artist Amit Dutta.

Daniel J. Davis, author of “The God Whisperer” and artist Alex Brock.

Kary English, author of “Poseidon’s Eyes” and artist Megen Nelson.

Auston Habershaw, author of “A Revolutionary’s Guide to Practical Conjuration” and artist Shuangjian Liu.

Amy M. Hughes, author of “The Graver” and artist Taylor Payton.

Samantha Murray, author of “Half Past” and artist Megan Kelchner

Tim Napper, author of “Twelve Minutes to Vinh Quang” and artist Quinlan Septer.

Steve Pantazis, author of “Switch” and artist Daniel Tyka.

Scott R. Parkin, author of “Purposes Made for Alien Minds” and artist Emily Siu.

Martin L. Shoemaker, author of “Unrefined” and artist Tung Chi Lee.

And, Zach Chapman, published finalist, author of “Between Screens” and artist Trevor Smith (last year’s Golden Brush Award winner).

I think bestselling author, Kevin J. Anderson, said it all in his statement, “If you want a glimpse of the future—the future of science fiction—look at these first publications of tomorrow’s masters.”

So, read these new stories so that you can tell your friends you discovered them first in the pages of Writers of the Future Volume 31.


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