Illustrators of the Future Workshop 2017 winners and instructors

Illustrators of the Future Workshop 2017 – Day 1

Illustrators of the Future is a contest like no other. There’s prize money sure, but what is truly inspiring and unique is the week-long workshop where you will meet with many artists who have established themselves and learn the sage advice you didn’t learn in school. This investment into the artist is what paying it forward is all about and will make the journey for these artists one they will never forget.

This year’s winners, who came from all different backgrounds, would not yet realize the common bond they all share. Flying from all over, they arrived one by one at the Loews Hotel, where at 7 pm they all converged for the opening night kick-off of the Illustrators of the Future Workshop. Along the way, we grabbed the iconic group shot of all the judges and winners. Up in the hospitality suite, Joni started it off by getting the winners to introduce themselves. They were then introduced to the judges. With over 30 years experience as an artist Ciruelo Cabral, fresh off an 18-hour plane flight from Spain, provided his initial words of welcome. Echo and Lazarus Chernik broke down the week and showed what winners should expect, which includes learning the business side of their careers.

A lot of adventures will be had between this group of winners. The excitement is very real, as seen when Michael Michera was surprised in the lobby with his new article in the Polish News!

With so much in store for the week ahead… The reoccurring sentiment: let’s get started!

A ton of cool pics from today’s highlights can be seen HERE.


Joshua Meehan

Joshua Meehan

Guest blogger, Joshua Meehan.
Joshua Meehan is a freelance science fiction and fantasy illustrator. He was an Illustrators of the Future winner in 2013 in Volume 29. His client list includes Paizo Publishing, Analog Sci-fi magazine, Fantasy Flight and Bethesda. Joshua’s illustration for Robert J. Sawyer’s short story “Gator” is in the latest Writers of the Future anthology, Volume 33.

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